AN: Ryoji and Aigis are more human than the rest of the cast, I swear.

"That is happiness."


"That is a frown."


The blue haired boy, Minato, had been teaching the blonde haired humanoid, Aigis, expressions so that she could interpret a situation without the others telling her to do so.

"...I do not comprehend..." Aigis said, eyes squinting.

"The way your way brows are diagonal are the opposite of mad but you are also smiling."

"Yes, that is melancholy. It can also be relief."

"I see."

"And this one?"


He raised one eye brow and smiled.

"I do not know that one either."

"That is me being smug."

"That is akin to being cocky?" That's what her word bank told her: synonyms.

Minato nodded a yes.

He made a silly face.


He pouted.

"It is the opposite of mad but not a frown either."

"That's pouting, you do it when you are angry or not satisfied with something...let's take a break."

He smiled as they sat on the roof and just stared at the sun reflecting off the ocean.

"The spectrum of emotions are as wide as that of the colors of a rainbow."

He nodded in agreement.

"Do you understand what people mean by green eyed monsters?"

Aigis thought for a moment and made a bunch of faces.

She looked like Fuuka, a mutual friend of theirs, who when confused had her eyes pointed upward as though they were looking to their forehead or brain. She then put a hand to her chin and and looked down and made an O with her mouth and finally she tilted her head to her right and raised an eyebrow and scrunched her mouth up wards to make something like a ducky face.

Minato could not help but chuckle.

"...Shadows posses green eyes?" She deadpanned.