Chapter 18

A doctor walked into the waiting room and Pixel immediately stood up. He looked at Pixel and shook his head for a minute, not sure, if he was seeking out who had stood up.

"My wife?" Pixel asked, concerned at the man's confusion.

"No. I have another patient under my care but I do not see anyone here for him," the doctor said.

"Robbie?" Pixel wanted to know.

"Yes. Do you know him?" The doctor asked.

"Yes, I do. He was injured by the same men who shot my wife," the Gizmo Guy explained.

"Then you'd best come with me. The person he asked for is not here," the doctor said, noting that there were only two people in the room and neither of them were female. Quickly, Pixel got up and followed out into hall where they could have a private conversation.

"How bad is it doctor?" Pixel asked.

"Robbie will make a full recovery but we did have to do a lot of internal work and he did lose a lot of blood. He'll be touch and go for the next few days. I'm just confused because he asked for Stephanie. There are no women in the waiting room. Do you know who he meant?" The doctor wanted to know.

"I do but she is being treated here at the hospital. Her ankle looked like it was broken," Pixel admitted. Suddenly Officer Dubois rushed up to the two men and asked,

"Where are the doctors treating Stephanie?"

"She's on a different floor. She didn't require surgery," Pixel said, confused as to why the man had come looking for her up here.

"She was brought up here, the nurse said," Dubois looked confused. The doctor shook his head and led the two men back to the nurses' desk where they could sort out this mess.

"Do you know where Stephanie is?" The doctor asked after explaining the situation to the nurse at the desk. She quickly punched in the girl's name and gave her location a few floors below.

"Where is Sportacus?" Dubois asked.

"Down the hall," the nurse pointed. The officer thanked her and took off. Pixel was more than intrigued but he wanted to know what had happened to Amanda and he asked the nurse if she had any information.

"She's still in surgery. Will you be following the officer? I can come and find you when she's out," she smiled.

"Yes, I will be. Thank you," Pixel smiled and quickly trotted off to find the officer. It didn't take long to figure out what room the hero was in as he noted that the therapist carrying a set of prosthetic legs had been forced to wait outside the room while the officer was inside. Quickly Pixel walked into the room, hoping for an explanation.

"I need you to think clearly for a minute and tell me if anybody would be coming after you. You had that accident with the airship and now Stephanie is targeted by a group of men, whom I believe were using the storm as cover. Robbie and Pixel killed two of them and wounded the others but no one is talking. Why would they beat Stephanie?" Dubois asked.

"I don't know. I have no idea why someone would want to hurt her. Is she all right?" Sportacus wanted to know.

"I'll let her discuss it with you. I know they had to fix her ankle," the officer told him, not wanting to tell Pixel what Trixie had told him.

"I need to go to her," the hero said.

"Whoa, slow down. You're in no condition to be leaving this bed. I will see about bringing her up here," Dubois smiled and stood. He grabbed Pixel and they walked out into the hall.

"Something is definitely fishy," Dubois shook his head.

"Robbie asked for Stephanie," Pixel blurted out.

"What?" The officer didn't understand.

"He asked for her, I have no idea why," the Gizmo Guy said.

"I might have an idea," Dubois shook his head but did not explain himself before heading for the elevators. As much as Pixel wanted to follow him, he knew he couldn't and he quickly went back to the nurses' desk to tell them he'd be in the waiting room. When he got back to the waiting room, he realized that he was alone and that the man he'd been sharing the room with was gone.

To Be Continued…