AN: This was meant to be a drabble for Ren (hitsugi-zirkus) and as she put it ' Ellyleo, fluff so sweet you'll get diabetes' and well… it kinda turned out really long.

(I'm not good with fluff Ren /sob but I'll try for you. And holy shit this isn't a drabble this is a full fic) Elliot was sleepy. So much so, that he was practically fighting a war with himself to keep his eyes open. He really should have gone to bed sooner. The blue eyed boy yawned and slouched forward in his chair in the library. He was done trying, one little nap wouldn't hurt. He folded his arms across the table and set his head down, and soon he was out. Leo looked up from the book he had been reading and glanced across the table. He couldn't let Elliot stay like that; it hardly looked comfortable at all! The black haired boy sighed and stood up, gently pushing in his chair. Leo walked around to the other side of the table, and placed a hand on Elliot's shoulder. "Elliot. Hey Elliot." Elliot groaned and opened one blue eye, peering up at the other male. "Leo..wha.." he mumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and trying to wake himself back up. "Come on Elliot, we're going back to our room." Leo stated, gathering up both of their books in his arms. "But.. Don't we have to study?" Elliot questioned, yet he still stood and slowly followed the other male out of the library. "Yeah, you were doing a wonderful job studying with your eyes closed Elliot." The taller boy mumbled something that Leo didn't catch, but then was silent for the rest of the short walk. When they reached their room Leo paused and glared at Elliot, who got the hint and reached out to open the door for the other boy. Leo walked in and dumped his armload of books on his bed, before turning back to Elliot. "Now take a nap, we'll study later when you can actually stay awake." Elliot seemed to be debate the idea, but after another jaw cracking yawn he decked it might be a good thing to do. He walked over to his bed, the only one that wasn't covered in a pile of books. Flopping down on it, he closed his eyes and sighed. Leo gave a weak smile before turning to the book pile and picking a book at random. He slide down the side of his bed and sat with his back against it, and quickly lost himself in the story. That was, until he heard Elliot calling his name. Leo glanced up after checking to see what page he was on. The blue eyes boy was looking down at him from the bed, eyes unreadable. "Hey Leo, don't sit on the floor... You should sit on a bed." "But my bed's full of books." "... I know." Elliot paused, "Mine isn't." Leo stared for a second, then stood up and placed his book on his crowded bed. He turned back to Elliot, who had moved back to make room for the other boy. Leo sat down on the edge of the bed before dropping onto his back with his hands behind his head. Elliot scooted back over and draped an arm across Leo's chest. He closed his blue eyes and bured his face in the dark hair, sighing in sleepy contentment. Before Elliot could fully drift off to sleep, he heard Leo mumble something. "Sweet dreams, Elliot."