Chapter 5

"Holy shit!" Chief Dooright cursed as he watched in horror as the roof caved in, sending the three firefighters and Sportacus down into the building. Without thinking, most of the firefighters rushed inside, knowing that their comrades were in serious danger. The rest of the building could collapse and everyone would be lost.

"The structure isn't stable! Get them out of there!" Fire Chief Gallivan yelled to anyone who would listen. His men should not have gone in before the structure was checked. They knew better but the magnitude of what had just happened overtook their thoughts and their brains screamed for them to get in there.

"Belay that order! I want a perimeter set up! No one goes in!" Dooright boomed. What was needed now was control not chaos and he turned to Gallivan,

"Anybody else goes in there and we risk losing half the fire and police forces. Let your men do their jobs while we do what we can." He said before yelling up to the ladder trucks,

"Get someone to get a line on the wreckage! We need to lift it! Quickly the firefighters left the ladder trucks and rushed down to the two Chiefs who were trying to get everything organized.

"We need a crane to lift that and we have no access to one but what if someone was to climb down inside the rubble. We may be able to get at the trapped people that way," Lieutenant Barry Grant suggested.

"And have the rubble sink down further may be pulling that person in? No. Too many lives are already at stake," Gallivan shook his head.

"I have an idea!" Robbie suddenly shouted and before anyone could stop him he gave a long loud whistle. Suddenly the sound of dogs barking reached their ears and they all looked at him.

"What the…?" Dooright started as six of the mechanical monstrosities appeared.

"You were supposed to destroy those!" The Chief regained his composure.

"Just like you were supposed to destroy Rottenella but we all know that didn't happen," Robbie commented before turning to the dogs.

"Find Sportakook and the firefighters!" He ordered them and pointed toward the building. The dogs barked and took off for Town Hall. They entered the building and quickly put their enhanced mechanical sniffers to work. The firefighters looked at them, utterly confused until the lead dog clamped his powerful jaws around a piece of roof and crushed it to tiny pieces. He barked and quickly the men looked inside the small hole he'd created.

"There's Sportacus!" One of them shouted quickly the men began to dig the hero out while the dogs looked for the others trapped in the wreckage. Another bark resulted in another discovery. Soon the second man was free and more of the fire fighters left, carrying the severely injured men out of the building.

"Two more to go!" One of the men urged the dogs but they stopped. They dogs did not want to go any further.

"Why did they stop?" Another asked; his answer was they sound of the building groaning. Something else was letting go up in the upper structure. The lead dog pushed the men toward the exit while the other five worked to free the third man.

"You have to let us help," the firefighters kept urging but the lead dog would not let them pass, nipping at them when they tried.

Barks sounded and two of the dogs gently pulled the third man whom they had freed near the main exit to the building. At that point, the lead dog let the men in and they quickly removed their injured comrade. Now the dogs and the fourth man were all that was left inside the building and the robotic canines worked fast to find the last man as the second floor groaned. The fire, now exposed to the fresh air, had grown dramatically and the sprinkler system failed at the fifteen degree air hit the pipes and the pump in the basement had been destroyed when the floor above it collapsed.

The lead dog barked a command at the other dogs, seemingly knowing that their time was growing short. Then one of them barked, indicating they'd found the last firefighter. Quickly the group worked to free him as the building began to fill with smoke. Finally they grabbed him and as carefully and quickly as they could they removed him from the wreckage and made for the door.

To Be Continued…