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Chapter 1 ~ the new students:

It was a fairly normal morning for the club. Hunny was eating a piece of strawberry cake and cuddling with Usa-chan, whilst Mori read a book across from him. The twins were playing patty cake in the corner and Haruhi was studying for a test later that day. Kyouya was busy scribbling notes down in his infamous black notebook, when he noticed something amiss.

"Where's Tamaki?" he asked, hoping he hadn't gotten in trouble.

The old saying "Speak of the devil and he shall appear" couldn't be truer at this point. Tamaki had bursted through the door, obviously distressed. He ran to Kyouya, hugging him to death. "MOMMA!" he cried in his distress.

"What is it now?" he asked, pushing up his glasses the bridge of his nose, slightly annoyed.

"The new students!" he whined. Everyone was now looking at the stressed blonde. "New students?" Haruhi questioned. "Oh you mean the new ones from London the school was expecting?" Kyouya said, not looking up from his notebook. "What about them?"

"They're outside, stealing our customers!" he whined. "Everyone absolutely loves the small one because he's too damn indifferent and the taller one is the bad boy type!"

"Watch the language" said Mori, who had covered Hunny's ears. "Sorry, but if we don't do something quick, they'll steal all our business!"

Kyouya pondered for a moment "Yes it would be bad if we lost even a single client. Why don't we ask them to join?" Takami thought it over for a moment. "That is...the single greatest idea on earth!" he yelled, excitedly.

"How so boss?" asked the twins.

"Think about it. The only thing we have close to indifference and a bad boy is Mori." Tamaki explained. Mori grunted in agreement. "Since Mori doesn't talk much, it would be wise to have such members join."

"I'll make the preparations." Kyouya said, scribbling plans onto his notebook. "I'll go try to p-""Actually, you won't be doing that Tamaki." Kyouya stated.

Tamaki looked back, confused, "Why not?" Kyouya looked up. "First off, we want them to join, not to give us a restraining order."

Tamaki whined slightly, but continued to listen. "And Secondly, these are new kids who started just today. Who better to help transfer students settle in then a former transfer student herself?" He said, looking to Haruhi. She blinked "That would make sense, but from what I've heard, one of them had a cult symbol tattooed on his hand. If anything, Nekosawa sempi would try to get to them first."

"Then there isn't a single moment to waste!" Tamaki exclaimed. "Haruhi, I order you to find these new students and get them to join the host club at once!"

Haruhi rolled her eyes, standing up and walking to the door. "I don't need orders. I'm not your butler."


Ciel sighed "Sebastian."


"I hate this school." He said, as the girls surrounding him giggled and squealed with excitement. Sebastian chuckled "I rather like the attention." He said, running a hand through his raven hair. Five girls fainted at the action while three others nearly died of nosebleeds.

Ciel growled in annoyance. "I'm going to go find somewhere quiet to read." He said, trying to cut through the crowd of fan girls. They whined "Aw don't go!" "Stay!" The girls started grabbing at him.

"Are all the girls here this crazy?!" "Most of them."

A helping hand was kind enough to pull Ciel out of the crazy fan girl crowd. He looked up to be greeted by kind brown eyes and brown hair. He was confused. Why on earth is this girl wearing a boy's uniform?

He brushed himself off. "Thank you for helping me."

The person smiled extending a hand "My name is Haruhi Fujioka." He looked at her hand, before he took it. "You may call me Ciel Phantomhive." He looked back at Sebastian, still stuck in the crowd. "And My friend is Sebastian Michaelis" Haruhi nodded.

"Look, I know that it must be hard on you guys to start in the middle of the semester, especially since you came all the way from London." She smiled "but, if you guys need anything, I'd be happy to help."

Ciel pondered for a moment "Actually, could you help us with trying to find our homeroom? This school is enormous and I'm afraid we'll get lost."

Sebastian eventually made his way through the crowd and came to stand by her side. Ciel looked up "There you are. Sebastian, this is Haruhi Fujioka." Sebastian gave his famous smirk and extended his hand. "The pleasure is mine." Haruhi took his hand, noticing the cult tattoo on the back of his hand. She swallowed. Why does he have that? She wondered.

"Kukuku" sounded a shadowy figure "You two there, come join the dark magic club." Haruhi sighed, whilst Ciel hid slightly behind Sebastian. "Good god, another one like the Undertaker."

"Hm? What was that?" Haruhi asked.

"Oh nothing." Ciel protested. Haruhi looked to the shadowy figure. "That's Nekosawa sempi. He's the president of the dark magic club."

"Do you belong to it?" Ciel asked, looking wearily at the girl now. She shook her head. "No, I belong to the host club. He sneaks in sometimes though."

"The host club?" Ciel pondered. Sebastian stepped forward.

"From what information I've been able to gather, it's a group of boys here who entertain the female population of this school." Haruhi looked to the raven haired boy. He's a lot like Kyouya. She thought that might not be the best thing though.

"Ah, I see." Ciel said. "I would be honored to meet them."

Haruhi was shocked. Is it really that easy?! She thought. She calmed herself. "If you'd follow me, I can take you to see our members."

He nodded, motioning for Sebastian to follow.

In the hall Haruhi turned around "Uh, Sebastian, right?"


"Earlier, how did you know about the Host Club?"

He smirked "If I didn't know what kind of b-"He was stopped by Ciel's elbow in his ribs. He grunted. Haruhi looked confused, but turned back around.

"Bocchan, what was that for?" He whispered. Ciel glared at him "Remember, in the school, you aren't my butler. You are a friend of my family. Don't say you're my butler unless we are in a horrible situation where I need you to save me."

"Yes my lord." He said. "Again, it's 'Yes Ciel' now."


Haruhi looked to them "I'm sorry in advance if they insult you in anyway." She opened the door, flower petals flying everywhere. Ciel blinked. "What did we get ourselves into?"

"Welcome." Said a voice

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