This is a short piece that I wrote after a marathon reading of Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea and multiple viewings of the 2011 Jane Eyre movie and 2006 miniseries. Please review. Enjoy!

Flight to Freedom


She heard him cry out her name. The name she hated. One her father gave her in hopes to make her more English. More like him. Why didn't they call Antoinetta the way her mother called her before she disappeared? Antoinetta made her feel like a beautiful, unearthly creature of her childhood dreams. A creature able to fly across oceans, deserts, and mountains. She would be able to fly back when she lived with her parents, her brothers, and nurse in the whitewashed big house. To play among the tropical plants of her mother's garden and walk in the white sands of the West Indian sea at twilight.

"Bertha, come away from the ledge!"

He cried out to her again. Or maybe she could go back with him to their Spanish villa on a green covered hill by the turquoise sea. They would ride their horses at high tide and make passionate love on hot Caribbean nights. Just the way they used to before he locked her away his English castle. There would be no bleak English weather would separate them. They would return to where they belonged. Where she belonged. She could be rid of the English Bertha and become the beautiful and mysterious Anoinetta once again. The woman that he loved. That everyone loved. She would fly back to the West Indies and transform herself back into Antoinetta.

She decided that she was going to keep the English Bertha. Bertha can help get rid of her father, her treacherous brother and him. Her father and brother would pay for what they did to her and not for helping her when she needed them the most. They left her to be whisked away from her beloved home to a cheerless country across the vast ocean. They would pay and so would he. The only problem was how to get wings. Wings aren't naturally part of the human form.

"Bertha, please come away. I beg you!"

She smiled her best smile. He was now reduced to begging her not to leave him in his English castle. Alone. Her smile became a grin. She laughed. But how to fly home? She had no wings like the birds that sang outside her window or the creatures of her childhood dreams. How does one get wings? But how she be so blind? She laughed again. She could simply grow them like the creatures did. Antoinetta felt two large wings spring from her back. She turned around and saw the wing. They were large, gossamer white and there were two of them, of course. She giggled. All she needed to do was put one foot in front of the other and she would be on her way back through time to happiness. To when she was loved and worshiped not locked away in his castle tower like some madwoman. She was now free.