gaarasgirl: so after miharus little fit i finnally got him clam.. but i managed to lost half my hearing

miharu: not my fault u almost killed yoite (hugging yoite tightly)

gaara:i didnt meaan to!

lunabella: gaarasgirl does own me but not nabari enjoyy

the very moment that miharu woke up that morning his mind began racing thought of her washed into his brain he needed to find her but how? he got of the bed and dressed in his usual random outfit,and begins his daily rounds,

hmm who is she i need to know!

he keeps walking while in thought yet again he passes a closed blue door and heres the voice from the other say.. its singing

her voice its beautiful like an angel singing in the morning light

i have to have control of myself,my thoughts, my mind

cause the way it's going down

in my life i feel like a prisoner in a light

are you feeling me, cause ther way

you make my, break my,shake my, walls around

i feel like im breaking out!

its her... finnally

he smiles to himself but pauses when he hears another voice

"ohh lunabella hes going to love it!" theres is a soft giggle "you really think so Ryuu?!" its her.. who is she talking about.. "of course he is the king after all! he'd be an idiot not to!" he grits his teeth and goes to open the door but falls on his butt when it flys open.."ow! damnit!" he looks up and a girl with a long briad she grabs him by the hair and drags him into the room,"heh heh ... i guess im caught eh? "

he scratches the back of his head nervously"Ryuu dont hurt him!"her voice is soft and the redhead didnt here her, she grabe his shirt and lifts him of the ground "evesdropping huh? ill theach you not to!" she brings her arm back and punches where his head should have been. he looks over the redheads shoulder " so lunabella eh? thats such a pretty name" he smirks at the shy blush on her face "what the hell?! lunabella do you know this pipsqueak?"

the one known as ryuu asked her freind getting slightly irritated. "you know you're right.. i would be a fool not to think your voice is beautiful" the redheaded girl lets go of his shirt as soon as he had said that "dont worry as long as your nice to me no one will know u tried to injure me" the young lord smirks and walks over to lunabella, he bends down and whispers in her ear" where have you been little angel? i've been looking for you everywhere," he kissed the top of her head and walked out of the room leaveing the two awestruck..

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