The Untold Tales of Kiryuu Senji

Generation after generation has hunted for these creatures that take the life of Humans, in the form of Humans. My father told me that no matter where I go, this was my destiny. It was not murder; this was a form of protection. Humans are weak and fragile, they need someone to protect them…I sometimes feel it's unfair that that someone has to be me…

"Well done, Zero!"

I looked up at the sound of a voice cheering on the small silver-haired boy. His silver hair was much like mine, long silver streaks that hid his eyes from the world. A boy with the same face ran up to hug his older brother, Ichiru. These boys were the only known twins born into this world, this blood stained world, this Vampire Hunter world; a world where I had seen many people suffer and die. My friends, even my very own father had perished at the hands of these Vampires.

Zero turned to look past his twin, smiling widely, obviously proud of his accomplishment, "Did you see?!" he asked excitedly.

"I did," I nodded as I stepped down from the stairs. At the foot, a raven-haired man stood with a sour expression on his face, pale blue eyes staring straight ahead of him, a cigarette clamped between his lips, "You've trained him well, Yagari."

"Zero will become a great Vampire Hunter," Yagari replied without looking at me. "He will take the great Vampire Hunter Kiryuu Clan to high places."

"Not without Ichiru," I said as I crossed my arms over my chest. "The two belong together."

"I can see that," Yagari finally met my gaze. I raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to tell me that I was wrong. This man, with his stern features and serious expression was my friend, and often told me things how he saw them, offered for me to see reason before belief…before I saw something that wasn't there.

"But other then that? I think they'll both do well," I replied. I smiled as the two boys celebrated Zero's accomplishment of firing his first gun and hitting the target on the correct mark. Zero and Ichiru ran excitedly to the target and pointed at where the bullet had found its mark and left its memory behind.

"Of course they will," Yagari said, astonished that I could even sound so surprised at their accomplishment, "They have Kiryuu Blood flowing through their veins, pumping through their hearts!"

"Calm down, calm down," I chuckled. "It's a lot to live up too," I patted his back as I strode towards the Twins. I knelt down and they ran towards me, big smiled plastered on their identical faces, "Hey kids, ready to leave?"

"Do we really have to leave?" Ichiru asked as he grabbed my hand and tugged it, "Please can't we stay a little longer?!"

"I'm sorry Ichiru, if we could, we would, but your mother is waiting for us to come home. She made her famous Vegetable Soup!" I smiled and ruffled Ichiru's long hair.

"Can I bring the target home?" Zero asked quickly, dinner the last thing on his mind.

"Sure, grab it quickly before we leave," I stood up and Ichiru grabbed my hand and watched his twin run and grab the target. Yagari strode to my side and smiled when Zero flashed the target in front of him.

"Let's go before the snow catches us again," Yagari said as he led the Twins to his car.

I glanced at the target in Zero's hand and found a sting of guilt. My heart seemed to squeeze itself and breathing suddenly became difficult. The twins were only nine-years-old and learning how to kill something that was once upon a time Human. The thoughts of these boys killing something made me sick to my stomach, but if they didn't do it, who would? If my father was still alive, he would scold me and call me weak for having these pathetic thoughts. But he was something less of a father figure, and I made a promise to everyone I cared about to be nothing like that man. A failure as a father, a grandfather and a Vampire Hunter.

"Kiryuu, you coming?" I heard Yagari call as he opened the back seat door for the twins to rush inside.

"Yeah," I nodded and pulled my keys from my pocket.


I turned around at the sound of my name. I found another Vampire Hunter walking towards me, a serious expression on his face, worry lines creasing his forehead. I sighed and heard more footsteps coming towards me. I glanced over my shoulder and found Yagari at my side. The Hunter stopped in front of me and I knew that I would not be going home with the Twins.

"What's up?" I asked, praying that it was not so.

"There is a Level E downtown, the President asked that you take care of it," the Hunter said in a deep voice. He didn't care that my sons would not have a father to tuck them in tonight. I cared; I wanted to be there tonight.

"Can't someone else take care of it?" I asked as I turned and gave the man my back and walked towards my car.

"You cannot ignore another order from the President, Kiryuu!" the Hunter snapped back at me.

"Tell the President to get bent," Yagari snapped back as he walked around and climbed into the passenger seat. I saw him pout as he crossed his arms over his chest and silently murmured curse words to himself.

I closed the backseat door, while giving a reassuring smile to Zero, who stared up at me curiously. I climbed into the driver's seat and started my engine. I drove past the Hunter and carried down the country road to where we were living. It had been a month since we moved into our new home, living next to my best friend and his family was perfect, happy…reality. It made this life seem normal. This life of the cursed Vampire Hunter.

I stopped in front of our home and watched as my sons leapt form their seats to greet their mother, who stood waiting at the front door. They hugged her legs and flaunted their target in front of her, to which she cheered them on. Yagari climbed out the car the same time I did. The twins rushed inside to hang their target up in the hallway and Yagari stood outside to finish his cigarette.

"Mister Kiryuu," she teased, leaning against the door frame.

I stood in front of her and wrapped my arm around her waist and planted a firm kiss on her soft red lips. Her hands wrapped around my neck and as I pulled back, I got lost in her beautiful violet gaze, "Miss Kiryuu," I greeted back with a smile.

"Welcome home," she giggled. "Did you have a good day watching the boys?"

I smiled and kissed her forehead, "Definitely have Kiryuu Blood in their systems."

"Told you," Yagari interjected.

"Shouldn't you go back to your home?" I demanded from my friend, who answered with a sly smile that was all too familiar.

"C'mon Honey," Azumi tapped my chest and gave me a kind smile, "Let's go back inside. I made soup."

I smiled at my wife. Her honey brown hair tied into a side pony-tail, with the tendrils draping over her shoulder, her slender frame fitting perfectly to my side. She took my hand and led me through the house. I smiled when my children rushed in. I dropped to my knees and put Zero on my left shoulder, Ichiru on my right. They laughed wildly as I led them to the kitchen. I smiled as I grabbed my camera form the kitchen countertop and held it at arms length.

"Smile Boys," I sang happily. My boys put their faces closer to mine and pulled funny faces as I clicked the button and the flash echoes around us.

This was my life, the life of a Vampire Hunter, a friend and a father. This was what I lived for. I became a Vampire Hunter – not for the sake of my Blood Lineage – but for the sake of my children. I made it my mission to purify this world, so my sons would not have too.

My name is Kiryuu Senji. Vampire Hunter. Father.

This is my life…

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