I sat down by the small table, in the lounge. I picked up a paper, and a black pen, and started drawing. I didn´t think about what I was drying, I just let the pen float over the paper, and was brought back to reality when I heard Tyler´s voice behind me.

"Wow, look at that. You´re a really good drawer." I looked at the drawing, and what I saw, it scared me. I had drawn a picture of a girl, she sat with her back against a wall, on the ground. With her knees pulled up in front of her, she held her forehead just behind her knees. And the little I could see of her face was distorted of crying. She held her hands pressed against her ears, to suppress the sound of the chimeras.

"Guys," Tyler turned around towards the others. "Come check this out."

"NO" I shouted, I took the paper, and pressed it against my chest, running out of the room. Where I bumped into Mike, and lost my drawing.

"I think you should look where you´re running." Mike smiled. "It´s the second time in two days you bump into someone." He bent down and picked the drawing, before I had the chance to rip it out of his hands he looked at it.

"You´re a really good…. Drawer."

"Give it to me," I ripped it out of his hands. "Why can´t everyone just leave me alone."

"What´s wrong?"

"Nothing´s wrong." I lied. "Just leave me alone." I turned around and ran up the stairs.

"Sophia, Sophia." Mike tried. But I didn´t listen, I just kept running and ran to mine and Tee´s room. Tee wasn´t there, so I sat down on the floor, I realized I still had the pen in my hand, so I turned the paper, and on the empty side, I started drawing and writing. I drawn, black shadows that came from every direction. I wrote "Sophie" when I had finished drawing, and wrote, every sad sentence I could think of. Later on, I took the paper, and putted it in an empty plastic box I found in a shelf, then I putted it under my bed, with the clothes I had wore when I came here.

"Sophia, can I come in?" I could hear Mike knocking the door; I stood up and made sure the box couldn´t be seen from the door. Then I sat down on my bed.

"You´re ok?" he leaned against the wall.

"Why wouldn´t I be?" I tried to seem imperturbable. "I mean, I lost my sister recently, and yesterday I came to a whole new place to live here."

"Lost…" Mike looked worried.

"Oh, did I say that out loud?"

"DINER." We could hear from the kitchen.

"You´re not telling anyone about this, UNDERSTAND?" I fizzled.

"I´m not allowed to tell anyone about it, if you don´t want me to." Mike opened the door and I walked after him to the kitchen.

Ok, I know it´s short. Let´s not care about that.