Behind the Mask: Stockholm Syndrome

A Bakugan fan fic, wee! Wait, it's a yaoi between Masky-chan and Shun? Oh no… Stay away if you don't like it, and I mean it because it took a lot of balls (courage) for me to write this and I can't afford to have peoples be mean to me because you don't like yaoi… Or Bakugan… Or Bakugan yaoi… OKAY LET ME EXPLAIN.

I not iced there's very little Bakugan fanfic, even yaoi for the series is limited to Dan and Shun, a pairing I don't like much… I can't see them together! Masquerade is my role model as well as my brothers, I made his mask, the coat and I'm making the gloves for my brother's birthday. I always liked Shun and Masky-chan even before I watched an episode of Bakugan (my mom gave me some stickers from the show in '08, I always liked the ones with Masquerade and Shun on them) and I thought they'd be a perfect fit… But also because they're my favorite characters and probably the least annoying in the series, with actual backstories. Enough of this girl's rambling, gotta write before the nosy cousins get in my way!

This takes place after episode 27, so I recommend you watch it in order to understand the story…

Chapter 1: Shit Happens

Masquerade's P.O.V.

I had to watch him from the darkness. I always did, no matter how close I wanted to get, I couldn't. No matter what strategy I utilize, no matter what pawns I play, I could never have him.

This afternoon, I sent Dan and Drago to the Doom Dimension, although in Dan's case, it's more like he jumped in; the fool he was. Everyone was shocked, but Shun was the one who almost attacked me afterwards, but I teleported to Hal-G's lab before he could do anything.

I've thought a lot about Shun as of late, for some reason, he keeps finding his way back to my mind. He clouded my thoughts, and on one occasion, a dream that ended badly… I don't know why Shun of all people kept creeping back into my mind, but he was stuck there, like a brain tumor.

Tonight however, was the first time I came to his house. I sat on the tree outside his bedroom window, the mansion's so huge it took me a long time to find it. And yeah, you might call me a stalker since this is (in some sense) stalking, but it's the first time I've ever done something like this. I was usually caught up with my work for Naga and Hal-G to even bother doing something like this. Even when I wasn't doing that I was battling other brawlers so Hydranoid could evolve into the Dual Hydranoid he is now.

I can't see to get Shun out of my head either, I'm starting to think about him more than Dan. Although, Dan's in the Doom Dimension now, so the second strongest Brawler in the ranking would be Shun… Why do I keep thinking about him? Why is my heart beating? I think I'm gonna get a heart attack! My face feels hot, but I can't remove the mask… This incident has only happened to me twice in the past, but this is the worst episode yet…

Before I could calm myself down, Shun opened his window. I could feel him staring at me, no matter how much I tried to back away into the darkness, he kept looking at me! Directly at me! However, after a few minutes that seemed like hours, he looked away and sighed, Skyress perching next to him.

"Is something wrong Shun?" She asked.

"It's nothing Skyress, I just felt a little off, like I was being watched. It was probably a bird." That was his reply. Although now I wish he had noticed me so I could see the reaction on his face. As I said before, Shun was something I couldn't have no matter how much I wanted him.

"Do you think there's a way we could free Dan from the Doom Dimension?" Skyress asked.

"We'll have to talk about it tomorrow with everyone. Although I think that if we went to the Doom Dimension outrselves we could find and save him that way." Shun's reply shocked me, it made me homicidal…

Naga told me that once a Bakugan goes to the Doom Dimension, they're trapped there for eternity; it's Bakugan hell. I don't know what I'd do with myself if Shun went to the Doom Dimension. Thinking about it made me feel angry. I felt angry at Dan for jumping in to save Drago from getting trapped in that other world… Now he's dragging Shun into his mess, but why?

That's the last straw. Dan's been making my life miserable and now he's taking Shun away from me. What I don't understand is why I'm feeling this way, why does my heart keep pounding and why does my head hurt? Before I knew it I found myself on the ground. I didn't even have that moment where you realize you're falling. The dirt smelled awful, it stained my coat and mask.

Then a shadow with flowing ebony hair and amber eyes stared down at me. This was out of character for me, way out of character, so before he could ask me any questions I teleported to Hal-G's lab.

I was going to have a stroke! The pain was something no word could describe, the thoughts flooded in my mind. Shun was doing this to me! This euphoric and painful feeling, my body corresponding doing things that were strange from my point of view. Before anything else could happen I took my mask off and took a long deep breath.

Note: If you've seen episode 38 of Bakugan, you'd understand why Masky-chan is so confused about his bodily functions. Oh well, first chapter done! Please review and be patient with the other chapters, I can only type so fast on this keyboard…