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Chapter Eight: A Naive Trust\The Trust of a Friend

The people of Shadowgate all filed out of their houses one by one and onto the main road to see what the commotion at the inn had been all about, each person had already drawn their own assumptions of what the trouble was and mostly their assumptions involved the two strangers that had recently interrupted the routine they had all gotten used to. This instant suspicion was to be expected, and it hadn't totally been wrong.

They were partly right.

Tyr picked up the ax that had fallen from the wing of the creature and landed on the road, he appeared to be disregarding the gathering crowd and instead focusing on once again blocking out the pain from his healing wound.

"Piura." One woman called from the crowd, "What in the world happened here?"

"I'll be honest and say I'm not fully sure." Piura answered in a gruff voice as she assessed the damage to her inn entrance along with the broken window that had served as an escape route for the monsters.

"Did you break her property boy?" Another man from the crowd called out to Tyr in a tone that was serious and hard though not unrightfully cruel.

"My apologies." Tyr stated in a polite tone, "I did not intend to—"

"You hardly have reason to apologize." Piura interrupted clapping his shoulder with her hand, "I imagine my inn would have been worse off if you hadn't stepped in." Then with a side glance at Jacob she added,"Plus I would be short a kitchen hand."

"Then what did happen?" A woman asked bewildered that there was no one to take responsibility for what had been done.

"The inn was attacked by beasts that had birdlike appearances. No doubt they were some sort of phoenix." Piura concluded confident in her assumptions.

"I'll bet it was that accursed man who brought this upon us!" another woman yelled, but was instantly shushed by her husband.

In sudden realization to how easy they were to overhear on the road, Piura gestured for the people to follow her back into the inn, "Best we spoke of such serious matters in doors."

He followed behind Tyr and Terra as they too headed into the inn to speak further. Tyr started to head for the front of the growing crowd where he would best be able to hear Piura speak when Terra grabbed his elbow and forcefully pulled him up the staircase to the inn rooms on the upper floor. Jacob half expected, with the suggestion earlier that Tyr and Terra did not get along, the Toran to pull away from her or in some way reject her, but Tyr let her drag him up the stairs and into the dark empty hall way at the top of it as Jacob trailed on behind them unsure that he should.

Terra paused at the door of their room and looked behind her, "Which one of you holds the key to your room?" Tyr held it out to her though Jacob wondered for a moment when he had gotten it.

She continued on into the room and let go of Tyr to go back and lock the door behind them after their third member had entered. She then proceeded to grab Jacob and push him down to sit on the bed her young eyes flashing in the light that was coming through the window with a burning annoyance that somehow did not affect the serious demeanor that remained on her face even now.

"So which one of you is going tell me why those things broke in here to kill him?" Her small finger pointed accusingly at Jacob when she said this and though her voice did not tremble with fear at the memory of the creatures, to him it seemed like it should.

Tyr sat at the desk chair with a sigh and placed his ax down on the floor under it, "Don't look at me, he hasn't told me a single thing worth re-mentioning."

"But you two are friends aren't you?" She asked her voice striking an annoyed note.

"We just met yesterday actually, and men—if I may be so bold—who've only known each other for roughly twenty-four hours don't pour out life stories to one another; much, apparently, to the contrary of a woman's beliefs on the matter." He leaned back in his chair in an attempt to ease off the pain in his chest.

"A poor delivery, but point taken." Terra admitted bitterly before turning to Jacob and commanding, "Speak then."

"Well I…" He began unsure of what must be said.

"Oh I do recall one thing." Tyr added thoughtfully, "Last night when I asked where he came from, he answered oddly enough that 'He didn't know'."

"Your point was crushed underneath your stupidity."

"Really? I thought the answer vague enough for the circumstances, not at all awkward."

"Crushed like a Bubbler after it's been torched."

"I've not an inkling of what you mean by that. What is a Bubbler?" Tyr purposefully spoke in a strangely accented voice with a slight smile on his face as if he were enjoying toying with the girl.

"Ah never mind." Terra broke off her chain of insults and looked back at Jacob her face having never left it serious frame, "What did you mean by what you told him?"

"Well I don't remember much of anything about myself…" He admitted slowly, "Aside from my name and a few things I think might be real…"

"In other words you have no idea why those birds would be trying to murder you." She concluded for him.


She fell into her thoughts for a moment as she gazed out the single window of the room. Jacob allowed his eyes to wander from her to the window she was staring out of.

The sun was high in the sky though not much of its light reached the window itself, but instead lingered on only the road leading through Shadowgate. The way its light reflected off one of the roves within the sight of his window reminded him very much of a trail of fire on a path of oil. The thought brought a shiver to his body.

"Why were you with that man when you entered town?"

Her question had been anticipated by him before she had opened her mouth to speak the words to ask. It was the obvious thing to question seeing as it had been a strange happening.

So he explained to them how the first memory that came to mind now when he dug for past happenings was him walking on a slightly overgrown path following a good distance behind the strange man named Oacus though he had no recollection of how he had come to be doing so or why.

He concluded with an explanation on how Oacus had taken him into his house and assisted him in removing the Bubbler foam from his arms before kicking him out.

"You're absolutely sure you saw him use fire to help you with the Bubblers?" Terra clarified calmly, "Without stopping to light anything?"

"Yes." Jacob nodded.

"I've never heard of people in the north using magic." Tyr murmured thoughtfully, "Not extensively anyway, not with magic worth mentioning."

"Not like the magic you Toran's use is what you were trying to say there, right?" Terra hissed.

"No, that was not what I was trying to say. Stop trying to paint me out with a bad character." Tyr defended.

"Anyway, the news that Jacob just brought me confirms my suspicion that he isn't normal." She glanced back out the window, "I've always thought he must be an evil man, locked away in that house of his all the time and never coming out for anything save to leave."

"Has anyone ever seen the inside of his house?" Tyr asked her his voice peculiarly soft, "Aside from Jacob."

"No, he's the first. I've tried quite a few times to break in while he's not in Shadowgate but I never have been able to find a way in."

The room submerged into another silence this time to listen to the sudden din that rose from the crowd gathered below as a statement that was not appreciated was made.

"…It may be…." Tyr began looking from Jacob then to Terra, "It may be the he is the one to blame for the phoenix's appearance. After all he seems to have some sort of affiliation with fire so I don't see why that would be totally out of the question."

Both of the two who had heard Tyr's words had to agree that what he said made sense, but Jacob would not be taken to give more than that.

"I don't think he would do that for no reason at all." He stated confidently, "He helped me after all when he didn't have to. So in return I'll at least give him the benefit of the doubt."

This received sighs from Tyr and Terra, but neither protested his decision.


"You shouldn't get so lost in thought Master." Resh seemed to purr from the shadows, "You're a stranger there, you may never come back."

The creature's usual pestering did not bother the Sorcerer this time. He was too focused fully on the whispering flames in the fireplace before the velvet couch where he sat.

Nix and Nie had been his most trusted servants for many a year now and he had never thought they would fail him so horribly so the outcome of the mission he had sent them on genuinely surprised him, but he also found that it brought him great relief.

A sense of foreboding had now begun to fill him and it grew by the moment. Something was amiss within him and though he could not yet tell what it was he knew that he would not be able to take the truth of it. He hated himself for being weak enough to believe such a thing, but he would be a fool to deny the true threat that was encroaching into his silent heart.

He stood and made his way to the hall outside his den room door.

Resh quickly retreated into the dark kitchen as if fearing his barrage of ridiculous insults had finally warranted him the wrath of his Master.

As an alternative he watched as Oacus threw on his waiting cloak and adjusted the hood firmly over his face.

"I'm going to deal with a problem Resh, keep the house while I'm gone."