About a Girl and a Boy

Summary: At age 15 Sookie is a regular country girl living in New England, and Eric is a city boy who was forced to relocate to the quiet countryside once his mother landed a new job. AH, Eric/Sookie.

a/n: This is a short start to a story about Sookie, a freshman in high school who lives in a small town (on a farm btw), getting out of her shell a bit when she meets Eric. He is from the city and extremely unhappy about moving to the sticks. We'll see if anything brightens his mood, and how these two handle the numerous hardships of being a teenager.

Future Entry from Sookie's Diary

I can't pin down one exact moment where I fell in love with him. My friends have asked, and people in movies always seem to be able to pin love down to one moment. One epic event where it all began. I can't do that with him. But sometimes I think it's for the best. To me, it's all of the wonderful moments crushed together that make me love Eric Northman.


I just turned 15 years old last week. It's hard to say if I enjoy being a teenager. Sometimes I feel like I just don't fit in, like I should either be a kid again or somehow fast forward to being an adult. But maybe that is what all teens feel. I really don't know. "Sookie!" I could hear them yelling for me from the kitchen downstairs.

What I do know is that right now I needed to get my butt to school. I was running late which was very unusual for me. I tend to be on time or early for everything. It always annoys the heck out of me when people are constantly late. It just comes across as self-centered.

I rushed down the stairs to find a wild berry pop-tart sitting on the counter. Perfect! I grabbed the processed pastry and ran out the door, yelling by to my mother on the way. The school bus was just pulling up when I skidded to a stop at the end of the driveway. Out of breath, and trying to keep my backpack on one shoulder, I stepped onto the crowded school bus. My house was at the end of the morning route, so it meant I did not get to be picky about who I sat down next to.

Usually I got stuck in the front seat with some kid too weird for anyone else to sit with. You know, the kid who has picked his nose since kindergarten, or the weird girl who always chews on her hair and talks only about kittens and how cute they are. It wasn't a big deal since once I got off the bus I had a few close friends to get me through the days.

Today was different though. The bus was crowded with teenagers heading to the high school and as I searched for an empty seat I only spotted one. It was towards the middle of the bus and there was an unfamiliar blonde boy sitting there. He looked miserable and me nervous about sitting next to him. But as the bus started to move again I had no other choice. I rushed over and sat down, giving him an apologetic smile. I naturally assumed he did not want company by his expression.

As the bus rolled down the bumpy country roads my eyes kept darting over to him. He looked about my age but I had never seen him before. That was strange in a town like mine, where everybody knew everybody since pre-school. Growing up in a rural Massachusetts town had kept us all secluded from anyone else so far. The boy had to have just moved here. He shifted slightly and it was then I noticed his black t-shirt said 'Green Day' on it. That was one of my favorite bands and their American Idiot album had just been released.

I sat there thinking about if I should or should not say anything. Finally I worked up the courage, and insisted to myself that he was new and needed friends. I have zero confidence with guys as you can see. "Have you listened to Warning?" He finally glanced over at me and I could not help but stare at his arctic blue eyes.

"What?" His expression was rather sour still but honestly confused. So I nervously fidgeted with my backpack's zipper while trying to continue talking without blushing. "You know, the Green Day album. I noticed your shirt..." My voice faded off rather bashfully and decided staring at my sneakers was the better option.

"I have, it's pretty good. Different from their other stuff though." The blonde mystery boy finally answered me after a short pause. I forced my eyes up again and noticed he looked a little less grouchy. This gave me a tiny bit of confidence. "Oh yeah, but that's why I like it. It's Green Day, but with an extra twist." I felt like my voice sounded less shaky. Good. Then he smiled. It was a small smile, but it was still a smile. I couldn't help but think how cute his almost lop-sided grin was. That was unusual too... most of the time I just couldn't be bothered with boys. Maybe I was a late bloomer?

"At least you're a real fan. I can't stand all these idiots who think they're fans just because they like American idiot." He peered out the window for a few seconds and grimaced. "Are woods the only thing to see out here?" I had to hold back my laughter as I shrugged and nodded. "I guess so. There's a country store in town and a gas station... but that's about it." Now I could at least assume he was from a busier area. "I'm Sookie" I finally offered up, in hopes of learning the newcomer's name too. He still seemed disturbed by my answer from before but replied "I'm Eric, and I'm sure you can tell I just moved to this pile of sticks."

He seemed so unhappy to be here. I wondered why he moved, where he came from... but I didn't want to interrogate him either. The bus ride was coming to an unfortunate end and I found myself insanely curious about Eric. Usually I was too shy to let myself start a conversation, or ask questions. But with Eric my burning curiosity seemed to force me into asking him things, without my mind quite agreeing yet.

As we stepped off the bus and stood on the tarmac in front of the high school I noticed Eric was quite a bit taller than me. I was not short for my age, but he made me look like it. His body was skinny and rather lanky, which meant he probably was going to get even taller. Geesh. "Maybe I'll see you in class" I said and Eric just nodded back and started to head for the main and I thought we had a decent conversation going... maybe he just thought I was annoying him. With a frustrated sigh I headed off to my locker, cursing myself for even bothering to push past my shyness. Obviously it was not worth it.

a/n: If I get reviews I will continue this story, and we will see how things go for these two!