As his army approached the city they noticed that not only dwarves, elves, and humans were here but there were Riders. Murtagh and Thorn, Ren and Edoc'sil, Garzana and Nar, the twins and there dragons Swift Streak and there dragons Claw and Dimond, as well as Verven and Tulana. Those Riders were guarding the city and there country.
Starkiller roared and fell upon the dwarves like hell. Omar lept off and ran strait for Murtagh. Amara headed towards Ren. Brom went for Garzana, Helen went to Swift as Kyle went to Streak. Asher and his small dragon went for Verven. Omar's sword connected with Murtagh's sword, Zar'oc. Omar began to push him back even as Murtagh was skilled with a sword Omar was better yet. He had trained for almost 200 years after all. He connected with Zar'oc tossing it to the side though it was still in Murtaghs hand. He kicked Murtagh in the chest and the air with a whoosh went out of him. He fell to the ground gasping for air. As he tried to get back up Omar kicked him down again. Another time he hit Murtagh in the head with a sword. Murtagh went out cold. He looked down at the unconcious body of Murtagh. Flipping him over he was about to kill him when something caught his eye. Ren had knocked Amara down and was raising his sword. "NO!" Omar yelled leaving the unconcious Rider on the ground. Rens sword connected with Amara's abdomen just as Omar lept into action smashing Ren's face with his sword. Ren stumbled backwards dropping his sword. Omar roared again as loud as a dragon. He began to hack at Ren as Ren tried to back off. But he could do nothing as Omar's rage set in. He kept swinging and Ren tried to hold him off with simple spells like 'Letta' or 'Freytha' to hide himself. There swords connected again and he hit the sword aside leaving Rens hand. Omar punched Ren in the gut and Ren began to back down. Omar smashed his sword on Rens wrist and heard a sharp CRACK! as the bones in his arm snapped and broke. Omar cut at Ren's thigh and blood began spilling and staining the pavement. He tried to swing at Omar with his left hand which was his bad hand. Omar grabbed his hand and snapped it with his hand. Ren screamed in pain.
"You tried to kill Amara." Omar growled. "Wait... Amara! Slytha." as he said the spell Ren fell to the ground asleep. He ran to where he saw Amara go down and she was still there her dragon trying to feverishly keep Edoc'sil off. "Starkiller! Murder Edoc'sil!" Omar yelled at his dragon. The dragon roared at Thorn and knocked him to the side with his tail. Thorn crashed into a tower and was buried alive and the stones did not move again. He looked at Amara. "Omar..." she whispered. She was bleeding heavily from a long and deep gash along her stomach. Omar tried several healing spells and managed to seal up the gash in her stomach but she was still so pale.
"Amara. Stay with me. Don't pass out or you may never wake up." he was pleading with her.
"Omar..." she said again. "There is no hope... for me..." she had to pause between words. "Go... take... Alagaesia... take... what... me... and... you... dreamed... of.
Take... what... we... deserved. Do... not... dwell... on... my... death. I... did... not... see... it... come... so... soon. But... go... with... my... love." she said barely managing to get out the last word. She shuddered once in his hands and her eyes rolled back into her head. He passed his hand over her eyes closing them. Glaera was still alive but barely. "Glaera. Take Amara back to Tarnag. I will come and bury her myself when this battle is over." She roared her sadness and grasped Amara between her claws. She took off just as Omar turned back to Ren. "You killed her. You killed Amara! You will die a very painful death." he cast a spell that prevented Ren from stopping any spells that Omar cast. This spell had no name in the ancient language but he wanted Ren to suffer. Feel the pain of him. Suffer for what he did to Amara. He killed Amara. Ren began to keel over. He could see Ren spasming on the ground. He cast a spell to not be able to leave from the area. And for no one but Omar to enter it to kill him quicker. Ren was showing great signs of despair and pain. Omar turned away from Ren wanting to watch him suffer but he had to get back to the battle. He struck down several of the soldiers with his right hand and punched them aside easily. He drew his sword and swung it catching several more of the soldiers. Edoc'sil stood over the hunched body of Ren as he was spasming on the ground. Edoc'sil roared and tried to smash his way through the energy shield. Omar roared as if it was not for this dragon than Amara would still be alive as this dragon chose Ren. The dragon saw him coming and let out a torrent of flame and tried to roast Omar. Omar easily dodged it and sent a torrent of flame from his hand just as strong if not stronger than Edoc'sil's. Omar's sword connected with Edoc'sils claws and Omar using his immense power held back the dragons sheer size and strength over Omars agility, strength and ability with magic. Omars power won over and he shoved Edoc'sils paw away and sliced into his tan underbelly. The dragon tried to shake him off and succeded as he collapsed onto the ground. Omar lept up as Edoc'sil tried to smash him together within his teeth.
"Kausta." Omar said and the sword flew back into his hand. Omar concentrated and without the ancient language hefted the dragon into the air against its will. It tried to struggle agains Omar but he was much much to strong for him. Omar threw him at where Thorn was just now getting up and smashed the red dragon back into the dirt. It tried to get up again and Omar was upon him. The dragon then tried to overcome him with its mind and then Omar saw another two elves running up. He recognized them as Laufin, and Yaela. The pressed there minds against Omar's and Omar shoved back with his mind. There minds wrestled against Omar's. They were somewhat powerful against him but it was not strong enough. Omar began to push back there minds. They could not pierce his mind. Omar began to beat them back his rage for Amara's death now so strong and his hate for Edoc'sil as it was partially the dragons fault. He pressed the minds of the elves and the dragon and it was to much. They could barely hold him off even with 20 Eldunari each backing them up. Omar conquered 30 of the 60 Eldunari helping them and began to shove back there minds and taking them down. They would prefer to save them for last and kill them one by one. Another ten Eldunari fell. He could feel the old but powerful dragon Valdr trying to stave him off but even the great and powerful Valdr fell and one by one the Eldunari could feel that Valdr was down and gone. Valdr was obviously the Eldunari's hope of defeating Omar but with him down the others hopes dwindled and they began to succeed to his mind. Eventually all that stood in his way was the the three mortal forms of the minds holding him back. Barely they held him back. They could not keep him back. Laufin was the first to go as he was the weakest of them. He collapsed to the ground. He began to spasm as Ren had but it was not as slow of a death. Almost immediatly Laufin was on the ground unmoving. Yaela who was the strongest of them in mind was the next to go. She tried to get back and managed to for a second but it was no use. Yaela fell and died. She spasmed only once and she fell to the pavement. As her head struck the stone on the ground her head smashed and began bleeding making a small river of blood. There was a slight slope and much blood including that of Ren was pouring down making a very small pool of blood. He would clean that later. Still battleing with Edoc'sils mind he looked around. There. A metal catapult up turned and broken so that it was a point that stuck high in the air. Omar pierced the dragons mind. It roared as Omar used his new power over the dragon and cast it aside towards the catapult. It hit the catapult and it impaled the dragon through its side. The dragon roared squirming trying to get loose of the catapult and healing himself but to no avail. Soon Edoc'sil began to slow his squirming as Omar watched.
"Good riddance." he said as the dragon huffed once and set a group of soldiers both Omar's and Nasuada's on fire. The dragon let out a moanful roar shuddered once and was finally still. Dragon blood began to pour onto the pavements in wave. Omar grunted and turned back to the battle. He launched himself into the air and landed high on a beam jutting out from one of the buildings. He overlooked how the rest of the battle was going on. Kyle was in the middle of a group of elves Pyro nearby murdering left and right. Blodbrisingr was flashing in the sunlight. Using his sword Brom and his Saphira was managing to make his way through the group. Omar realized that the other Riders were nowhere in sight and as he turned towards the direction of Du Weldenvarden he saw some sillhuoettes dissapearing into the distance. He also realized that Thorn was gone. Max was fighting through with a special group of elite soldiers. Asher however needed some help. Omar lept out to have Starkiller catch him. He pointed at Asher as he was being cornered by a very large group of 50 dwarves. Even Ashers elite skills in fighting he was still only a novice Rider. Omar lept into the middle of the dwarves and cut down 7 of them. He began to hack his way to Asher.
"Well Omar it seems that were in a bit of a situation here." Asher said as the dwarves began to advance with some spears.
"Speak for yourself. Remember I can take on 600 soldiers without a scratch." The dwarves recoiled at his words remembering the image Omar had sent all of Alagaesia. "Ha your right to fear me. Now you DIE." Omar said. He advanced forward so much rage still deep inside of him not likely to leave him soon. If anything it would be his most reliable asset as he advanced foward Brightooth gleaming. He lept at the dwarves and sliced off the spear heads leaving them with shattered wooden staffs. They stared at Omar with amazement and fear in there eyes.
"Boo." and with that one word they all ran. "Blod. Brisingr." as he spoke the spell the dwarves running stopped. He had halted there blood flow with the blod spell. And with the Brisingr spell there blood set on fire. He could feel them suffer from the inside out. He watched as they slowly set fire on there bodies and they fell over.
There bodys were on fire and soon they were just a pile of ash that was somewhat on fire. Omar launched himself onto the beam again. He stared down. Kyle, with his good blacksmith abilities, had adjusted Blodbrisingr. As he swung the sword it began to disconnect connected by a chain swung out like a whip. It was like a very sharp whip though it was very sharp. He wrapped it around a soldier and pulled it back. The man fell in pieces to the ground. Omar just sat watching the ground and all of the destruction. He finally waved at his army to stop the fighting. The stopped. The remaining of those who against him stood in the circle. It was about 1500 soldiers. He did what he had did at every city. Except this time with his rage he would not tolerate any of those that did no join. When he listed to those who pledged 1100 soldiers walked and joined Omar's ranks making it a total of at least 1200 soldiers. The other 400 Kyle, Asher, and him burned where they stood. Omar lept off towards where Ren was still alive but suffering. Ren showed so many signs of pain and stress that he could not move. His skin was as pale as a shades if not paler. Blue veins stretched over his body. His hands and skin was withered his lips dry and cracked. He looked at Omar pleading.
"No. You killed Amara. I cannot allow you an easy way out of life and it is obvious you cannot kill yourself. Can you feel the pain of your dragon just as your dragon felt your pain? You don't know of what I am talking of do you? Very well." He picked up Rens head and directed it towards where Edoc'sil was impaled on the catapult.
He stared at the dragon and let out a final breath and died. He dropped Rens very light head. Omar walked towards the giant sapphire that was in Farthen Dur. There was a castle that was right by it. He lept up and with Starkillers help he landed on the balcony. He looked out over the city.
"WE HAVE WON! But at a terrible cost. Amara is dead along with many of our soldiers. But today we have a victory. We have Farthen Dur!" everyone cheered and the dragons roared. Glaera came back clutching Amara in her hands.
"It is time to bury her. Come." The entire army gathered around where she was to be buried. Omar dug the hole with magic and laid her on a bed of rocks. Starkiller and Glaera laid there noses and using magic they sealed her in a tomb of dimond like Saphira had done with Brom. He stared out and using magic to advance his vision saw the outskirts of the camp where finally those who had escaped had made it. He was going to destroy them all.