No Warnings

Chapter 13: Interludes Part I

Harry dressed in his new robes, that now had the Slytherin emblem stitched perfectly to the front via magic. Despite Harry's calm demeanor his hands shook with excitement. He was finally going to learn actually practice magic; not just theory of magic that his companion had been teaching him since the time Harry could understand him.

Double checking his schedule, he saw that the Slytherin first years had Potions in the second block, Magical Theory in the seventh block, and Transfiguration in the eighth block. His Potions class did start until eight, but Harry was already dressed and ready for the day a little after six. What had him up so early was the fact that the Weasley twins' first class started in the first block at seven.

Harry's companion had insisted that the three of them meet before the twin's class. Harry himself wasn't sure what he wanted to meet about, but the green eyed boy was fine with getting up early. His companion had pestered him in the past for wasting the day away by sleeping, and it became habitual for Harry to rise early.

The twins however, were looked like they were dead on their feet when Harry met them in the Common Room. To their credit, the moment they saw Harry they perked up considerably. George asked how it was sleeping in the Slytherin Dungeon. Harry had found it very pleasant. The sound of the Black Lake's water pulsating against the walls had lulled Harry to sleep very quickly. The super soft beds helped a little too.

That was another plus to living in the dungeons below the lake and not the towers. Harry had heard stories from Bill about the storms and wind that howled around the towers. Harry didn't believe him when Bill said that the tower made up for the noise with best fireplaces in the entire castle. According to his father, he and Sirius had "accidentally" taken down the Silencing Charm around the Gryffindor Tower to listen in on the girl's dormitory; forever cursing future Gryffindors to the sounds of harsh wind.

Harry found the entire Slytherin Dungeon to be wonderful. The only thing he didn't like was the fact that the windows didn't have a view of the castle grounds. The windows looked out into the Black Lake. Although, Harry had already seen the Giant Squid living in the lake. In fact, the squid, whom the twins called Godric, seemed to like Harry. He always showed up if Harry was sitting next to a window. The twins found that hilarious.

The trio of Slytherins quickly made their way to the Great Hall. There were several third, fifth and sixth years in the Hall already. Other than Harry, it seemed there was only one other first year there: Hermione Granger. Fred scowled when he first spotted her, but Harry could tell that he was pleased to see the girl alone at the end of the Gryffindor table. Not many of the professors were in the Hall either. When Harry saw this he felt a small tug at the back of his mind.

Harry let his companion take control of his body. The twins were the only ones to see the change in Harry as he sat down. The possessed boy did not speak to the two ginger Slytherins. Harry's companion took parchment, ink and a quill from Harry's bag and began to write.

The twins were used to this kind of communication. Harry's companion never spoke to either of them when he possessed Harry's body. The companion would always write what he needed to say, and went back into the recesses of Harry's mind. This time was no different.

Harry's body slid the parchment over to Fred and put all of Harry's things back into his bag, and then Harry's shoulders slumped slightly and the generally dark look in his eyes dissipated. Harry began to fill his plate with pancakes and sausage. Fred pocketed the parchment and also began to load his plate.

"So, what class do the two of you have?" Harry asked while pouring himself some mango-banana juice.

"Double Transfig," said George while passing Harry eggs, "with the birdies." Harry laughed at that.

"What about you?" Fred said with a mouthful of bacon. Harry could almost see his companion scrunch his nose.

"Potions…with the birdies," Harry smiled, and George high-fived him.

"I know, you don't need one of us saying this, but just because you're a Slytherin doesn't mean that Snape will treat you like one." George said as Snape walked in. Harry couldn't help but agree with George. Harry wasn't a fool. He knew that Snape hated his father. The only thing that Harry had going for his was his mother. She terrified everyone with her over protectiveness.

"We can only hope that Mommy Potter is terrifying enough to strike fear in him," Fred nudged Harry. "I don't think she will though. Mum's best and worst scary faces didn't even faze him."

"I don't think I want to know," Harry frowned at the near evil gleam in the twins' eyes. It reminded him of Sirius.

"Don't want to know what?" the trio didn't have to look up to know that it was Susan who asked the question. The red headed badger sat down at the Slytherin table as though she really were a Slytherin. She, like Harry, went for the pancakes first. Harry passed her some toast and told her that she was better off not knowing and mumbled something about mothers.

"What classes do you have today?" Harry asked while keeping an eye on Fred's hands. Susan hesitated while she was watching what George was doing. The two first years knew the twins well enough now to know that they were up to no good.

"Well, I have History of Magic right away with the Gryffindors, and then I have Magical Theory and Transfiguration with you and the other Slytherins," Susan finally looked away from George when she felt her food was safe from harms way.

More and more students were piling into the Great Hall. The twins were going to have to leave soon for class. Harry could see that Ron and Neville had managed to pull themselves from bed. Ron almost immediately fell back asleep at the Gryffindor table. Neville waved with a yawn. Neither of them noticed that Susan was at the Slytherin table.

Theo didn't notice Susan either until after he sat down and asked her to pass the butter. The brown haired boy did a double take, and looked around confused. He recovered quickly though.

"Have you heard from you mom yet, Harry?" asked Susan with a glimmer of mischief.

"Not yet, but I'm sure that the entire school will know when I do," Harry shuddered.

"I'm missing something…" Theo said from his seat, confusion back on his face.

"I'm Susan, it's nice to meet you," Susan said with a laugh. "Should I call you Miss or Thing?" Theo laughed and Fred high-fived Susan.

"Theo will do just fine," Theo turned to Susan. "I'm a little confused at why you are sitting over here. You're a Hufflepuff."

"Well, Harry is my friend, and so are the two of them," Susan pointed at the twins, who were packing their things and as much food as they could into their bags.

"That I understand, but aren't Hufflepuffs supposed to be…more intimidated by the rest of the student body?"

"Good luck with that one," said Fred as he patted Harry on the back.

"Well, Theo," Susan's tone was more severe this time, "Hufflepuffs might not be as famed for their bravery as Gryffindors, but we are fiercely loyal. Being in different houses will not come between me and my friendship with Harry."

"Oh, um…" Theo was at a loss for words.

"Your family's been in Slytherin for a long time hasn't it," observed Harry.

"Hi, Harry, can I sit next to you?" asked Sally in a small voice.

"As long as you sit to my right," Harry said, while trying to stop Theo from talking. Sally gave him a strange look, but sat to Harry's right anyway.

The other Slytherin first years were now entering the Great Hall. Draco came to a complete stop when he saw Susan sitting at the Slytherin table. Crabbe and Goyle scrambled to stop in time. They almost ran into Draco. Pansy and Daphne ran into Crabbe and Goyle. There was a seventh year behind them who looked irritated.

"What is she doing at our table?" Draco said loudly. Several of the already seated Slytherins looked to see what was going on. The Ravenclaws in the table over turned to look too. Even some of the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs turned to see who was being obnoxious at seven o'clock in the morning.

Susan sipped on her orange juice while Theo was apologizing for something he said. Harry looked on amused and Sally looked faint at the whole situation. Draco, however, didn't like being ignored. His face was starting to contort in a scowl that made his face turn red.

"Draco," Theo suddenly shifted the conversation towards the Malfoy heir, "you haven't met Susan before have you. She's absolutely splendid." It was obvious the blue eyed boy was trying to smooth over his offenses toward the girl.

"I don't care if she's splendid," Draco near yelled again. "What is a Hufflepuff doing at my table?"

"Your table?" asked Susan irritatedly. Harry grinned wide. He was looking forward to Susan going off on a Slytherin, but he didn't expect it to be this soon. The twins were going to be sad that they missed this.

"I thought this table belonged to the Slytherin House, and by extension, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and therefore belongs to the school's student body. So really, this table's ownership is based on a come first basis.

"And you know what, I got here before you, so that means I have more ownership over this table than you do. Now, add the fact that there is at least one Slytherin here at the moment who doesn't mind me sitting here, which means you can not ask me to leave this table. If you do it will be met with indifference."

Draco was speechless. Theo gave Susan a standing ovation, which almost everyone who was listening followed suit. Draco then stuck his nose in the air and sat two seats away from Harry. Draco's group also sat at least a seat away from Susan.

"Please, other than Potter, no Slytherin would ever want you to sit with them," Draco said haughtily.

"You'd be wrong there," Harry smiled. Susan was smiling too. Theo and Sally were obviously confused by the pairs behavior. They looked absolutely happy to be insulted. Theo looked at Draco's group and smiled too. Crabbe and Goyle were swelling up like balloons, Pansy's tongue was getting longer and longer, and Draco's nose was slowly turning into a beak. The best part was that none of them had noticed, until Daphne screamed.

"I have other friends that are Slytherins," Susan beamed. The clapping came to an abrupt stop and Susan's face fell faster than a diving dragon. Harry and Susan didn't have to look to know who had just walked up to the Slytherin table. Susan was so pale, that her hair looked almost as red as Ron's.

All of the older Weasley children told stories of the most dreaded professor in the entire school. Every student in the Great Hall turned to look at the Potions Master. Sally looked absolutely terrified, and was dwarfed by their professor who was standing right behind her.

Snape's eyes were like coals. His hair was greasy and came down to his chin. Most importantly, he was completely unamused by the situation. Four of his students were now transforming rapidly. Snape's wand shot out like lightening, and the four students started to go back to normal.

Not even Draco or Pansy said anything when they were back to normal. Snape's eyes hadn't left the vacated seats of Fred and George since he had come over to the Slytherin table. Snape suddenly turned his head to the Ravenclaws, and everyone looked away from the professor.

Theo shot down in his seat as fast as he could and examined his food as though it was the most extraordinary thing in the world. Susan looked down and tried to hid behind Theo as much as she could without drawing attention to herself. Harry looked ahead as Sally had a firm grip on his arm. Harry's companion was seething with disgust at the contact.

"Who was responsible for this?" Snape's voice was cold, and the entire group of first years shivered, even Harry. No one answered. Snape made a noncommittal noise. "Those bothersome twins, where are they?"

Harry pulled his arm from Sally's grasp as gently as he could. His companion was plotting the poor girl's death, and Harry didn't want to push his companion any further than he had to with Snape so close by. Harry turned to Snape, "They said that they had Transfiguration during the first and second block, sir." Snape hummed and walked away. It wasn't until the professor left the Great Hall did a collective breath was let out by everyone.

"Remind me to not sit next to you if the twins are already sitting with you," whispered Susan. Theo nodded next to her. Harry finally said something when his companion calmed down. "Does anyone else feel the need to vacate the area as fast as humanly possible?"

In response, Theo grabbed an apple from the table and Susan had already made it halfway to the Hall's doors, and Sally stumbled away from the table and headed for the doors as well. Harry took a pancake and waved at Draco, who was looking quite embarrassed by what happened.

The four students were followed out of the Great Hall by a pair of Lions. The six of the students walked in silence before they all felt safe enough to laugh.

"What happened back there?" said Neville. Ron didn't look to pleased by the fact that he was talking with Slytherins. Ron wasn't all that different from Draco.

"Your brothers," Susan pointed at Ron incredulously, "put something in the drinks and food while no one was watching."

"Did it without being caught is more like it," Harry noted, both he and Susan had been watching them, but still managed to do it without them seeing. That didn't stop Professor Snape from figuring out who did it though. Poor Sally still looked terrified. Neville noticed this and asked her what was wrong.

"Won't we get in trouble too, because we were right there?" Sally asked. Guilty by association, Susan thought.

"I don't think so," Theo said. "I heard that Professor Snape doesn't punish Slytherins unless they do something really bad." The other children from wizarding families nodded in agreement. They had all heard stories from the older Weasleys. "If we had been in a different house, things would have been different."

"I think it would be in our best interest to go to class," said Susan finally. "If we don't leave now, we could end up missing our first class."

Neville rolled his eyes behind her and Harry nodded at both of them. Harry and Neville knew Hogwarts just as well as any of the professors. After all, they had spent most of their early childhood in the castle.

Theo sat next to Blaise who was already in the Potions classroom, leaving Harry to sit next to Sally, who was looking better now that she knew Snape wasn't going to punish her. Harry was a bit miffed that he had to sit next to a Mudblood. Although, it could have been worse, he could be sitting next to the Granger Mudblood.

As the time went, more Slytherins and Ravenclaws entered the classroom. Draco openly scowled at Theo and was ignoring Harry and Sally. Pansy was glaring at all three of them. Not that it really mattered all that much. The entire classroom was filled now, and there was no sight of their professor.

The birdies started going over their textbook materials and lulled into softly spoken conversations. The Slytherins were far more tense. Draco's group had yet to stop throwing the rest of the Slytherins childishly hateful glares. Blaise was now on Draco's list because Theo was sitting next to him. Millicent, who had sat with Tracey, managed to keep out of the fray, but the half-bloods sat on the newly deemed, Draco's side. That was seven Slytherins against four Slytherins.

Annoyed by the looks he kept getting, Harry shot a dark look at Draco. It was kind of like a warning shot. At the same moment, the door busted open and Snape billowed in. Several people jumped, a few even made squeaking noises. Sally was one of them. Although Harry wasn't sure if it was because of Snape's entrance or the fact that she had been looking at Harry's face.