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Full Summary: No one can say where a story truly begins. This one starts on a fateful Halloween. Voldemort saves two children from a raving Muggle, and discovers that not all his information is true. This is a story of the corruption of children, the end of an era and the ascent and descent of power. Once it is in motion, there is no stopping it.


There could have been stranger things in the world. In retrospect there were stranger things in the world. But every time someone saw the trio of Slytherins they were stunned. Stunned into disbelief. If someone asked nine years ago, "What would the world be like if a Weasley or Harry Potter were sorted into Slytherin?" that person would be hexed into the next century.

And yet, Harry Potter and the Weasley twins were walking up into the Great Hall wearing green and silver. And they were indeed some of the most well known and feared Slytherins in the entire school. All three of them were known to be fierce duelers. Neither Fred nor Harry had ever lost a duel. Although, the two never had the chance to duel one another, and George was only ever beat by his brother and close friend.

The Weasley twins were also famous for being in Hogwarts' record book as being the second greatest group of pranksters the school has ever known. They would be the greatest, but some of their pranks were not always seen as harmless. Many of those pranks were only known by the occupants of Slytherin house in the first place, and that was only because all of the other snakes were too afraid to tell on the duo.

Harry may have not been physically in on many of the twins' pranks, but he was what one called an invisible partner. In the spirit of his father and his friends, Harry would lend the duo his cloak of invisibility or provide them an alibi should they ever need. Harry was always suspected of being a prankster because of his family history, so Harry decided early on that his best course of action was to stay on the side lines.

The three of them made up nearly half of the Slytherin Quidditch team. Harry was the youngest Seeker in nearly a century and the twins were some of the most fierce Beaters Hogwarts has ever seen. There had never been such a good team at Hogwarts in a long time. For the past eight years Slytherin had won the Quidditch Cup, and every year, Slytherin destroys the other houses. This caused a great deal of animosity to grow towards Slytherin House.

But the thing that shocked even their fellow Slytherins was the fact that the not only did the trio believe in the Dark Lord Voldemort's ideals, but the twins had planned on being Marked at the end of their seventh year and that Harry Potter was deeply infatuated with him. Of course, no one outside of Slytherin House knew about these things.

One could imagine the shock on poor Mrs. Weasley's face when she found out her own sons had not only taken the Mark, but that they had also participated in the torture and murder of several Muggles and Order members, including their own father. One could imagine the devastation of Mrs. Potter when she learned that her only son had shared the bed of one of the most evil men in wizarding history.

But then, this is a little ahead of the story. Unfortunately, this story has no definite beginning, only educated guesses as to the motions of fate. It could have started with Harry's realization that Dumbledore was not always an honest man at the mere age of five. Or with Voldemort when he saw Harry Potter for the first time that one Halloween. Or with Snape who heard a curious prophesy. Or with the twins when they met a Muggle for the first time. Or even further back when Voldemort was still Tom Riddle. No one knows when this story truly began, but this tale will start on a fateful Halloween.