Finally, the last chapter is up! Then I can start moving on Jurassic Park 3 and my other stories I have planned. Takes place a month before the events of Jurassic park.

Billy and I have been having a normal healthy relationship for over a month now, it is exactly 8 months today that we started our little secret affair but now we do not need to sneak around anymore. Dad and Ellie let us be together finally but things are still a little uneasy between us all. I finally found out the reason why Dad was so dead set against me and Billy being together.

(flashback 2 weeks ago)

"Dad?" I asked as I approached him going into the kitchen.

"Yeah", he said looking up to me from reading his morning paper.

"Can I ask you something?" I said sitting on the stool at the breakfast bar.

I was in my sheep pyjamas and my golden hair was all messy but hey who cares it's not like I go out like this.

"Of course", he said looking at me with his sparkly blue eyes.

I don't know really how he is going to take this but I had to know I know some of it but he knows I can take care of myself.

"Why did you disapprove of my relationship with Billy… I mean I know why because he killed someone but I don't understand the rest", I said to him I nervously took a piece of toast of his plate while waiting for him to answer. I couldn't read his expression it was unreadable the next thing he said shocked me from head to toe.

"Because I thought I would lose you", he answered truthfully.

Confusion swelled over me as a person does when they get confused with math or something.

"What" I whispered, "that's ridiculous" I replied louder.

"No it isn't Dawn! If you start a life with Billy then I lose you forever!", he bellowed, but only loud enough for me to hear.

I couldn't believe it; he would lose me forever if I start a life with Billy? That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard my dad say.

"How you say a thing like that?", I said astonished. It was past 7am and Ellie and the kids were still in bed since it was a Saturday I was going out to see my cousin today who lives just outside of North Dakota.

"Because dawn I have known you for what 7 years? My own daughter. Billy has known you less than 8 months and already you two will be married and having children-" he said but I butted in before he could continue.

"Whoa slow down, Dino guy I will not be getting married anytime soon!" I stated. Before he could say anything again I said "and I will certainly not be having any children until am like 30!". He had a relieved look on his face.

"Oh" he said quietly.

"Why would you think that?" I said.

"Because you're my first daughter, and I haven't known you like fathers should know their daughters because I didn't know then, 16 years of your life. I am getting to know your life better. Someone else is coming in your life and might steal you away".

Dawn was in awe as she stared her father she had 7 years. He was only 35 back then and now as 42 he still looked the same except he has bits of little grey hairs but I try to tell him he gets mad when I do!

"Dad you won't ok? am still your daughter if I do get married and I do have kids but think of it you will grandchildren, and you will be more closer to them then you are to me", I smiled.

He smiled, "Remember when you didn't like me all them years ago", I laughed as I said this.

"Yeah I didn't like kids then… but our little dinosaur experience brought us closer.. And made me like kids", he said sipping his coffee, into our father daughter conversation we have not had in months.

"Remember Tim and Lex?" I said sipping my juice that he handed me.

"Oh God yeah they were good kids" he said staring off to space, remembering the past.

(7 years ago)

We are all trying to climb down perfectly, Dad comes near me and whispers "Stay with Tim, he's struggling" I nod. In addition I, lean over by Tim

"Hey are you ok?" I ask Tim.

"No I can't do it" he said. "Yes yes you can am gonna help you" I said.

Dad and Lex are already down they wait for us we still have a while to go down , we are half way,

"Come on Tim "I say, we go down a bit further. Until a light and sound comes on, we feel the fence vibrate a little,

"Oh my god! The fence is coming back on Dad" I shout.

"I know you guys have to jump." He said terrified for us.

"Are you crazy am not gonna jump!" Tim said, while looking at dad.

"Tim Timmy look at me!" I shout. He looks at me

"We have to"

"I can't am too scared" he said. "What... you do not need to be scared, you have me superhero Dawn... your friend who you admire, I will be with you right now and we will be ok I promise.. Ok?" I said. He tearfully nods.

"Get down now!" Lex shouts.

"Dawnie Tim jump!" dad shouts.

"You ready...?" I said. He nods. I grab his hand. We get ready to jump. Then I feel his hand slip from mine, as I fall, I ungracefully land on my feet this time, I look up and see Tim still stuck up there.

(End Of Flashback)

"You still talk to them kids?" Dad asks me. I nod.

"We should invite them over for dinner we haven't seen them in years…" Dad said.

"Yeah that's a good idea.. We should invite John aswell" I said encouragley .

He froze.

"What?" I said confused.

"He isn't very well…and I still haven't forgiven him for the incident", He said.

Oh my god he hasn't forgave him?! It's been 7 years since that weekend but come on.

"Dad you need to get over that. He did not know all those things would happen. Well maybe he knew sending Malcolm's Girlfriend back to the second island but still".

He shrugged, and continued on "Yeah I was saying I don't wanna lose you, you're my little girl", he tearfully said.

My heart warmed "Am 23 years old daddy I am not a little girl", I said getting up and embracing him.

He chuckled into my hair that smelled strawberries and pulled back and looked into my eyes in a serious tone he added, "I don't want to see you get hurt".

I mockliy looked shocked "Me getting hurt Dad I never get hurt. I always win".

He smiled but his voice had seriousness in it "You know what I mean. Your love life"

"Dad there is nothing to worry about" I said walking to my seat. "If he does hurt me I'll kick him in the shins", I jokily said, drinking my orange juice.

"Yeah he will be dealing with me aswell" he said. Our Father/Daughter chat was interrupted by Ellie and the kids.

"Good Morning Beautiful" Dad said kissing Ellie on the lips and turning to the kids he gave them kisses asweell. We spent the morning just sitting around having breakfast like a normal family.

Back to Present

Therefore, Billy and me are going strong….. for now. Dad and I leave to go on a trip in Los Angeles for his new book. Then we go back to Montana to see Billy and the dig site, Not knowing when we got back there would be another adventure in store for us, we thought we would see the last of Isla Nublar and the Dinosaurs, but no we would see its sister island Isla Sorna, Site B.

End of story!

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