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Claire's point of view

I woke up in my own bed and felt queasy. I got up and went down to get some blood then went back upstairs to my bedroom. I bypassed the bathroom, as vampires don't have working bladders.

I sat down on my bed and looked out of the tinted window. People were walking around and I saw the college campus. I lay down on my bed and put the glass on my bedside table. I heard a knock on the door.

"Claire? You in there?" Michael asked.

"Yeah. Come in." I said. Michael opened the door and walked in. He sat nervously next to me. After accepting me back after my un-neccsessary change into the un-dead he has been shifty with me.

"Soo... What you been doing?" Michael asked.

"Nothing much. I had to go to this vampire meeting thing with Amelie then I came home and went to bed." I said. Michael sighed and looked around. "Something wrong?" I asked.

"You hanging around with vampire is the problem." Michael said.

"Well I can't not go. They literally drag me there." I said. Michael shrugged. My phone buzzed.

New text messege

Sender: Oliver

Your wanted at th Town Hall.

I sighed. Thats all he puts. "Your wanted at the Town Hall."

"I gotta go." I said. Shane looked pissed but went out without a word. I felt bad. But you can't ignore the older vampires. If you do they might come through the wall and probably break your neck and make love to you, in Amelie's case.

At the Town Hall

I arrived at the town Hall about 30 minutes later. I was busy.

"'Bout time." A sort of deep male voice said. I spun around. Oliver stood in the shadow of the tree.

"I was busy." I said.

"Everyone's busy. They still come here on time." He said. I sighed and facepalmed.

"Well I was more busy than everyone else." I said and went inside. Amelie was there getting a cup of the red stuff. I took a deep breath and walked in. I waved at Michael relaxing in a chair. Amelie turned around and saw me.

"Oh. Hello Claire." She said and walked out.

Well that was easy.

I got a drink and walked out.

"Claire come here." Amelie said. I sighed. Maybe this was going to be harder than I thought. I slowly walked towards her dragging my feet. She smiled slightly then her face turned icy.

"You have been a bad girl and you must be punished." Amelie said, her eyes going slightly red.

"What have I done?!" I asked.m

"You never liked me. And you will never let us be together." She said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You tried to make me bleed to death last night. You cut my arm while I was sleeping and expected me to bleed out and die. Well I am a vampire and I don't die that easily." She said.

"I never did that! I was at Michael's house asleep." I said. Amelie stared at me. "I'd rather watch paint dry then try to kill you..." I said randomly.

"Really? Well there is a painter there right now, go and watch paint dry." Amelie said pointing behind me. I turned and saw a man in green overalls painting the outside of the building a brilliant white colour. I was sure he hadn't been there before.

"No thanks." I said.

"Oi freak!" Som,eone said. I groaned and turned around. It was Monica and Gina, Jennifer had left after my little talk and Michael's nice-ness.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I heard you were in a relationship with the Founder. Never knew you were a whore." She smirked and Gina laughed. I rolled my eyes.

"Go and die." I said. Just at that moment a big square looking shadow appeared over Monica and Gina. It got larger and Monica looked up and screamed and jumped out of the way. So did I. A few moments late a black heavy looking piano fell to the ground and smashed into pieces sending mini stakes in all directions. Amelie dodged and then ran off. I got one in my leg.

"Your cursed, you freak!" Monica shouted and her and Gina went off.

I just stood there staring. First the man painting, but he have just walked there, then a piano falling out of the sky when I said she should die?

OMG maybe I am cursed... Or jinxed. Bad things happen when your jinxed. Maybe I should just leave it to the people I hate *cough* Monica and Gina *cough*


I went back inside and relaxed on the bed/chair in the lounge and watched TV.

Amelie's servant came in and offered a drink. I took it and she cleaned the untensils and tables and polished them and then went out. I fell asleep on the sofa/bed, surround by vampires.