Warning: Mature Content, Sexual Themes

In the Smallest Room, 4 Privet Drive

Harry sat on his bed and tried not to think about any one thing. Specifically he was trying to avoid thinking about what had happened a short while ago, at the end of his fourth year. It was easily the worst time in Harry's existence as far as he was concerned. Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath; he was determined to be as positive as one could possibly after going through hell.

"Boy!" Harry heard his uncle call from the stairs. Pulling himself from his bleak thoughts Harry when to the top of the staircase. The familiar face of Uncle Vernon stared up at him from the bottom of the staircase. "Go to the grocery store, Petunia's left a list of things you need to get."

"Yes, Uncle Vernon," Harry said listlessly. He was happy to be busy. It gave his mind something to focus on. So with some elation Harry went grocery shopping for his relatives.

The dark haired teenager was about half way through shopping when he felt his body become warm. He didn't think anything of it as it was in the middle of summer and it was sweltering out. It made even air-conditioned buildings feel warm.

By the time Harry began to check out his cheeks were flushed. The cashier asked if he was sick and Harry smiled sweetly and said he was probably the only person in the world who could catch a cold in the middle of summer. About half way back to his aunt's and uncle's his member started to twitch.

Harry flushed with embarrassment. He had to walk from the small grocery store back to the house and he was getting hard for no apparent reason. The proud Gryffindor took a deep breath and attributed it to hormones. By the time Harry walked into his relative's house he was completely hard and throbbing. His lithe body was aching all over. Even his scar was humming with ardent pleasure.

As calmly as he could Harry set the groceries down on the kitchen table; thinking it was lucky that his uncle and cousin weren't paying him any attention as his erection brushed against a wooden leg of the table. Harry gasped and rubbed himself against the table for a few seconds before realizing what he was doing.

With the same agility he had on a broom Harry sped out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into the smallest bedroom of his relative's house. He closed the door as quietly as he could and rested his head against it. The piercing pleasure was building to a peak and it was driving Harry mad. With one hand on the door knob the boy rubbed himself against it.

The green eyed hero was becoming desperate for his own release, almost like when he was in the graveyard… Unwanted images of himself being splayed across Cedric's body entered his mind. To Harry's revulsion the thought only served to arouse him further. The thought of Voldemort standing above him with violent lust in his eyes glaring down at him made the Gryffindor shudder.

Between the warm tingling of his scar and the throbbing heat of his cock, Harry couldn't hold back any more. He needed release desperately. With half a thought the boy decided that he didn't care if his relatives walked in on him as he shed his shirt. One of his nipples was still bruised. Soon Harry squirmed himself out of his overly tight pants and briefs and threw himself onto his bed.

Wanting this to be quick, Harry jerked his cock at a fast pace. Faster and faster he pumped until he could almost taste Nirvana when a overly tempting thought popped into his mind and his hand squeezed the base of his penis. Harry groaned, but he wanted to test himself to see how far he could push his body.

Harry pinched his lightly bruised nipple and he gasped out and bucked for something that wasn't there. Letting go of his member Harry played with both of his nipples: pinching and pulling them until they were red and hard. By this point Harry was so far gone that the thought of someone biting them harshly didn't bother him the way it had before. In fact he was wishing someone would clamp down on them until they bled.

Thinking of the incident between himself and Voldemort and wondered how it would feel if he fingered himself. As if on queue his entrance twitched. Carefully Harry placed his index finger at the still torn ring of muscle and pressed his finger in. It was painful almost unbearably.

He pulled his finger out and collected saliva in his mouth then spit onto his fingers. The saliva made his finger go in smoother but only a little, and Harry found that he enjoyed the stinging sensation. The dark haired Seeker started to pump his cock slowly. The rhythmic pumping of his dick and ass had Harry panting and arching.

Harry couldn't help but think of the mind numbing nerve Voldemort kept hitting inside of him. It had made him crazy with need, and Harry wanted to feel that again. He pushed his index finger in up to the knuckle, and brushed against his prostate.

Harry gasped out a heady moan. He tried to hit it again but he only ever brushed against it, never actually hitting it. Frustrated, Harry pushed his middle finger into his entrance along side his index. Then he hit it. Harry moaned out louder than he had before and bucked into his hand. Faster and faster the teenager drove himself, silently wishing that his fingers were as long as Voldemort's were.

The moment he thought of his tormentor's fingers images of the man pounding into him, biting and clawing at his skin filled Harry's head and he couldn't stop wishing that he was being screwed into the bed mercilessly by the bone white man.

Harry pumped himself harder pretending that it was the dark lord's hand. Harry pushed his fingers as far as they would go inside of him wishing it was the dark lord's pulsating cock. Harry began moaning out for the dark lord. He was peaking so high and higher and higher. He need it desperately. All he could think of was the man she hated most.

"My Lord…my Lord…ah! I- please!" Harry begged for the one person he hated most, but at this point the couldn't think of anything beyond the tight coiling throughout his body. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. Blinding bliss was overcoming Harry at a disorienting rate.

With a rough thrust of his fingers and a tight grip Harry came hard into his hands. Cum sprayed over his chest and some of it even hit his chin. Harry twitched on his bed aching pleasurably. The near mindless teen briefly wondered if his cum tasted like his lord's. Harry wiped the cum off of his chin and brought his to his lips.

His cum was sweeter than his lord's.