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Stranded In Bear Canyon

Chapter 1

It was 4:00 p.m. and the rain had been falling steadily in L.A. County for 2 days straight. The A shift of station 51 had just returned from a MVA on the 405 freeway.
"I am freezing." Johnny said, his lips bluish in color and the rest of him dripping wet like his crewmates.

"I know. I am going to have to find another pair of boots after this last call." His partner complained.

"Stoker is heating up some soup for us and the coffee is already brewing."

"Thanks Cap, we could sure use it. Is it supposed to keep raining like this?"

"Yeah, right thru until tomorrow night." Hank replied.

"Wonderful," came Roy's uncharacteristically sarcastic reply. "I need to buy more boots or wear my turnout gear continuously!"

"This weather is not fit for neither Man or Beast!" Chet griped.

"You got that right." Marco lamented. "I'm gonna go change."

"I am taking a hot shower." Chet added.

The crew of station 51 settled down to an early dinner of hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches trying to rewarm their damp and cold spirits on such a dreary day. As after dinner coffee was being enjoyed the tones sounded.

"Station 51 motor vehicle accident mile marker 17 Bear Canyon Rd. Time out17:02." The voice of Sam Lanier echoed.

"Station 51 kmg365." Hank responded.

The squad led the way as station 51 headed out to Bear Canyon.
As they approached Bear Canyon Rd. the rain was falling harder and visibility was getting more difficult.
"We are almost out of our district." Roy commented.

"It's a good thing we don't get too many calls out this far." His dark haired partner responded.

The squad and the engine crossed the bridge into Bear Canyon. As they start down Bear Canyon road the driving conditions became risky as rocks and debris had littered the roadway with several spots having deep puddles or mud washed over the roadway. The road was getting more difficult to navigate and Roy brought the squad to a crawl.

"You better warn Mike."

"Yeah." Johnny picked up the microphone to talk to their engineer.

"Engine51 this is Squad 51, be advised that the roadway ahead is covered with debris and areas of deep flooding. We will be taking it real slow from here."

"10-4" Captain Stanley acknowledged.

After 10 more minutes of vehicular crawling they arrived at mile marker 17 where they were greeted by a mud slide blocking the road completely. The men moved out to assess the situation.

Cap, Roy and Johnny walked to the edge of the cliff and saw a single car near the bottom resting between some trees.

"Doesn't look too bad."

"Yea, Cap. We should be able to get down there pretty easy."

"It looks a little slippery with all this rain. We better take it slow." Roy added.

"You guys go get your gear. I'll have Chet and Marco set up some lines for you off the engine."

"Ok,Cap." Johnny answered.

"Chet ,Marco set up some lines for Johnny and Roy and a third for the stokes."

"On it Cap." The younger lineman responded as he and Marco got to work on rigging the lines.

"Mike, grab a stokes and a backboard off the squad will ya Pal?"

"You got it, Cap!"

The rain slowed to a drizzle as the two paramedics headed to the edge of the cliff.

"You ready, Junior?"

"Yeah, let's get down there before it starts raining again."

The two men were being lowered down by their crew mates when Johnny's pulley became jammed.

"We need to go down another 20 feet." Roy said into the HT.

Cap keyed his mic. "Okay Roy, we can lower you down but Johnny's pulley is jammed so we will need a few minutes to fix it."

"10-4, Cap."

Roy replaced the HT into his pocket and turned to his partner. "Your pulley is jammed. Cap says they need a couple of minutes to fix it so I'm going to head down to the car."

"Ok, you be careful down there." Johnny warned.

Back at the engine Mike and Cap were working on Johnny's line.

"Cap, we got to tie off this line so I can fix the pulley."

"Ok," Hank responded as he tied Johnny's line to the eye hook on the engine taking the pressure off the pulley.
"Thanks, Cap."

"I'm gonna go have a look, Mike."

Cap moved back to the cliffs edge; trying to see in the late day shadows. Mike took off his helmet to work on the pulley. Marco tied off Roy's line and joined Chet and Cap at the road side.
Mike continued to work on Johnny's line and finally got it free.

Suddenly a small rumble could be heard overhead as a barrage of dirt and rock descended on Mike's defenseless body. Mike took a rock to the side of the head and crumpled hard and fast.

Cap turned at the sounds behind him and was shocked at what was going on. "Mike, oh God!"

Chet and Marco turned to see what Cap was talking about and stopped in their tracks in horror!