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"Well that's the last of them," John heaved the final suitcase down stairs, dumping it with a sigh. "Matt will be moving in end of next week," he patted the wall with a smile of fondness and defeat; he would miss this place.

"Matt's your brother?"

"Yep," he popped the 'p' as normal, however this time it failed to make him sound energetic and the 'p' stayed hanging in the air, refusing to leave.

"Tell me about him?" Rose curled her fingers around his, leading him to the patch where they had spent all summer. It was noticeable even without the rug or the discarded mugs to highlight its presence. The grass there was still flattened and tainted yellow, and a few scattered daisy chains were a reminder of Rose's presence. John sat down with a bump and reclined backwards, staring up at the clouds with interest. "He's younger of course, and if you thought I was energetic, well!" He chuckled tenderly, "He's married though."


"Yes her name's River – we do seem to go for the 'R's us Smiths! She's training to be an archaeologist. You'd like her I expect."

Rose gave a small nod, wondering out loud, "maybe I can pop round her sometime, when they're here?"

"Maybe," he agreed reluctantly, wishing he could tell her 'come travelling with me' 'stay with me' but he couldn't.

"What about you?" She asked even though she knew so well, she could recite it word for word.

"Travelling, my flight's first thing tomorrow," he paused for a moment, already regretting what was going to happen, "I'm going to miss you." He turned to face her and she nodded solemnly.

"Me too."

"You've got Martha though and Mickey, and all the others. You'll be alright."

"I suppose. It's not the same though. I mean everyone's leaving. You know Martha's got that scholarship at UNIT College; I'll hardly see her anymore."

"You will! And anyway you'll make loads of new friends at-"

"I'll be working at a shop John! A tiny crappy shop!" With each word Rose's voice rose before she was shouting, her head banging forward at every pause.

"What about college?" His fingers traced the contours of her face, gently tugging her hair behind ears. Slowly she began to calm down and her breathes began to relax.

"I'm not going."

"Why Rose, why?" John sighed exasperated, "I think you should go back Rose, you could study anything, and you might even get into sixth form. You could study English, Geography, whatever you want. Rose you should give it a try. Please, for me."

"Alright, I'll try. I'll give it a go, for you."

He reached his arm round her shoulder, pulling her closer, "I'm going to miss you Rose Tyler, I'm really going to miss you."

They sat, entwined in each other for a while, content just to hear each other's breaths. As dusk began to settle in around then, John began to rise, "I've got to get going Rose, my flight's first thing tomorrow, I've got to get an early night." Slowly he placed his hand in her hand, pulling her up with him. Once they reached the gate, he paused, allowing the gate to swing between them. "I want you to get on with your life Rose Tyler, make something of it. And if in two years you're still thinking of me, come meet me today in two years time, 4pm at that stone bridge near school, because, I'm going to have missed you."

"Can't we meet up in between?"

"No," he shook his head softly, "no, Rose I think it's for the best, I'm sorry."

"I'm going to miss you so much," tears began to creep slowly down her cheeks; he nodded, pulling her closer for one last hug.

Then Rose left. For the last time she left that house and she left him. For the last time he watched her turn the corner.

Once she was gone from sight he collapsed on the cooling grass. Their summer had been a long one of recuperating and forgiving, but it had still been good. Martha had come to visit Rose almost every day in hospital, years of friendship was too much to throw away over what had happened. It never did work out between Martha and Mickey, he moved away in June and everyone knows long distance relationships never work. On induction day at her new sixth form college, she met a girl called Sally Sparrow and guy called Tom Milligan both of whom she begun to start seeing a lot of during the holidays.

And, once John had persuaded Jackie they were okay together, she allowed Rose to go round to his during the unusual amount of sunny days they had that year. They spent every hour in the garden, reading, messing around and just talking. It had been a good summer and now he was going to miss it.


The date is 18th July 2015. John Smith is leaning against the end of a stone bridge, waiting for a girl he used to know. Two years is a long time for breathing space. They're both older now, matured. After a while he wonders if she's either coming, if maybe she's forgotten all about that year and everything that they ever said. Just as he's beginning to give up hope a woman turns the corner. Her hair is no longer a blunt blonde but cultured into brunette waves. Gone are the school girl jumpers, the cheap clothes and garish scarlet lipstick. Instead an elegant woman greets him, kissing him softly on both cheeks, and collecting the rose from his hands with a huge, thrilled smile. It's still her.

"You came!" she exclaims delighted, "oh, I've missed you. I've missed you so much John," before he can reply, she has wrapped her hands around his head, tugging at the mad strands and pulling him closer.


"So then I signed up to study business and, well look where I am! I'm planning on applying to get on to one of those student apprenticeships, hopefully they'd allow me to work my way up the company," she gushes as she tells him everything that's happened to her in the past two years. "What about you, what did you do?"

"I travelled. I wanted to go everywhere, in the end I settled for teaching English in a primary school in Uganda. Two years is a long time to be away from everything you know, I missed you so much," he finished with a smile of relief to be back.

"What are your plans now?" Rose asked, staring in the gushing water below.

"I'm going to carry on travelling I suppose, I can't come back here, to normality, I just can't. There is just too many memories, too many regrets,"

"On your own?" Rose asked, sliding him a sideways glance, to which he remained mute, staring below. "It's just I thinking, I'd like to travel, and maybe, if you'd take me, I'd like to travel, with you? Just to keep you company?"

"You'd do that, for me?"

"For both of us. I've just really missed you."

Ta da, the end. I hope you enjoyed this story and thanks for sticking with me for just a long time, I'm incredibly grateful to all of you