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When I came home with Gina the next day, me Gina and Mike were the only ones at the dumping ground. But I didn´t care about them, I just went straight through the hallway, and went to the lounge. Where I sat down in the sofa, with my back against one edge of the sofa, and my legs up on the seat. With one leg stretched out, and one sole against the seat.

"SOPHIA," I could hear Mike´s voice echo through the house.

"IN HERE" I shouted back. And he entered the room.

"Hey, you´re ok?" he sat down on the opposite side of the table.

"Why wouldn´t I be?"

"Just wondering, hey. I just wondered if I could ask you some questions, about. Before you came here?"

"No." I mumbled.

"I… actually think I´ll have to do it anyway." He patted my shoulder. "Let´s start with the easier questions huh?"

"I don´t mind."

"Well, the first thing. Do you have a cellphone or something, so we can reach you when you´re not at home."

"Don´t have, never had."

"I´d guessed that already." Mike reached me a cell. "It´s nothing, very modern or something. It´s actually my old one." He smiled a little. "But, it´s got all the numbers to the others here at TDG, including me Gina and Melanie. Not Harry or Shawn though, they´re too little." I nodded a bit, and started pressing the buttons.

"Mike?" I asked, a bit insecure. "Can I ask you something?"


"You know… I came here because of someone that, that… hurted me because they were looking for someone I know. And I couldn´t answer them. So, if I save someone´s number in this." I held the phone up. "Is it possible… I mean. Is it possible that someone from Gota…"

"That they track it, and find either you or this person."


"Sophia," he took a grip of my shoulders, and looked me in the eyes. "You´re safe here, we´re not gonna let anything bad happen to you."

"But what about… the other person."

"I don´t think there´ll be a risk, just by saving the number. But I don´t think you should call it."

"I didn´t mean I would call it" I said. "I would never take such a risk. But… could you show me how I save it in my phone."

" Well, first, you press the right number." I did as I was told. "Then you press there, and you write the name of the one who owns the number." I nodded. And pressed in L-U-C-E in the phone, I saved it and put the phone in my pocket.

"Was there anything more you wanted to ask?" I asked Mike just as Gina entered the room, and sat down next to Mike.

"Yeah, we wondered, where you come from…"


"Yes, Gota…. Ehrm, do girls go to school there."

" Some of them do, not everyone. The ones who have older siblings don´t. then it doesn´t matter if the younger sibling is a girl or a boy."

"Do you have an older, sister or brother?"


"So, I guess that he or she…"


"Yes, I guess that he taught you, maths and English…"

"Where do you wanna come?"

"What I wanna say is that here in England, every child and teenager has to go to school up to a certain age."


"And you haven´t reached that age yet." Mike leaned forward a bit. "Sending you to school now wouldn´t really matter, there´s only two weeks left of the year. But, if you want to, I could ask Carmen´s, Lily´s and Tyler´s teacher, I could ask them if it´s ok that you go there with them tomorrow. To see how things work at school."

"Sure." I mumbled, even though I didn´t really want to.

"Fine," he stood up. "I´ll go call the school." He stood up and walked out of the room. I sighed. And leaned backwards, I thought back seven years back in time, when Luce started teaching me and Sophie the alphabet, and easy maths.


"A-B-C, easy as ONE TWO THREE" Me, Sophie and Luce sang as loud as we could. Mum and dad were singing along to. Mum sat with Aaron on her lap. And even though he was too small to know the lyrics, he were happily clapping his hands, and laughing he´s cute toddler- laugh.

"Sophie what is one plus two?" Luce, who back then was the age of sixteen.

"THREE" Sophie screamed.

"Sophia what is two plus two."

"FOUR" I shouted.

"Sophie, which letter comes after B."

"C" Sophie shouted.

"Sophia, which letter is this?" he draw an A on a paper and showed it to me.

"A" I shouted.

"YAY" he shouted back. "That´s absolutely right. And A´s are what you two are gonna get as grades on this lesson. YAY."

End of flashback.

"Sophia? Sophia?" Mike´s voice reached my head and I looked up.


"I said that you´re going to school with the others tomorrow…. What were you thinking about?"

"Nothing." I mumbled.

"You seemed so far away."

"I said nothing." Mike nodded, and then they both walked out of the room.

I sighed, at that time, that that memory had been reality. Neither me nor Sophie had known what it meant to have an A as a grade. But I didn´t really cared, the memory was one of my happiest ones. And I loved it.

You know guys, I really enjoy writing those flashbacks. They´re far more happy and such then the rest of the story.

So, in the next chapter, things are gonna start happening. With Sophia I mean, I know it may be moving on a bit too fast. But it´s that, otherwise this story will never move forward, and the chapters will be boring for me to write, and at least as boring for you to read, so. You´ll just have to go with it.

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