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miharu: '' hey let him go! (yoite falls to floor)
me: ''oops...'' (reciving death glare from miharu)

MIharu walks down the narrow halls of his palace as ruler of nabari..never realising that the echo of his footstep where not exactly that..

he was being followed.. he was too lost in thought his body was moving on its own.. like an empty shell without a soul

his mind is racing with questions ...

these walls... so bare, so boring. but why?.. so many hallways.. too long to measure..

why dosen't anyone ever decorate these walls?...

so many questions to be asked.. yet not enough answers to be given.. as he walks among the many halls he comes to adoor which he has yet venture into."hmm.. why havent i gone in here before?" the great lord asks himself. he reaches for the golden handle only to be stoped by a small whimper on the other side of the door "please... stay away... dont come in!" its a soft, and meek little hushed voicebut lord miharu can tell the person on the other side is frightend and frail... he could also say that despite the socftnes of said persons voice that they were male. "please ... just leave me be..." he can hear broken sobs coming from the young male..he goes to speak but is cut off by a flash of white in the corner of his eye...'m-my lord? a-are you o-ok?" the voice is soft but its beautiful,, like the voice of an angel. he turns toward her,

who is this extrodinary creature?...pure white hair that flows like slik .. her eyes.. those peircing eyes so full of life... yet still so dull and sad,
a smile so pretty,but yet it doesnt reach her eyes... why?...whydo her eyes show so much pain and hurt... yet still have light in them?
she strange... yet so firmiliar... but why?...

the gentle lord miharu clears his thoat and he mets her gaze breifly,"yes i was just admiring the elagence of the framework" he lies.. his little devil wings sprouting from his shoulder blades "oh o-ok mi dispiace per il disturbo che il mio signore!" she runs off and dissapears around a corner. he sighs and continues wandering around his grand home for about half an hour, he stops in his tracks.

that wondorously beautiful maiden from before... what was her name?... those eyes so cold yet still so warm...

he shivers at the feeling he get from the memory "oh! young lord there you are! " one of the housekeepers runs up to him, "its time for you to retire to your room my lord" she fiddgets and plays with her hair, she leads me to my room ans before she leaves i stop her "excuse me? have you by any chance notice the white haired girl in black?" i asked hopingly only to have my hope completley crushed "ah.. no im sorry young lord but im afraid i havent." she exits shutting the door behind her. i lay down on my bed staring at the ceiling, my pale skin contrasting horribly with the black comforter.

who is she?.. and why am i so intent on finding her? how come i am so intruiged by her beauty,, and oh her eyes,.. they tell a story without words... a sad and tragic story, how does she do it? hide her pain...? why must i bother myself with this creature?

so who is this ''wondourusly beautiful maiden''? reveiw and you may just find out ;) gaarasgirl out :)