Naruto: Shinobi Sorcerer

By: Sheltie

I don't own Naruto or Harry Potter at all

A/N: Hello everyone, this is my first ever try in a full length Naruto story. This is a Naruto/Harry Potter crossover. Set in Naruto's world with characters from the Potterverse coming in. This will slightly follow Naruto canon.

Chapter 1: the Beginning

A young man, who was dead asleep to the world bolted up wide-awake panting and sweating. Someone beside awoke also and touched the man's arm.

"What is it dear?" the woman asked worriedly.

"I just felt an incredible source of magic," he said as he wiped a bit of sweat from his brow.

"Where was it dear?" the woman asked.

"It's not here, that's for sure. I, it's, outside our world. It was so powerful that I was able to sense it," the man said furrowing his brow trying to pinpoint where he had felt the magic.

"What are you going to do?" the woman asked with worry and curiosity.

"I need to go and check it out" the man said.

"Fine, I'll start packing" the woman said getting up.

"Wait, what?" the man asked blinking.

"You don't think I'd let you go running off on your own do you? Heavens know what kind of trouble you'd get into without me," the woman said with a teasing smile.

"Fine, I guess you can test your theory on other worlds and the ritual that you've been working on" the man said with a sigh since he knew there was no way of talking his wife out of not joining him.

"I guess, just give me some time" the woman said.

/Scene Break/

The couple made it though it took some time and the woman's calculations that she made told her they'd arrive some time before her husband sensing the magical outburst. So they arrived and they found themselves by some big gates. They used their magic, which still worked, on the guards and entered the village. They skimmed the minds of all around them and found some things were not right. It was agreed before they left that they needed to use all of their powers to the best of their ability with the rules they knew be damned. They couldn't go in blind into anything, especially into a new world they knew nothing about.

It appears there was much animosity around such a young boy. This didn't seem right so they dug deeper and found out why. It didn't make sense, but they were foreigners in this world and needed information.

After settling in and falsifying papers that would say they were citizens of the village they got settled. The woman got a job at the library where she learned all she could about their new home. As well digger deep into people's minds to find what they needed. They found that many of the people didn't have protected minds.

They found this world had ninjas and there was five major countries each with a village that held ninjas with smaller countries and their own ninjas. Though there were many ninjas around the ninjas from villages wore headbands with the symbol of their village. They gathered much info reading shinobi minds and found that some of them weren't that terribly guarded at all so it was easy to get what they needed without them knowing at all. Then there were some with some kind of mental shields, but they weren't strong enough to stop their probes at all. They however never probed deeper than they needed to.

/Scene Break/

The man found the boy when the burst of magic happened. He found the boy being attacked by several villagers. This enraged the man, but he saw the boy let out a huge blast of magic sending the villagers flying to the ground. The boy got up and ran away with the man following him. The boy got back home panting heavily.

"You sure run fast for having such small legs."

The boy turned and found a man in his apartment. He had black messy hair, kind emerald green eyes and a gentle smile.

"Who are you?" the boy asked warily.

"My name Naruto is not important right now. I am here to help you with what had happened right back there" the man said.

"What do you mean? How do you know my name?" Naruto asked now very wary of the man.

"Well, to put it bluntly you did magic" the man said.

"You've got to be kidding" Naruto said in disbelief.

"No, but let ask you though. Have you ever done something strange, something you couldn't explain when you either really angry, upset, or sad?" the man asked seriously.

Naruto thought about this and then nodded slowly. He remembered times where things did happen when he was upset. Like one time he was kicked out of a candy store. He got so angry that all containers in the store exploded sending candy flying everywhere. Then there were times where kids picked on him then ended up getting covered with boils or other things.

"That Naruto is what is called accidental magic. Accidental magic happens when children your age feels one of those strong emotions I told you about earlier. The result makes the person or people who made you cause the emotion either have their hair turned blue or like what you did blow everyone back" the man said.

Naruto wasn't sure why, but he trusted the man. He seemed honest and kind to him and that was a rare thing in his young life.

"Naruto, may I check something on you?" the man asked.

Naruto nodded.

The man took out a thin wooden stick and Naruto looked at it oddly.

"This is a wand, Naruto. It helps control ones magic. I am just going to scan something. Don't be afraid it won't hurt at all. I promise" the man said seeing Naruto's nervous face.

Naruto nodded and watched the man wave his wand and said something he didn't understand. He saw the wand tip glow green and he was enveloped in a green glow.

"Hmm, interesting. You have a large magical core, but there is something disrupting it" the man said.

Before Naruto could ask what it was the man disappeared and a kunai appeared embedded in the chair.

"Who are you and what did you do?" a man with white hair that standing up and wearing a dog mask.

He was crouched in the windowsill with another kunai in his hand ready to attack.

The man knew who this was. He was one of Naruto's guards. A member of the Anbu if he remembered correctly.

"Now just calm down. I was just doing a simple medical scan. See, Naruto is not harmed at all" the man said now on the other side of the room standing beside Naruto.

"How'd you do that?" Naruto asked wide-eyed.

"Magic" the man said with a grin.

The Anbu was not sure what to do. This was out of his depth. He needed to talk to the Hokage about this.

"Yes, lets see the Hokage. I will explain it all to him, you and Naruto" the man said.

"How'd you-"

"All will be explained. I don't care to do it twice since it is a long explanation" the man said calmly.

The Anbu nodded and came inside the apartment. He got to Naruto's side and placed a hand on the young blonde's shoulder.

"I'll take Naruto first and come back for you" he said.

"No, I'll just follow you" the man said with a twinkle in his eyes.

The dog-masked man wasn't sure what was going on, but just nodded. He disappeared with a swirl of leaves.

/Scene Break/

The Anbu appeared in the Hokage's office and was shocked when the man appeared just seconds after him. This also shocked the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, too. His pipe dropped from his mouth.

"Who are you?" the head of the village asked ready to attack in a nanosecond.

"Please, if we could all sit down I'll explain everything. Bear in mind that this will take a while. Naruto will need to hear this since this will involve him," the man said calmly.

After sitting though the Anbu stood ready to attack at any moment.

"First, my name is Harry Potter and I am not from this world" Harry said with a grin.

This caused many blank stares at him.

"Okay, let me explain better. In my world there are people who use magic and those who don't. I'll get more into that later, but it isn't important to this. One night I was asleep with my wife when I awoke sensing a great burst of magic. I didn't know where exactly it came from, but knew it didn't come from my world. My wife thankfully was working on some theories on jumping to other worlds. She created a ritual that got us here. We came just some time before the burst of magic. We settled here and waited for it. I found Naruto, who was the one who gave off the magic" Harry said.

"I see, and what do you plan to do now that you've found Naruto?" Hiruzen asked.

"If you think I am going to take him away then that is a no. I sense he is needed here. So I plan on teaching him all I know here" Harry said, "besides, I know all about what you are hiding."

Naruto looked at Harry wondering what was going on. Hiruzen stiffen, he feared that this man would spill the beans.

"No need to worry. I won't say a thing" Harry said with a gentle smile.

"How'd you-"

"It's a technique called Legilimency. Basically I can read people's minds" Harry said.

"You mean you can read people's minds?" the Anbu asked shocked.

"Yes, though I usually ask for permission first. Though most of your village broadcast their thoughts out loud so I don't have to do much to read them. It's funny most of your shinobi have okay Occlumency shields. That is the only defense against Legilimency. But they still broadcast their thoughts at times, and their mental shields are no match to a master of Legilimency like me" Harry said.

"I see" Hiruzen said not really liking someone able to read people's thoughts on a whim.

"Yes, so my wife and I used this info to get our bearings in this world. Like I said before we settled down and my wife took a job at the library to learn more" Harry said.

"So you plan on helping Naruto with this magic thing?" Hiruzen asked.

"Yes" Harry said.

Hiruzen was smoking his pipe in thought. Many things were going through his head, but he felt he could trust this man in front of him. He held wisdom in his eyes as well as age that he only sees in shinobi who've fought and killed. This man is much older than he looks. What also helped is that this man would help Naruto and keep an eye on him too. He'd still have an Anbu on watch, but he'd have it on a more lax state.

"I think I'd like to discuss what things you'll be teaching Naruto in depth. So we can come to an understanding" Hiruzen said.

"Of course, but first I want to know if Naruto is willing to learn magic. I will not teach him if he doesn't want to know. But he must know that this won't be an easy thing and he'll need to dedicate himself to it" Harry said seriously.

"I want to learn, it sounds so cool. Will I be able to use a wand thing like you?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Alright, I'll teach you, and no you'll not be able to use a wand. There's no wood here that is suitable to make a good wand, and I don't have the skills to make one anyway. I'll be teaching you wandless magic" Harry said with a smile.

Naruto was hopping up and down in his seat.

"Wandless magic is very difficult and requires a whole lot of concentration and focus. I learned when I was already depended on my wand so it might be easier for you since you don't have that problem, but it won't be a snap though. You will have to be dedicated and want to learn it" Harry said seriously.

Naruto nodded. He was just excited that someone was going to teach him something.

After that Naruto left with the Anbu. When they were gone Hiruzen activated a privacy seal. Harry then added a few privacy spells of his own to it for extra protection.

"So you know this village's secret?" he asked.

"Yes, and I know why you've kept it hidden and the reasons for it. I understand it though I don't agree with it. But that is not the issue" Harry said.

Hiruzen nodded.

They then discussed what Harry would be teaching Naruto and other things. Harry even showed what the things were so Hiruzen wouldn't be surprised at all. Harry transfigured Hiruzen's chair into a giant chicken then back to a chair. He then conjured a tea set that they were able to use. Harry also did other magical feats. The old man was astonished at what Harry could do. Never had he seen such things before and had to rub his eyes a great many times just to make sure he was seeing what he was actually seeing. It was just too unbelievable at times.

When all was said and done Hiruzen was happy. Naruto's future was looking brighter than before. There was also some paperwork done to make Harry and his wife official residences of Konoha since they faked their papers to get settled. Now they were real citizens of the leaf village. Their magic was labeled an SS rank secret meaning no one, not even the council or the clan heads would know. There was also talk about mind reading and it was decided that Harry and his wife could do it for the safety of the village since it was a great asset.

/Scene Break/

Potter home

Harry talked to his wife about what has happened and she agreed. They were now going to teach Naruto.

"The thing that worries me is the disruption to his magical core I think I know what it is. I think I can go into his mind and possibly fix it, but I am not an expert in that sort of thing and fear I might mess something up" Harry said frowning.

"Well, I could ask her to come" his wife said biting her bottom lip.

"You could do that?" Harry asked.

"Yes, though give me some time to work it out" she said.

Harry nodded.

They had a plan.

/Scene Break/

It was a couple weeks and Naruto was learning magic. Though it wasn't the thrill the young blond was hoping for. All Harry did mostly was have him mediate. This annoyed the blond spiky haired boy.

"Naruto, this is an important skill to have. You need to be able to control your magical core and this is the only way. Without control of your magic it can go wild and hurt people. This will also get you focused and controlled. It will make your concentration better and you'll be calmer. That, and it will help when you become a better ninja," Harry said firmly.

Naruto perked up when he heard about it helping him be a better ninja. He still wanted to be one even after learning about magic. His dream was still to become Hokage. So he put up with the mediation thing and was getting better at it. Along with the mediating Harry had Naruto build Occlumency shields to help protect his thoughts.

More days passed and one day Naruto was in the woods that they used as their place to mediate. This time he saw Harry was bringing someone. She had long blond hair, misty blue eyes and an almost ethereal quality about her.

"Naruto, this is one of my closest friends Luna Lovegood. Luna, this is Naruto, who've I told you all about" Harry introduced.

"Nice to meet you Naruto, shall we get started?" Luna asked.

Naruto blinked. What was she talking about?

"Naruto, remember when I told you about your magical core being disrupted?" Harry asked.

Naruto nodded.

"Well Luna here is going to enter your mind and hopefully fix the problem. What I need you to do is lower your shields. Now I know they aren't strong enough to stop Luna anyway, but it is best to do so as to not harm your mind" Harry said.

Naruto nodded and took a deep breath and lowered his mental shields.

"Are you ready?" Luna asked.

Naruto nodded.

"Good, lets begin. Legilimens" Luna said as she pointed her wand to Naruto's head.

/Naruto's Mind/

Luna appeared in a dank sewer like place. She looked around taking it all in like she was in an amusement park. She heard a growl and saw a large cage. It was covered with papers that were either hanging off or wrapped around the bars. Written on all of them was the word 'seal'.

"Hello" Luna said in a chipper tone.

"Foolish human, I'll rip you to pieces if you come closer" the creature in the cage rumbled.

"That won't do at all. Naruto, would come here please?" Luna called.

Naruto appeared beside Luna and blinked.

"How'd I get here?" he asked confused.

"I called you. This is your mind, Naruto. You can do anything you want" Luna said.

Naruto nodded.

"What I need you to do is give me permission to do anything in your mind" Luna said.

"Why?" Naruto asked confused.

"Because since it is your mind I can't do anything without your permission. It is quite rude to do so otherwise" Luna said.

Naruto thought about it and nodded. He gave his permission to Luna.

Luna smiled and she pulled out her wand, which she turned into a long whip. She walked forward to the cage without fear. She raised her arm up and brought the whip down. When it connected to the beast there was a crack like fresh thunder.

"OW! That hurt" the beast roared.

"Bad Kyuubi, bad, bad, bad kyuubi. You've been a naughty fox" Luna intoned as she kept whipping the beast.

Naruto could only stare in shock and awe of Luna doing this. She would continue to whip the beast as she scolded it too. It was a bit of an odd sight to say the least.

Soon Luna stopped. She tucked a piece of hair back behind her ear. She was barely winded at all.

"Now, here's what is going to happen. You are not to disturb or disrupt Naruto's chakra or magical core. You are going to allow Naruto to use your chakra whenever he wants or needs it. You will do your best to protect him if he's in mortal danger. You are in no way to ever harm him in any way. Do you understand me?" the blond asked as she cracked the whip again.

"Yes, yes, I understand. Just quit doing that" the kyuubi grumbled.

"Fine, but I want your word. I know demons like you have to have some honor of some kind. Swear it" Luna said sternly.

The kyuubi grumbled a bit more only to get another couple lashings.

"I, the kyuubi, lord of the nine biju swear on my nine tails to work with the boy's," Luna shook her whip, "Naruto's chakra and magical core as well as to allow him access to my chakra whenever he is in need of it. I will also protect Naruto if ever he's in mortal danger and will do no harm whatsoever to the boy. I swear it" the kyuubi said grumbling a bit at the end.

"Good, now we must be off. Nice talking to you" Luna chirped happily.

Naruto and Luna disappeared as the kyuubi huddled back in its cage licking its wounds.

/Back in the real world/

"So, did it all work?" Harry asked anxiously.

"Yes" Luna said brightly then told Harry what she did.

"Only you Luna" Harry chuckled.

Luna just smiled.

"So, is that what you call aggressive negotiations?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"No, I was just softening the kyuubi up. This is what I'd use if I needed to get aggressive" Luna said as she conjured a whip with several lashes at the end.

Naruto's eyes widen at the sight as Harry just shook his head and sighed. He knew Luna was unique and all, but even after all these years that he's known her she still somehow surprised him.

"Um, how and what is the kyuubi?" Naruto asked.

Harry and Luna looked at one another not sure how answer this since they hadn't planned on this.

"Oh Harry, even now in a whole new world you can do something like this" Luna said with a rueful smile.

Harry rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Well Naruto, the thing is that is the same kyuubi that attacked the village" he said.

"But the Fourth killed it, how could that be the same kyuubi?" Naruto asked confused.

"He couldn't kill it. The kyuubi is made of pure chakra and can't be killed. That was the lie told to everyone. What really happened was the Fourth sealed the kyuubi away in a newborn, you" Harry said.

"But why?" Naruto asked shocked as tear began to well up.

Harry couldn't tell Naruto about his full past just yet. No, Naruto needed to be stronger. So he just gave an edited version.

"He did it because it was the only way. He didn't want to and if there were any other way he'd have done it. He knew you were the only one strong enough to contain the kyuubi. He wanted the village to see you as a hero, but well, you saw how well that is working. That's all I can tell you right now, but I promise I will when you become a chunin," Harry said.

Naruto pouted, but nodded. He wanted to know more, but knew Harry enough to know that no amount of pleading will help his case.

"Naruto, the most important thing you should know is that you are not the kyuubi. You are Naruto, and no matter what anyone says you are still you. The kyuubi is sealed inside of you, but you are not the kyuubi" Luna said gently.

Naruto nodded though tears were making his way down his face. This was the reason why the villagers hated him. He then felt a pair of soft arms wrap around him. He stiffen as he let out a gasp at this foreign feeling, but then clung to it like a lifeline. Luna was hugging Naruto tight as she let him let out all of the tears he's held back. Once Naruto was done he looked up and Luna smiled at him, he gave her a small smile back.

"Okay, now that is done lets go home Luna" Harry said.

"Actually Harry, I would like to live with Naruto, if that is alright with him" Luna said still kneeling in front of Naruto.

"Huh, why?" Naruto asked.

"I think we can be good for each other, don't you?" Luna asked smiling.

Naruto couldn't figure out why, but he agreed to let Luna live with him. He liked the blond woman a lot even though he had just met her. She gave great hugs though he's never had one before at all.

Harry though knew why. Luna knew Naruto needed a mother figure in his life. Luna knew what life was like with really no guidance at all really and didn't want Naruto to go through that. He nodded and left.

/Scene Break/

Luna living with Naruto changed the boy. The apartment was now clean and organized. Luna had used some magic to expand and repair things as well as to make a room for herself since it was a one bedroom to start with. Naruto was in awe when he saw Luna work. She was so graceful and precise. Naruto learned some manners as well as got some better eating habits, that meant he didn't eat ramen all the time. Luna cooked and bought all the food for the both of them as well as other items too.

Hermione and Luna helped improve Naruto's handwriting as well taught him math, reading and other things that he was supposed to know at his age. He didn't know these really well since he was banned to going to school. Not even the Hokage could force this since the civilian council ran the school.

The villagers tried to shun Luna, but the airy blond shrugged it off. She also gave off an aura that made all the villagers a bit uneasy and they were afraid to mess with her when she stared them in the eye. It was like she was looking at their very soul. So they shied away from the blond and let her do what she needed to do never overcharging for fear of her stare.

/Scene Break/

Naruto by now was very proficient in his Occlumency and had a handle in some of his wandless magic. Naruto decided to use a stick he fashioned to look like a wand to help direct his spells where he wanted to go since he didn't have that amount of control down yet. With that he also got a wand holster for his false wand just like what Harry and Luna had. At this time Harry decided to bring in some ninja skills now. Naruto only knew some very minor spells, but that was a good start.

Naruto was waiting with Luna when Harry appeared he was with a woman with long wavy brown hair. His eyes widen and took in the sight. She was beautiful he thought.

"Naruto, this is my wife Hermione" Harry said.

"Um, nice to meet you" Naruto said shyly as a pink hue appeared on his cheeks.

Luna smothered her giggles as she could see that Naruto had a crush on Hermione. She didn't even need to use her Legilimency to see that.

"Nice to meet you, Naruto. Harry has told me a lot about you. Now what we're going to do today is teaching you chakra control, specifically tree climbing" Hermione said getting into her lecturing tone.

Naruto knew what chakra was from his reading that Luna and Hermione had him do.

"What, but I know how to climb trees" Naruto said.

"Not like how ninjas climb trees" a voice said.

The Anbu that wears the dog mask appeared. He rarely watched Naruto now with Luna being with him most of the time, but had grown attached to the spiky blond and checked in on him whenever he could.

"Hello there" Luna greeted with her usual serene smile.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help overhearing you" the Anbu said.

"Not at all, in fact I think a practical demonstration would be grand since Harry, Luna nor I have chakra at all" Hermione said.

It was found that the three magicals had no chakra whatsoever. Even though Naruto had both chakra and magic within him. They didn't know why this was, but Hermione was researching it.

The Anbu nodded and looked to Naruto.

"Watch closely" he said.

He made a hand sign of the ram then began walking up the tree trunk with no effort whatsoever. Naruto stared in awe of the sight.

"Wow, I'll learn that" he said with excitement.

"Yes, but it will take much time and practice to get it down" Hermione said firmly.

"Naruto, this will help you control your chakra so you won't waste chakra during battle" Harry said.

Naruto looked confused.

"Naruto, you have large chakra reserves as you know" Luna said as Naruto nodded, "but even with large chakra pools you can still waste them if you put too much chakra into a jutsu. It's the same for magic. You should never overpower a spell no matter what. This exercise will give you control since you must put just the right of chakra on the soles of your feet so you can stick. Too little and you fall, and too much you get repelled."

"She's right Naruto, this will definite help in battle so you don't wear yourself out by using all of your chakra in only a few jutsus" the Anbu said.

Naruto nodded.

"Good, now do this hand seal to concentrate your chakra. Once you feel ready start walking up the tree" the Anbu said showing the Ram hand sign to Naruto.

Naruto did the hand sign and then he felt ready. He was about to put his foot on the tree trunk when he was stopped.

"Naruto, before you begin. Go slow, remember this isn't a race. When you go slow you will learn how much chakra you really need and not overdo it the next time" Hermione said.

Naruto nodded and began walking up the tree slowly. A few times he slipped, but he was able to stay on the tree. He got to the top and shouted with glee only to lose his concentration. He closed his eyes readying himself for the ground to find he was floating. He saw Luna had her wand out slowly lowering him down to the ground.

The Anbu was amazed Naruto did it and on his first try really then feared when Naruto was falling. He only sighed in relief seeing Luna had it well in hand.

"Say Anbu, we should talk, do you mind?" Harry asked.

"No, not at all, but what about Naruto?" the Anbu asked.

"Luna will watch him. She'll make sure he's alright" Hermione said.

The Anbu nodded and followed the two Potters. This left Luna and Naruto. Luna was getting Naruto go back up the tree a second time.

Once back at their house Harry and Hermione had a deep discussion with the Anbu. They knew his real name thanks to some subtle mind reading. But they knew an Anbu's real name were supposed to be kept a secret so they honored that. They first got him out of his mask and got him to introduce himself. After that Kakashi and the Potters got to know one another and Kakashi liked the couple. They had very trying times in their world and they endured. They shared their grief and wounds were healed. Most of them were Kakashi's.

Kakashi opened up for the first time in a very long time because of this couple and he knew he'd not regret it at all. He liked the two a lot. They were smart and knew the dangers of the world even if it was their world and not his. They had seen death and misery.

At the end there was a strong bond of friendship between them.

/Scene Break/

Naruto's training in both magical and ninja were going well. Kakashi would help out when he could with the ninja parts. Naruto completed tree walking and working on water walking. He knew he had to master both of them and not just by using your feet. He walked on his hands to help is control better after Luna suggested this. Kakashi taught Naruto how to throw kunai and shuriken. Naruto had some skill, but he wasn't the best. He was obviously above par when compared to academy students with only getting better and better each time. He also learned taijutsu as well as some low level ninjutsus.

Naruto's fighting style was fast and hard. He had more stamina than anyone they knew and he liked to hit hard and fast. So Harry, Hermione and Luna worked on dodging and evasion with Naruto. They sent stinging hexes at the boy so he had to dodge since each time he didn't the stinging hex would be more painful than the last.

Naruto was also put on an exercise regiment that he stuck to religiously. Things were going very well for the blond since he had a family helping him. Luna, Harry and Hermione was his family as well as Kakashi. He thought of Luna as his mother, Hermione was like an older sister/aunt, Harry was like a father and Kakashi was like an uncle of some kind.

/Scene Break/

In the Hokage's office Harry sat with Kakashi. They were there to give their progress report on Naruto. Hiruzen had sealed the office for privacy with Harry including a few security spells of his own as a precaution.

"Well then since we're all here lets get started" Hiruzen said.

"Very well, Naruto is doing very well. His shinobi skills are thriving and will only progress with the training that we're doing" Kakashi said.

"I see, you think he's ready for the academy?" Hiruzen asked.

"I do" Kakashi said with a nod.

"He's more than ready. I think he can be the top of the class. Luna has drilled into him to be studious and he has a thirst to learn. He also has the patience now too" Harry said.

"I see, and how goes the magic?" Hiruzen asked.

"His Occlumency is some of the best. He won't beat a master yet, but he's very good. I've taught him a lot of harmless spells, charms, and hexes. I plan to teach him more lethal ones when he becomes a genin since I think he'll be ready then" Harry said.

Hiruzen nodded.

"So to sum it up. Naruto is more than ready for the academy and you think he'll surpass his classmates" he said.

Harry and Kakashi nodded.

"Very well, I'll deal with the paperwork to enter Naruto. Now there's one other thing I'd like to discuss" Hiruzen said.

"What is that?" Harry asked curiously.

"It's about Luna. I'd like her to do some part time work in Torture & Interrogation with Ibiki and Anko. She has skill in it and I think she'll be very useful" Hiruzen said.

Harry frowned.

"I can't and won't speak for her. I'll talk to her about it and she'll decide if she wishes to do so. But if she takes it what will her status be since she is not a ninja?" he asked.

"I think a consultant will do at best" Hiruzen said.

"That sounds good" Harry said.

"Very well, that is all" Hiruzen said.

Harry and Kakashi left.

"So, you think Luna will do it?" Kakashi asked.

"Not sure. What I've heard about the T & I department is that it is pretty rough. I rather not lose Luna in it. She's a gentle soul who I think of as a sister" Harry said.

Kakashi nodded. He had grown fond of the airy blond himself.

/Scene Break/

Naruto arrived on his first day of the academy feeling good. He had been warned that there'd be a lot of class work and not a whole lot of practical doing. He was also told not to do any magic since that would cause much suspicion. He entered the classroom and found a seat in the back corner and relaxed til the class began.

Things changed a bit with Luna deciding to take the gig at T & I though it would be part time. She was only going to be used in the hard cases or whenever they felt they needed her. She passed the tests that Ibiki and Anko placed before her with flying colors. Heck, Anko fell in love with the ethereal blond and they became good buds. If this was a good or bad thing was yet to be determined. Luna seemed to encourage and egg Anko on with her disturbing behavior and found nothing wrong with it at all. To quote Luna, 'she found Anko to be a joy to be around, a young vibrant soul'. So Anko began spending a lot of time over at Naruto and Luna's place.

Luna also helped Anko battle her demons and Anko was forever grateful to the little blond and thought of her as a sister.

Soon the class began and Naruto listened and took notes. He got his studious behavior from both Luna and Hermione. He had gotten over his crush on Hermione. He still cared for her deeply, but not in the romantic sense at all.

/Scene Break/

It took no time for Naruto to be at the top of the class no matter how hard his teachers made it for him. He learned everything they kicked him out of class for from Hermione, Luna, and Harry along with Kakashi when he was around. This led to him have an enemy, well, more of a rival. His name was Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha clan and the class emo and brooder. He was also the heartthrob of the class since he had so many fan girls. He avoided them like the plague though. Sasuke did everything to try to take Naruto down, but was shown up every time and this made Sasuke pissed as well as his big group of fan girls. Naruto ignored all of this all.

Naruto did quip one time that Sasuke must be gay for ignoring all of those girls this made Anko and Luna laugh.

Naruto didn't go through his time at the academy without friends. No, he made friends with Shikamaru, Chouji, and Kiba. Hinata joined the group half into their second year.

Shikamaru was a lazy genius that was rumored to have an IQ of over 200 or something, which was said to the highest of his clan and that is saying something since the Nara clan were geniuses. He enjoyed playing shogi and found playing against Luna challenging since the airy blond never played by the normal rules and was very creative in her strategies, which left Shikamaru scratching his head after every lose. Mainly since he never loss to her the same way twice.

Chouji loved to eat and enjoyed Harry's cooking, which seem to rival the Akimichi clan's. Harry would sometimes be over at the pleasantly plump family clan home teaching them some of his new recipes. Harry was made an honorary member of the Akimichi clan. With Hermione and Luna being added too along with Naruto of course.

Kiba liked that Naruto kept beating Sasuke every time and thought hanging around Naruto would get him some chicks. He did have a perverted side, which he knew not to show when around Hermione or else he got a mildly powerful stinging hex to the groin, which lasted for days afterwards. Hermione didn't care for perverts at all.

Hinata liked hanging around both Luna and Hermione and with their help the once shy and stuttering girl gain much self-esteem and self-confidence. She found that the crush she had on Naruto was just that, a crush. So she left it like that and stayed friends with Naruto with him being none the wiser. She also got better in her family style and had beaten her sister in a spar that got her father's attention. She was now one of the best in the family with her even holding her own against her cousin, who was considered a prodigy.

With all of this Naruto learned more. His skills in both magic and shinobi were great. He could walk on water now both with his feet and hands. Now he was working on fighting on water. His magic was great and he has mastered all of the spells Harry had taught him. He also learned to spread out his senses using both his magic and chakra to detect opponents whether hidden or not. It was better than the Hyugas' Byakugan. His ninjutsus were pretty good since Kakashi taught him some slightly higher-level ninjutsus. Naruto had his own taijutsu style, well, two really. One was a more lax one that blocked and counter the opponent's attacks while the other was his speed and pound one. He had no aptitude for genjutsu so they worked on him recognizing them and breaking them.

Naruto's friends were shocked and amazed when they learned that Harry, Hermione and Luna knew and could do magic and Naruto could too. They promised to keep this secret since this was an SS rank secret and could get them killed if they spoke about it and so Naruto would have an edge in battle. They weren't told everything of course, but they understood that there were some things that couldn't be divulge to them.

/Scene Break/

"Okay class, today is the genin exam. If you pass you'll be genin of the Leaf village and will be called upon to do missions and to defend the village from invaders" the chunin instructor named Iruka said.

Naruto was psyched and ready to go. He aced the test thanks to Hermione drilling him almost every night the past few nights on what was on the test. To tell the truth though his knowledge was that of a high chunin, but he kept that hidden. A shinobi never reveals all he knows to their opponent.

After that there was sparring and Naruto was pitted against Sasuke like every other time.

"Okay, in this fight you can only use taijutsu, and taijutsu only. The match will be over when one can't go on, calls quits or I deem the match to be over. Please try not to kill your opponent" Iruka said adding the last part since he knew these two went a bit crazy when they faced off.

"Begin!" he said.

Naruto got in his fighting stance. Sasuke began with charging at Naruto.

He's doing this again, I thought he learned his lesson Naruto thought.

When Sasuke got close Naruto grabbed his fist and spun the Uchiha around and then kicked him in the back. Sasuke fell forward and used one hand to catch himself before springing back and landing on his feet. He glared at Naruto.

"Bets anyone?" Shino Aburame asked as he pulled out a box from his coat.

"Hell yeah, 80 ryo says Naruto kicks the Uchiha's ass" Kiba said happily.

"No way dog breath. I got 120 ryo on Sasuke winning" Ino Yamanaka said with a glare at the Inuzuka.

"Yeah, Sasuke won't lose" Sakura Haruno said agreeing with her former friend and now rival.

"Please, Naruto has this won before Iruka sensei began it. I bet 150 ryo Naruto will win and make the Uchiha eat dirt" Hinata said with a snort.

This caused many of the other Uchiha fan girls glare at the Hyuga, but they knew not to mess with her since she now had a backbone and could kick your ass easily now. The fan girls and Naruto's friends put their money in and they watched the match.

Sasuke was panting, every time he attacked Naruto would counter him and knock him back and hit him somehow. He had to find an edge somewhere. He finally got frustrated and did some hand signs.

"Katon: Fireball jutsu!" the Uchiha said as a burst of flame came from his mouth.

Several were shocked that Sasuke would cheat. Naruto's friends growled with anger. Iruka was ready to stop the match, but Naruto halted him with a grin.

Naruto then seemed to disappeared just before the fireball hit him. He then appeared knocking Sasuke down hard making the Uchiha eat dirt. When Sasuke turned on his back spitting dirt out. He found Naruto over him with a kunai pointed at his throat. What Naruto did was apparated away from the attack.

"Give up, you can't win" Naruto said firmly.

"Naruto wins" Iruka said shocked.

Naruto got up and headed to his friends who were gathering their winnings and grinning like mad.

"Nice one Naruto, you totally owned him" Kiba said grinning.

"Yeah, you did well Naruto" Chouji said after be swallowed a load of chips.

"You could've ended it earlier, Naruto. You are so troublesome" Shikamaru said lazily.

"Where's the fun in that Shikamaru" Naruto said with a grin.

Shikamaru shared the grin with lazy one of his own.

The rest fights and all of Naruto's friends won. They all trained together when they could, which was often. The three magicals, Harry, Hermione and Luna, watched over them and provided advice and tips for them all.

Next was the three jutsus all genin must know. They were Kawarimi, Henge, and Bushin. Naruto knew these three by heart by having Kakashi make him work on them every day in almost real life fighting conditions. Heck, he could do them in his sleep. Though the bushin was hard since he had so much chakra that it was hard to do a normal bushin. So Kakashi taught Naruto Kage Bushin instead and when Naruto learned how to drop his chakra level to as low as he could get he then got the normal bushin down.

With Kage Bushin Naruto learned faster since when each of his clones disappeared he'd get their memories. This helped immensely.

He stood outside with the rest of his class waiting for his turn. When each of his friends was called he grinned and gave them a thumbs up since he knew they'd pass. When each came out holding their hitai-ate and Naruto congratulated them. Soon it was his turn.

"Uzumaki, Naruto" Iruka called.

His friends gave him the same thumbs up they got from the spiky blond. Naruto headed in with confidence.

"Okay Naruto, you know what we're looking for. Start when you're ready" Iruka said.

Naruto did and he was given his hitai-ate. He strolled out holding it up like a championship belt. He was congratulated. Soon they were outside and the new genin were congratulated by their families.

Naruto saw his 'family' and went to them wearing his hitai-ate.

"Knew you could do it" Harry said with a grin as he ruffled Naruto's hair.

"I am so proud of you Naruto" Hermione said hugging Naruto tearfully.

Luna hugged Naruto when Hermione ended hers.

Naruto had a huge grin on his face.

"Come on, I talked to Chouza and we're all getting together for a big party to celebrate you becoming a genin. All of your friends are invited" Harry said.

"ALRIGHT!" Naruto shouted.

They partied all night at the Akimichi compound with Kakashi joining in later and flirting heavily with Luna, who seemed amused and returned the flirting with Kakashi. Harry and Hermione stayed by one another's side, but were having a grand time. The Inuzuka were there and were a bit rowdy, but they were so close to their animal instincts it was normal. The Naras watched it all with lazy smiles. Shikaku played a few rounds of shogi with Luna earlier before Kakashi was monopolizing her time and got his ass handed to him. The Akimichi were happy with all the company and the food consumed. They worried not about the amount eaten since happy people were people with full stomachs. Hinata was the only Hyuga there since the rest of her family was quite stuffy.

Naruto and his friends all talked about who'd be on their team and hoped that they'd be together even though they knew not all of them could be together. They also talked about missions they'd have. None of the adults there gave away that all genin got D rank missions since it was so funny to see their faces when they all found out.

The night finally ended when it was late and they all needed to go home. After some final goodbyes they left.

End of Chapter

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