Chapter 1 : On one bright day

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"Good morning dad, nii-chan*." Kamui greeted his family members with his usual smile, a shy smile yet full of warmth.

The breakfast went well, like usual –not much chit-chat, with his dad indulged himself in daily newspaper. After finished his breakfast, Kamui waited for his nii-chan, Fuuma to finish morning chores –washed the dishes before they went to school together. Yes, together. Eventhough they're in senior high now, Fuuma insisted that they have to go to school together.

Well, since the traumatic accident that caused their mom and little sister's death, Fuuma has been overly too protective towards Kamui.

Not only went to school together, Kamui has to wait for Fuuma to go back home together –eventhough it's mean Kamui has to wait for his brother soccer practice to be over without doing anything but watching from a far, but still noticeable within Fuuma's sight.

Oh well, it never be a problem for Kamui since there were no school activities that he's interested in or atleast he didn't want his onii-chan* to make a fuss over everything.

Like usual, Kamui sat there alone, leaning against a wall –seems watching his brother, but he didn't. He just stared into space, think nothing. Even without doing nothing, people around him stared at him, some with curiousity about what he's thinking, some looked at him with dirty thought running around their small head –fascinated by his beauty. Yup, the pretty Kamui, with his small face, big violet eyes and silky black hair not to forget about his slender waist and small figure for a boy around his age, smooth skin and his kindness towards everyone. Who wouldn't fall for him?

With the speciality of being innocent and spacing-out easily, Kamui didn't realize that he draws unwanted eyes and attentions. That's why Fuuma couldn't let Kamui to go everywhere around by himself or let just anyone to get close to Kamui –no one couldn't be really think of Kamui as a mere friend without wanting more at the end. That what Fuuma thought. He didn't want someone took advantage of the innocent Kamui. Yep, he couldn't bear the thought of Kamui losing his innocence to some random people he barely knew.

Fuuma's POV

'See. . .he's on it again.' He sighed, 'when will he stop doing that? Can't he look at those filthy expression they made?' Without realizing, Fuuma began to get angry and killed each student who looked at Kamui with dirty expression in his mind.

"Monou! Get the ball!" That shocked him. For a while he was out of his focus. He forgot that he was playing soccer –well, he was trying to get rid of unwanted people around Kamui by killing those low-life students on his mind with various extreme method. So after passed the ball, he decided to send killing aura to those pitiful students who soon realized that they're in absolute danger if they kept looking at his precious brother, Kamui.

It always on his mind why Kamui never realized about those people who always looking at him with drools all over their mouth and often used him as their sex-slave in their dirty mind. He also desperate trying to give warning to Kamui about those filthy people around him, that he should have been aware of. never realized Fuuma's desperate attempts on warning him from a far that made Fuuma more depressed.


Kamui's POV

'It's such a nice and bright day. Another day will be gone without me doing anything useful. Sigh. It's really nice if onii-chan gave me permission to do what i want, what i like once in a while. I really want to join one random club, like art or photography.

Sigh. I'm not an athletic type like onii-chan, but i think i can do other activites. I really envy Arisugawa-kun and Keiichi-kun. They can do anything they like, either running or photography. Ugh, i really want to join some clubs.

I know nii-chan will be angry if i join any without telling him. He will make some ruckuss in the club, forcing me to quit, saying that it's not safe to be around the club members. I think he once said something about innocence, i don't really get what he's trying to say though. Oh well, he likes to say something i don't understand and when i asked about it, he only said i will understand later.

Why can't he tell me? Sigh. He always see me as a kid who know nothing and need to be protected! Oh i wish there will be someone who can help me get out from this situation. A person who can get nii-chan to be more reserved or maybe he needs a girlfriend so he won't focus only on me. Oh God, mom in heaven, please help me...!'

Writer's POV

Without realized, Kamui made some small pouts, made him looked more adorable and of course made Fuuma got angrier by minutes. He would always be the most adorable guy in the school without him trying, which mean Fuuma's burden wouldn't be over until he stopped being an ovely protective brother. And he knew he won't stop until forever.

The sky was already in its changing color to orange semi red when the soccer practice is over. Without saying anything, Fuuma walked towards Kamui –who still in his thought.

"Kamui, please wait here for another 5 minutes. I will change my clothes real quick so don't go anywhere." Fuuma said. "Ah.. huh? Umm..oh, okay." Kamui shocked that his brother talked to him. It seemed he didn't realized that the practice's over already. After heard Kamui's reply, Fuuma run to his club changing room so his lovely little brother wouldn't wait long –or maybe attracted another unwanted attention from random student that passed by.

After taken aback from his thought, Kamui stood up, stretching a liitle and began to wander around a bit, playing with the grass below him. He looked so cute playing with the grass by himself that this certain person couldn't take his eyes from the lovely creature that stood alone in front of the room he's in. He made sure he stood in a perfect place to observe the prince(ss) of his school without being found out by the beast that guard the lovely innocent prince(ss). A smile shown in his face while watching Kamui waiting for his brother, looked like he finally decided to have Kamui for himself. For that, he had to make a perfect plan so he wouldn't have the same fate as other students who looked at Kamui with big-idiotic-smile-and-drool so openly in front of the protective big brother.

Got the feeling that he's being watched, Kamui looked up and then turn his head around, looking for the possible culprit, but found no one. The culprit was too smart and careful to be easily found out. Realized that he stared at Kamui with such intense, he retreated a little, tried to hide himself behind the shadow and looked at the big brother who had finished changing his clothes and now guided the prince(ss) home.

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Japanese words:

Nii-chan & onii-chan means big brother.