"Wonder where Luce is now," I said. I and my identical twin sister, Sophie sat in the living room.

"I wish I knew." She said. And what happened the moment after that changed the rest of my life.

"Freeze" the door flew open and three men with black clothes, and guns came into the room. I and Sophie stood up.

"We´re looking for Luce Atkins" one of the men said.

"Well, he´s not here." I said.

"Tell us where he is."

"We don´t know." Sophie said. The men loaded their guns, and reached the pipes towards us.

"tell us" one of the men said. "We´ve already shot your dad."

"No…no," Sophie started running towards the door. I tried to catch her. But too late, a shot rang out, and Sophie fell to the ground. I squatted down beside her.

"Sophie," I shook her shoulder. "Sophie please don´t be dead, please."

"It´s up to you now," one of the men said. "Where, is your brother?"

I closed my eyes; a tear fell down my cheek.

"I don´t know," I whispered. And I could hear the shot rang out. I fell to the ground beside my dear sister. And the next thing I knew, the men were gone.

"Sophie, " I almost whispered. "Please open your eyes, please don´t be dead. Sophie if I´m surviving this, I can´t live without you. Sophie please." A man came through the door; he ran to us and squatted down next to me… And I realized, this moment, was my last.

So… this was the prologue, I know it´s short. But I wanted to end it right there. What ya think?

And also, Sophie and the others aren´t from Britain, I don´t really know which country they are from, But I know, that in this country, it is like, a war going on. Not really a war, but you get it. And they speak English in this country. Well, you want more? Review