A Storm is Coming

By 18lzytwner

Chapter 1

Summer soon came to a close and Fall quickly after that. Now in the beginning of December, Sportacus dropped by Robbie's house for a quick but important meeting.

"You ever think of moving out of here?" The above average hero asked as the former villain let him into his Lair. He wasn't evil anymore so "Lair" wasn't entirely appropriate but "home" didn't seem right either.

"Where am I going to go with all my toys? Besides, it's cool in the summer and warm in the winter," Robbie smiled.

"True. Hey thanks again for seeing me on short notice but I'm afraid I can't keep slipping and skating around on these. My first winter and so far I've managed to bruise my butt more than I thought humanly possible," Sportacus chuckled.

"Well you have Pinky to massage it for you, it can't be all bad," Robbie chuckled as he went over to his lab table, which just made Sportacus turn a brilliant red. He was a private person and talking about such things often made him uncomfortable. He could barely keep it together when he and Sam had had that talk the former Marine had promised him.

"Although I have to wonder what the former Mayor thinks about that," again the purple wearing man chuckled and Sportacus heaved a sigh. Milford had been especially doting over his niece the past few months and it had been driving both of them up a wall. Stephanie was twenty-six now and not exactly a little kid. Besides that it wasn't like she was going to marry the local rapscallion, it was Sportacus as so often Stephanie had to remind him.

"We're dealing. Both of us are just looking forward to making it official this summer," the hero smiled.

"Well that's cool. I bet Amanda and Trixie are keeping her busy with the plans," Robbie said handing over a special pair of boots he'd been working on. Sportacus took a seat and tried to get them on his prosthetic legs after removing the other pair of blue boots.

"She wants to invite the whole town. I said it would be nice to just have our closest friends. I mean I have no one from my side of the family to invite. I am as they say, the last of my kind," the hero told him.

"So no cousin to be Number Eleven? No siblings?" Robbie was somewhat surprised. After all, it was a dangerous line of work but certainly not all of his family had gone.

"My father, Number Nine, went to Odin about eighteen years ago. I only took up the mantel of Number Ten when my mother passed the next year. I was an only child and my parents never mentioned any siblings. I left my home and made LazyTown home," Sportacus shrugged and wiggled his new boots before continuing,

"They seem to fit great. Thanks for getting them together so quickly. According to the weathermen, we're in for a nasty storm in the next couple of days and I had best be prepared."

"Good. Then do me a favor, give this to Pinky. She may need it too," Robbie handed over a hanger with clothes inside of what looked like a dry cleaning bag.

"You start a new business I don't know about?" Sportacus asked.

"I don't just make cleaning robots. I also make seamstress robots for those stay at home moms who can't sew or for those working moms that don't have the time. New product line in time for Christmas. I figure if that works, I'll expand to a cooking robot," Robbie said.

"How do you have the time to make all of these?" The hero wanted to know.

"Pixel is going into business with me. He's quitting his old job and we're looking to buy one of the old factories down in the industrial side of town. Amanda is going to join in once we see how things go and then she'll get us international recognition with a website and advertising," Robbie was very excited.

"Of course with your prosthetics business on the side?" Sportacus asked.

"I've given that up. FunTown hospital appreciates my designs and they do all the hard work," he winked before saying,

"Off you go. You don't want to get stuck down here if and when that storm hits." Sportacus nodded and thanked him once again before taking off for home.

To Be Continued…