The Untold Tales of Kiryuu Senji

Chapter 3


I rushed through the too-white hallways, the smell of antiseptic burning my nose and lungs. I ignored the women in white that demanded to know where I was going, and my eyes scanned the plates that hung above the large white doors with glass windows. I scanned them all as I rushed through the hallways; passing more and more the deeper I got into the hospital. Azumi behind me, walking slowly, knowing that I was in a bad mood. I stopped when I saw a hospital bench and my twins sitting on them, Ichiru leaning towards Zero, saying something to him and Zero had his face buried in his hands, his head shaking from side to side. They were sitting outside the Emergency Room. I stalked up to them and Ichiru looked up and obviously told Zero because Zero looked up too. Both of them paled as I got closer.

"Are you two hurt?" I asked as I crouched in front of them and studied them. Grabbing Ichiru's chin, I moved his head from side to side and examined him for wounds. I moved to Zero and my gaze narrowed on a small white bandage on his cheek. I growled, "Where's Yagari?"

Zero pointed to the double doors of the Emergency Room and I stood up and saw Azumi sit down beside Ichiru and Ichiru curled into her side. I brushed through the double doors and once again, ignored everyone that tried to stop me as my eyes finally landed on Yagari. I pushed the curtain aside and froze. Blood. Blood everywhere. All over his face, all over his hands and he was frowning and cursing at the nurse that was trying to wipe away the blood.

"Touga," I called. Yagari's mouth set in a grim line and the nurse stalked towards me.

"Excuse me, sir. Family only," she said in that know-it-all tone.

I wanted to roll my eyes but somehow I managed to suppress my annoyance, "He's my brother," I said. She raised an eyebrow and glanced behind at Yagari, then back at me, "He was with my kids when the accident happened."

"He's my brother," Yagari growled. He leaned back against the bed and one hand went to his face, "Can I get a cigarette any time soon?"

"No, sir," the nurse snapped with irritation. I guess Yagari asked more than once already. She kicked her chin to Yagari's direction and moved to his side. I followed and stood on the left side of his bed.

"What happened?" I asked, glancing at the nurse. I wanted to know what story Yagari had told the nurse a different story from what probably actually happen. I could see the familiar claw marks; I knew it was a Vampire.

"An accident with a drill," the nurse explained. She glanced at Yagari, "I'll come back with more bandages."

The nurse scurried away and I glanced at Yagari, "A drill?"

"It was the only thing I could think of, brother," Yagari hissed. He held his right eye. I stared at it and he sighed, "She really got me good. I think I've lost my eye. She always got me good."

I felt my eyes go wide, "You knew her?"

Yagari nodded slowly, "It was Mitsuki. She is…was…a Level E."

"You killed her?" I asked.

"I had too," Yagari said with a small shrug. "If it wasn't my eye, it would have been Zero's life."

I swallowed hard, "Zero's life?"

"Zero tried to stop me. Told me that she was a good person. But she was a Level E," Yagari sighed. "My fiancée is…was…a Level E Vampire. I had suspected it for a while, but I went against my instincts because I love…loved…her."

"Touga," I put my hand on his shoulder. I examined his wound and saw how the flesh had been completely buckled in. His eye was crushed. I swallowed hard, "You can still love her…"

"I can't love her anymore. She's a Vampire. Was. She's not around anymore," Yagari held his eye, "I had to kill her or else she would've killed Zero."

I couldn't help but feel a little remorse for my friend. Yagari was an easy guy to get along with, but because of his rough appearance, women were too frightened to talk to him and he was too quiet to start a conversation with them. The only reason Mitsuki spoke to him was because of Ichiru's health, and whenever the twins were involved, Yagari had more than enough to say. And sometimes he would not stop…

It was normal for humans to fall to Level Es. But why Mitsuki? She was such a nice woman, she was nice to Azumi, kind to me and she loved the twins. I ran my fingers through my hair and shook my head. Poor Yagari. I stared at my friend and he clutched his right eye, blood seeping through the bandages.

"Touga…," I whispered. I tried to think of what I could say that would make him feel better.

"I don't regret it," Yagari announced, punching me in the arm with his free hand. "Zero shielded her from me. She wanted to attack him," Yagari shook his head. "Is he alright?"

I nodded slowly as I rubbed my arm, "Just a scratch," I swallowed hard. "Thank you, Touga. If you hadn't protected Zero…"

"Its okay," Yagari shrugged and put his arms behind his head and rested against the bed, "It's my job as their Master…and their Guardian."

I stared at my friend. His right eye hidden behind blood bandages, band aids all over his face, on his chin. He closed his left eye and I watched as my friend – the great Vampire Hunter, Yagari Touga – slid off into a healing slumber. I couldn't help but smile. I took my camera from my coat pocket and the flash engulfed Yagari, creating a copy on my camera. A picture of my friend, looking vulnerable…and alive.

§Vampire Knight§

I carried a sickly Ichiru in my arms as we came home. His feverish forehead was on my shoulder and I could feel his sweat through my coat. He was fast asleep, but he coughed every now and then. My heart ached for my youngest son. I wish that he could've been stronger. Played outside with his brother instead of being chained to his bed most of the time. Zero followed sluggishly behind me as I went up the stairs and set Ichiru down on his bed. I brushed his hair away form his sweaty forehead and saw Zero sit on the edge of his brother's bed as I walked into the bathroom, wet a cloth and placed it on Ichiru's warm forehead. I glanced at Zero. His cheeks were more red than usual. Then something struck me––

"Zero? What were you doing in the infirmary?" I asked, sitting beside him. When Zero didn't answer, I put my hand on his forehead and he pushed me away, "You're sick too?"

"I'm not!" Zero pouted. I shook my head. Zero's forehead felt warmer than usual. I shook my head. It must've been the cold air from last night when we all went to the pub.

I stood up and picked Zero up, but he protested and I ignored him. I carried him down to the kitchen and set him on the counter and I frowned when he was glaring at me. A trick he had learned from his mother. And the twins and their mother gave very dirty looks.

"Don't glare at me," I whispered as I grabbed some medicine from the cabinet beside Zero.

"Don't treat me like a kid," Zero retorted. He let out a little cough but he tried very hard to hide it from me.

"You are a kid, Zero," I said as I filled a glass of water and gave him a tablet.

"No, a kid doesn't kill Vampires. I kill Vampires. I'm a Hunter, not a kid!" Zero snapped. I glanced at him and he stared down at the tablet. He was quiet for a long time before he whispered, "Master nearly died because of me…"

"You know Level Es are bad, Zero. Why did you try to protect her?" I asked, "You and Kaito went with Yagari to the forest and saw for yourself how bad Level Es are. Kaito had to kill his own b––"

"I know that," Zero retorted. He shook his head, "But she was so nice. She always looked after Ichiru…"

"Anyone can be turned into a Level E, Zero," I ruffled his hair. "Remember that…you have to remember that Level Es are killers. They are bad Vampires that will kill without hesitation."

Zero nodded slowly, "I remember…"

"Good," I put his forehead against my shoulder and hugged my son. I kissed the top of his head, "Drink the tablet and then go crash, okay? Take some for your brother when he wakes up."

Zero nodded and slowly took the tablet as I opened the fridge. I heard Zero sigh from the refreshing cold water and he set the glass down. I searched in the fridge for food when I heard Zero whisper, "Will Master be okay?"

I turned to look at Zero. His eyes were cast downwards. He was truly upset that he could have been the end of his teacher. I smiled, "Yagari's like an annoying oak tree. It invades your view but is impossible to get rid of," Zero smiled slightly and it made me smile wider, "If it makes you feel better, when Master Yagari comes out of hospital, you can apologize to him."

Zero's smile vanished, "Say sorry? Will he accept my apology?"

I nodded, "Yagari didn't save your life for you to be sulky and moody, Zero," I ruffled his hair again. "Now go sleep so you can get better."

Zero nodded and leapt off the counter and grabbed his brother's medicine and vanished from the kitchen. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair and froze when I felt eyes on me. I looked up and saw Azumi standing in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest. She gazed at me carefully with violet eyes.

"Are you still upset?" she whispered.

I stared at her, "Yes. Incredibly so," I gave her my back and poured myself a glass of water. "I didn't know the boys had school today."

"That's why I didn't want you take them out last night," Azumi whispered. But I could hear the attitude in her tone, "But you ignored me. It's a good thing Yagari knew something was wrong. He had suspicions for a while that Mitsuki wasn't human…"

This brought my head around to my wife. I stared at her, "How do you know?"

"He told me," she said simply. With a shrug. And a nonchalant expression. What the hell?

I glared at my wife, "So since when are you and Yagari so close and personal?"

Azumi stood up straight and her eyes narrowed on me, "Since you're too busy hanging around Wana, the Station, Hunting and visiting your psychopathic mother."

"I'm sorry I have a job," I snapped.

Azumi rolled her eyes, "Whatever! We have a Mission. Lets go," she gave me her back. I sighed and followed her. She shrugged into her jacket and brought her hair out from her jacket, "I've asked Jenichi to look in on the twins."

I shrugged into my jacket and followed my wife outside. I sighed and grabbed one of the loops of her jeans and pulled her close to me. She was shorter than me, coming just underneath my chin. My arms wrapped around her small frame and I kissed the top of her head. She didn't wrap her arms around me. She didn't really open herself to physical contact, she hardly hugged anyone. She was so distant. So cold sometimes. I held her at arm's length and she glared up at me with burning violet eyes.

"I hate it when we fight," I whispered.

"That wasn't a fight," she snapped.

"Disagree," I shrugged. "The point is, I can't fight you all the time…I fight bad guys everyday," I brushed her hair away from her face. "I don't want to fight my beautiful wife too."

Azumi rolled her eyes, "You just call be that so I won't be mad at you…"

"That's why they invented the word," I kissed her forehead and clutched her face in my hands and stared at her, "You are so beautiful though…"

"You are so cheesy," she wrapped her arms around my waist.

I smiled and pulled her face close to mine. My lips met hers and our fight vanished into the darkening sky. Nothing mattered. When our lips met, the world wasn't a dark place, our boys were happy and out of danger, our lives were normal and we were human. I pulled Azumi close to me and dug my fingers in her soft hair, pulling her close to me. She pulled back and stared at me with big violet eyes.

"Senji…if I turned into a Level E, would you kill me?" she asked. I suppose I should've been hurt by the question. But things like this happened everyday when you were a Vampire Hunter. A lot of Hunters lost their beloved ones to Level Es, either killed or turned…and I knew that as Hunters, if something happened to my Family, killed or turned, I had to kill them.

"I would," I kissed her lips. "And I know you would do the same for me," I kissed her lips again. "But know that if that ever happened. I would kill you, kill the Vampire and then kill myself."

Azumi shook her head, "If it did come to that, I want you to stay alive for our sons. Teach them, raise them," she caressed my cheek. "This tainted world needs more Hunters like you, Senji. This world needs more men like you…people like you, that see the hidden beauty in this blood world…"

I stared at my wife. It is not the first time she said that. She was not like me. Before I met her, she was a sadistic hunter that enjoyed killing Vampires. She was cold, emotionless. She had little friends and hardly smiled…

"Kasaragi Azumi?"

The girl had long dark blonde hair and the ends just touched the small of her back. She had slightly tanned skin. For some reason she wore a large trench coat that hid her body from the rest of the world. Her eyes were a mystery to me. They were always hidden behind a curtain of blonde tendrils. She didn't look at me as I sat down beside her.

"What?" she demanded. Her voice was menacing. Cold and laced with despise.

"Well, um, Jenichi said she couldn't make it and then she forced – er, asked – me to come keep you company," I held out my hand. "This is the first time we've officially met, right? I'm Kiryuu Senji."

She looked up at me and I could see a fragment of violet behind the blonde curtain, "Kiryuu?" Here we go again, "As in, the Kiryuu Clan? One of the most prestigious Hunter Clans. You're practically Royalty."

I smiled a little, "Yeah. I guess we are."

She stood up and gave me a good solid punch on my nose, breaking it. I looked up and then saw the most beautiful pair of violet orbs. I fell into her eyes and I saw how sad she was, how lonely she was. How much she wanted someone to understand her…but even with all the negative emotions…they were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen in my life. And right then and there, I fell in love with Kasaragi Azumi and I wanted to make her my wife…

"I hate the Kiryuu Clan," she hissed.

"Well," I smirked as I stood up. I towered over her and I grabbed her wrist and brushed aside her hair to look into her beautiful eyes, "I should change that," I brought her close against me and pressed my lips to hers. She struggled against me, but that made me want her even more. I pushed my tongue into her mouth––AND SHE BIT IT!

I moved away from her, fanning my tongue as it throbbed from her bite. I glared up at her and then my cheek was greeted with a warm slap. I managed to bite my own tongue and then she knocked my leg out from underneath me and I landed flat on my ass. I looked up at her as she stood in front of me, hands on her hips. She leaned down and I leaned away from her.

"I get it, don't beat me up," I hissed. "I was wrong to kiss you––," I froze when she brushed her fingers through my hair and combed my hair away from my eyes and stared at me. She brushed her own hair aside and her violet eyes gazed deeply into my boring brown eyes.

"You have beautiful eyes…," she whispered. Her gaze narrowed on me, "You could change the world…"

"What are you thinking about, Senji?" Azumi asked me as we strolled hand-in-hand down the street, towards where our target was probably feeding.

"The day we met," I smiled. I rubbed my nose and earned a giggle from my wife. I glanced at her. We started fighting soon after that, then we started dating and then we got married and had children.

She had changed over the years since the day we met. Her hair was shorter now, she wore tighter clothes. She had become – almost – less violent and more open towards me when it came to her feelings and problems she had. She still looked at beautiful as the day we met. I tucked her into my side and put my arm around her. I kissed her temple and then we both froze. Strolling down the opposite side of the street…Vampires

Azumi and I glanced at the couple. One was a male, pale skinned. Black hair, loose clothing. Beside him…

"Senji? Is that…?" I heard Azumi whisper.

The female Vampire beside him had long hair, the same color as my own. She had the same skin tone as mine. Pale. She wore a bright pink and white kimono and a pink string with bells attacked to the end and wrapped it around her slender waist. The couple stopped and the woman's eyes met my gaze.

"The Pureblood…Shizuka Hiou…," I whispered.

The Pureblood smiled and I watched at the male at her side wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pull her close. She turned to him and smiled and the carried on with their night stroll. Azumi and I turned to face them and I took out my camera and pushed the button and the flash captured the picture of the Pureblood and her companion as they walked down the street and snow fell down framing the couple. Her hair swept to the side and their fingers laced together…even Vampires could love…

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