No Warnings

Chapter 16: Interludes Part IV

Neville sat up sleepily. The Gryffindor looked around his dorm. The clock that told them what block it was dangerously close to third block. Then Neville looked at the other Gryffindors who were all sleeping. The clock ticked closer to third block.

"GUYS!" Neville felt suddenly awake. "Ten minutes 'til third block!"

The twins, Anthony and Andrew Holiday, sat upright in their beds almost immediately and bolted to the adjoined bathroom and fought each other to get through the door. Seamus and Dean then pushed them into the bathroom, and Neville climbed over the heap of bodies on the bathroom on the floor to try to get to the best shower. Ron hadn't even bothered to try to get into the bathroom.

"You'll miss breakfast if you don't hurry!" Ron was throwing on his shirt. His buttons were all completely mismatched. Dean and Seamus popped their heads out of the bathroom. Dean had a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth and Seamus had toothpaste running down his chin. The two of them dashed back into the bathroom and then tried to put their clothes on as fast as they could.

The Holiday twins came out of the shower and were putting their clothes on in a more orderly fashion. Although they did look panicked. There was only five minutes until they had to be in class. Neville came out of the bathroom fully dressed. Everyone looked up at him.

"What?" Neville asked defensively. "You'd be an expert in getting ready in five minutes too if your Grams made unexpected visits. If you aren't ready before she shows up, then you are doomed."

The six Gryffindor first years sped through the halls. Ron had to be pulled to the Charms classroom. He was determined to go to the Great Hall, but there was no more time for breakfast. Dean and Seamus pulled Ron into the room by his arms. Ron was forlorn.

The Holiday twins walked in casually, Neville followed in talking to Professor Flitwick. Neville looked guilty and was shaking his head and laughing nervously. The little professor was laughing whole heartedly.

"I see, I see. Well, no matter. All of you managed to get to class before I did. Just remember to watch the time, or at least set an alarm. I'm sure all of you will benefit from it." Professor Flitwick laughed. Neville put a hand behind his head and sat down in between Ron and Anthony. Ron was grumbling something about food.

Neville felt overwhelmed with what Professor Flitwick was talking about. Something about wand movement being just as important as pronunciation. Hermione seemed to be getting it quite well. She had been answering all of Professor Flitwick's questions. She didn't even give anyone else the chance to answer any of the questions. Neville wished she could be as smart Hermione and Harry, or as brave as Ron and Susan. Heck, Neville was pretty sure that Theo was even braver than he was.

Neville was trying to get the wand movement down when Professor Flitwick magically stacked books in front of him.

"You're doing well, Neville. Just relax and swish and flick." the tiny professor demonstrated the wand motion. Ron wasn't doing any better than Neville. Anthony was doing better than the two of them, but he was still struggling. Neville snuck a peek over at Harry.

Harry was smiling next to Sally-Anne. Sally-Anne looked like she was struggling just like he was. Sally's glasses were down her nose and she was trying to get the motion and was failing miserably. Harry showed her again and it almost looked perfect. Neville pouted a little. Then Neville looked at how the rest of the Slytherins were doing. Crabbe and Goyle were doing the worst in the entire class. Neville wondered if they just didn't have any talent for Charms.

The other Slytherins seemed to be doing about the same as the Gryffindors, with a few who were excelling. Theo was doing just as well as Harry. Draco was scowling at Harry and Theo, and even occasionally scowled at Hermione who was doing even better than Harry was.

"Now you try again, Neville," Professor Flitwick pulled Neville out of his thoughts. Neville swished and flicked. It was still wrong, but it was better than before. Professor Flitwick was about to say something, but a loud explosion went off to Neville's right. Several books and papers went everyone. Seamus was staring wide eyed at the space in front of him.

"That class," Professor Flitwick huffed in shock. He was holding his chest just over his heart. "was a discharge of magic. Most magical discharges are caused from not using magic for long periods of time and spikes of emotional energy. Another possible reason for magical discharge is using a wand that is not suited for you.

"Some wandmakers think that the wand expresses the type of magic the witch or wizard is best suited to. I have a feeling that Mr. Finnigan will excel in pyrotechnics, but until that is covered, please be more careful in the future."

Everyone laughed at Seamus' pale face. Professor Flitwick put the room back together. Class continued to go on as though nothing had happened. Ron was still poking at Seamus about the incident. Neville looked back at Harry. His face was still a little swollen and looked blue, but he was smiling. Harry seemed happy in the house of snakes, and his mother was fine with him being in that house too so that was all good.

Class was suddenly over and everyone was shuffling out of the classroom, but Neville stayed behind.

"Professor Flitwick, could I ask you a favor?" Neville asked shyly.

"Of course, Neville. What can I do for you?" the professor asked.

"Well, could you charm my watch so it has an alarm in the morning?" Neville asked embarrassed. Professor Flitwick laughed at Neville.

"It would be no problem, but I'll teach the charm to you as well so you can do it the future if you like." Professor Flitwick smiled. Neville really like Professor Flitwick. He was always helping him out.

"Thanks, Professor!"

Neville walked to Gryffindor Tower with a smile on his face, trying to get down the wand movement. His trip was uneventful, thanks to Neville's knowledge of the secret passage from the Charms Tower to the Gryffindor Tower. Quite a few upper years were in the common room. Neville was sure that the other first year boys were already in the Great Hall trying to see if they could get food. Neville walked up the stairs to the dorms.

The dark haired blonde grabbed his Herbology books from his desk. Neville secretly enjoyed Herbology. There was something poetic about the art. Neville shook his head and lamented on the fact that the only thing he was good at was taking care of plants. With a sigh, the Longbottom heir went to the Great Hall to read a chapter on medicinal plants from his book.

Neville was surprised to see that a lot of the medicinal plants that the book mentioned worked just as well as some healing potions. Medicinal plants, however, are extremely difficult to grow properly, Neville read. The Gryffindor continued his reading.

Medicinal plants that appear in both the Magical world and the Muggle world, or homogenous plants, like the Mugwort and Kava Kava plants, have no essential difference, unlike the Magical world's Mandrake which is significantly more deadly than the narcotic Mandrake of the Muggle world. Ergo, some plants have to have magic infused into them to allow the plants magical properties to bloom. For example, a kava kava plant that has not been introduced to an herbologist's magic is simply a pain reliever and a relaxant; however, when an herbologist infuses their magic into the plant, the kava kava can actually serve as a superb masseuse.

Plants that are homogeneous to both the Magical and Muggle worlds, can revert to magical plants and nonmagical plants. There must be a constant source of magic to keep these plants at their magical best. Homogeneous plants that have lost a source of magic or have been given too much magic may try to sap any magical cores around them. Including the magical cores of magiplants and those of magical beings. When working with homogeneous plants, it is important to be on constant alert to magical exhaustion.

"What are you reading, Neville?" Anthony asked the reading Gryffindor. Anthony was smiling sweetly, almost like a girl, at Neville.

"I was reading about medicinal plants," Neville beamed. "It's really interesting! I didn't know that plants could become stronger with exposure to magic, and not only that nonmagical plants are amazing too! Even non-magical plants can grow back even if stems and leaves are cut off!"

"You really like plants, huh," Anthony looked amused by Neville's excitement. "I wish I was interested in something the way you are with plants." Anthony realized what he said and blushed deeply. Neville blushed too.

"Well, I spent a lot of time in my Grams' garden. It was all flowers and really small of course, nothing like the green houses here, but I always really liked being with the flowers and-"

An owl dropped a letter and a little package into Neville's book. It was a little early for mail, so Neville was wary that the package was a prank from the twins. Gingerly he picked up the letter first. His name was written in his mother's eloquent handwriting. He quickly opened the letter.


I hope the year is going well. I wanted to let you know that your father will be traveling to the United States for work, and won't be home for a while. I can't tell you much, but I was hoping that you would send him a letter.

Also, since you don't seem to forget to write us in general, Grams got you a gift, to help remind you to write us every now and then.



Neville quickly opened the package and inside was a glass sphere with a gold band around it. There was grey smoke inside of the sphere. Neville squeezed the little sphere and the grey smoke turned red. Neville's face fell and he pondered on what he had forgotten.

The other Gryffindor boys had taken notice to Neville's new gift. Dean, the only Muggleborn among the them, asked what Neville had.

"This is called a Remembrall. If you squeeze it tight, and the smoke turns red it means that you've forgotten something. The problem with them is that they don't tell you what you've forgotten." Neville sighed as he racked his brain for anything he might have forgotten.

"Maybe you'll remember later, you never know," Anthony encouraged. Neville nodded and started to read his book again.

At eleven the other first years, third years and some of the seventh years started to enter the Great Hall. Neville had still not figured out what he had forgotten and the Remembrall was still filled with red smoke. Neville was pondering on what it could have been while nibbling on a roll of bread.

"When did you get a Remembrall?" Harry's voice filled Neville's ears. Sally-Anne and Harry stood behind Neville. Harry looked particularly interested in the small gift.

"I got it just today," Neville motioned Harry to sit down. "Grams thinks I forget things too much."

"You do forget things all the time," Harry said as he picked food from Neville's plate. "What did you forget?"

Many of the other Gryffindors looked appalled by the fact that a Slytherin had sat down at their table. "I don't know yet…I've been sitting here forever trying to figure it out, but all I can come up with is nothing…"

"Maybe you just left something in Gryffindor Tower," Harry started eating an apple.

"No, oh, I remember now. What happened yesterday?" Neville asked Harry. Harry tilted his head in confusion, and then glanced over his shoulder to see that Sally-Anne was standing awkwardly between the Gryffindor table and the Slytherin table.

"You can go sit down, Sally. Neville won't let anything happen to me." Neville almost didn't catch the annoyed tone in Harry's voice. "What do you mean?"

"What happened between you, Ron and Malfoy?"

"Oh, well, Draco was making fun of Ron's family and what not, and when I passed by he insulted my family too. Ron swung at Draco when he threatened to get Mr. Weasley fired…something about framing him or something, I'm not sure. The next thing I know, Draco calls my mother a Mudblood and Ron and I went after him at the same time and then POW! Ron hits me in the face and the rest is as you know it."

"What did your mother say?"

"Well, from the letter I got from my father, she tried to storm Malfoy Manor. Apparently it was quiet a sight. It took all of the Marauders to stop her." Harry laughed. "Any news from Mrs. Weasley. Ron's not going to be punished for defending himself is he?"

"Nah, from what I gathered not even the twins are going to get in trouble. I think she's proud of her children…minus you getting hit and Draco staying in the Great Hall all night. Do you think they would have let him down."

"I don't know," Harry smiled, and Neville had a sneaking suspicion that the twins would have let Malfoy stay there for a few days.

"Well, just be careful. Malfoy won't take that without a fight." warned Neville. Harry snorted.

"He will if he knows what's good for him." Harry said darkly.

"If you start acting like the twins, I can't associate myself with you. I'm not good at avoiding pranks. Heck, I'm a bloody sitting duck." Harry laughed at Neville's attempt at humor.

"Don't worry about it." Harry patted Neville on the back and went to Slytherin table.

When eighth block finally came around, Neville was bustling with questions for Professor Sprout. Neville was fascinated by plants and wanted to ask the professor about starting a garden of his own. Of course he wasn't sure how well it would work with him being in school, but he wanted to try.

The class was still working on the basics of magical plants. Professor Sprout was talking about true magical plants.

"Now, what makes magiplants different from other kinds of plants?" she asked, and Hermione's hand shot up into the air faster than anyone else's. Neville slowly put his hand in the air. "Mr. Longbottom." Hermione looked put out.

"Well, true magiplants, have their own magical core that grows as the plant grows. Other plants have to have exposure from beings that have a magical core to become a magical plant."

"Very good, ten points to Gryffindor," Neville ducked his head in embarrassment. "Now, a true magical plant can be exceedingly more difficult to handle than a regular plant. For example, Devil's Snare…"

Neville listened carefully and even took notes on the lesson. Neville was writing down the difference between dragon's dung and mooncalf dung, when Susan poked Neville in the ribs.

"You're really good at this, Neville," she said in wonder.

"Well, I always broke things when I was at Grams house, because I'm so clumsy, so she made spend the days in her garden instead. I even helped plant some of the flowers there. There's not much you can do wrong with flowers though…"

Neville continued to take notes, and Susan tried not to bother him again. At the end of class, Susan stayed behind for Neville, as the dark blonde approached the Hufflepuff head.

"Professor Sprout, I was interested in starting my own garden, but I don't know where to start or anything, and I was wondering if you could help me." Neville explained confidently.

"Of course Mr. Longbottom. But since you'll be in school and are a novice, it's best if you start small. Do you have class next block?" asked Professor Sprout.

"Yes, I have a flying lesson next," Neville's head fell a little.

"That's alright, after your next class, stop by my office and we can talk it over." the herbologist beamed, and Neville smiled back.

"Thanks, Professor Sprout!" Neville gathered his things and walked right into Susan.

"Ouch!" the two said at the same time.

"Sorry, Susan," apologized the Gryffindor.

"No, it's okay. I wanted to talk to you about something." the Hufflepuff looked concerned.

"Walk with me,"

"Well, I want you to keep an eye on Draco. I've heard rumors that he's going to do something today."

"Don't worry too much Susan. You're starting to sound like Harry's mom. Besides, Sally-Anne was acting as Harry's body guard earlier, and I'm pretty sure he's really annoyed by it. If Malfoy does anything, Harry's going to lash out. I mean, his temper is almost as bad as his mom's. He'll be fine." Susan did not looked convinced, but she let the subject go.

The Gryffindors and Slytherins stood in two separate lines and were staring at each other, or glaring depending on who was in question. Nerves had finally hit Neville as he stood beside a broom that was looking more and more intimidating. The dark blonde took a deep breath and tried to remember everything Sirius and his father had told him.

Unlike Harry, who was a natural at flying, Neville had to work hard to keep himself balanced on a broom. One time, he lifted off without actually doing anything and ended up in a hundred foot tree.

The yellow eyed, Madam Hooch seemingly came out of no where and had already called for the class to start. "Everyone step up to a broom! Now, stick your right hand over the broom and say UP!"

There was a chorus of "UP!" all around Neville. Neville's broom didn't even twitch, while Harry's and few other's brooms flew into their hands immediately. Neville took another breath and more firmly said, "UP!" The broom floated about halfway to Neville's hand before it flopped to the ground. Neville had tried three more times before the broom lazily went to his hand. Neville was just glad that he wasn't the last one to have his broom in hand.

Madam Hooch went around showing everyone the proper way to mount the broom and correcting everyone on their grips. She was pleasantly surprised by Neville's near perfect grip and mount. Neville told the flying instructor that he falls apart whenever he gets more than five feet off the ground.

"Now, when I blow my whistle, I want you to kick off the ground hard, and hover for a bit, and come straight back down. Like so." Madam Hooch demonstrated. "One my whistle, three- two- one!"

On the whistle, Neville pushed off the ground with a little too much force and he jerked into the air. He wobbled for a bit before he gently leaned forward. He was glad he didn't fall off the broom at the mere three feet. Some of the others had though. A few of the girls squeaked. Sally Smith, one of the Gryffindor girls, was a natural. Her kick off was smooth like Harry's.

Madam Hooch had the class do this several times. She even allowed some of the more advanced flyers go higher. Harry was coaching Neville at about fifteen feet when someone knocked into Harry, who knocked into Neville because they were so close to each other. Panic immediately engulfed Neville's entire body.

The broom must have sensed this, because it started to vibrate and shake uncontrollably. It bucked Neville around and started doing loops until it had succeeded in knocking Neville off of it. The broom like Neville started to fall to the ground. Neville closed his eyes as he heard screams.

A hand just barely smaller than his own grabbed onto his wrist. Neville felt his body jerk up and to the side. With wide eyes, Neville looked up to see that Harry had a firm grip on him. He looked absolutely furious with concentration, at least, that's what Neville hoped.

Madam Hooch got a firm hold around Neville seconds later and flew him the rest of the way down to the ground. Neville almost wanted to kiss the earth. He could live with being firmly rooted to the ground.

"What happened!" The professor demanded as everyone landed.

"Someone knocked into Harry and Harry knocked into me and I fell off of the broom…" Neville felt like he was going to throw up.

"I lost control of this cheaply made excuse for a broom," Malfoy threw the broom on the ground. Neville glanced over at Harry to confirm the accident, but the rage on Harry's face was enough to shut the shaken boy up. Neville groaned internally. Harry wasn't going to be a nice person for a while. Neville could only hope that the brunt of his friend's temper was focused on someone other than himself.

Madam Hooch did not look convinced by Malfoy's show, but didn't press, because no one else did. Although, Neville was sure that the flying instructor was going to have a word with Professor Snape. "That's all for today!"

Ron and the other Gryffindors went to Neville's aid. Harry was in Malfoy's face as soon as Madam Hooch was out of earshot. Fury blazed in Harry's green eyes.

"If I wasn't the flier that I am, you could have seriously hurt me and Neville!" Harry said through clenched teeth. Malfoy's face paled but only slightly.

"Maybe the fat ass should have stayed on the ground," Draco shrugged arrogantly. Ron moved to go to Harry's side, but Harry had already punched the Malfoy heir square in the jaw. Crabbe and Goyle pounced on Harry. Ron did a running tackle at Goyle and Theo was trying to calm everyone down. Neville had jumped up and grabbed onto Crabbe who was trying to catch Harry. Draco had scrambled away from the fight when Harry advanced on him. Theo was trying to pull Crabbe of Neville. Both of the Holiday twins started to help Theo in that endeavor. Seamus and Dean had to hold Ron back, who had a bloody nose and was trying to go back after Goyle.

A long sharp whistle stopped everyone from fighting, although Harry was still death glaring Malfoy. Neville had a cut on his forehead and his lip was bleeding. Ron's nose was bloody and his eye was swelling. Crabbe also had a black eye, and Goyle had a bruise forming along his jaw. Madam Hooch, Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore stood before the class.

"Seventy points from Gryffindor and Slytherin, for fighting," Dumbledore's voice was harsh and disappointed. "You eleven come with us, and Mr. Nott, would you bring the broom Mr. Malfoy was using along."

"Professor Dumbledore, I was the one who started the fight," Harry said with a deep breath. "No one else should be punished for what I did."

"That may be the case Mr. Potter, but we still wish to speak with all of you." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. The eleven boys followed the four teachers into the castle and to Dumbledore's office.

Each of the boys were asked to explain his side of the story. Seamus, Dean, the Holiday twins and Theo got to leave before every one else. The other six boys had detention, and Ron's, Harry's and Malfoy's parents had been called in.

James and Lily were acting as Neville's guardians, because his parents had already left for travel, and Alice wouldn't be available until the next day. Crabbe and Goyle's parents weren't called because they went to the defense of their friend. The only reason they got away with that, was because Snape defended them.

If that was the case, Neville wondered why Ron's parents were being called, but everything made sense when the Weasley twins entered the office. This was about what had happened yesterday. The twins looked confused at their presence in the headmaster's office, but when they saw the bruised face of Draco Malfoy they couldn't stop themselves from laughing. Professor Snape hit them both upside the head.

The rather large group waited for the parents to arrive. The Malfoys were the firs to arrive, followed swiftly by the Potters. Mrs. Weasley came by herself, most likely because Mr. Weasley had to stay at work. Mrs. Potter started to fuss over Harry, but looked at him sternly when she saw that he was still in the throws of rage. Mr. Malfoy was irate at his son's treatment.

Strangely enough, Mrs. Weasley was very quiet upon her arrival, although, all of her children certainly looked terrified by her presence. Mr. Potter put a hand on Neville's shoulder as reassurement. Mrs. Malfoy had been trying to heal her son's bruise but the dark purple mark wasn't going away, despite everything she tried. The fair haired woman demanded what had happened.

"I told them, that excuse for a riding broom went out of control and I accidentally knocked into Potter and Longbottom. And he-" Malfoy pointed at Neville, "fell off of his broom. When we all got to the ground, Potter punched me in the face!"

Mr. Malfoy went on and on about how the fault was in Madam Hooch for not being more watchful of the students, and even blamed the incident on faulty brooms. This must have really irritated Harry, because he interrupted Mr. Malfoy mid-stream.

"So what you're saying is that the 'accident' was your fault, because you couldn't teach your son how to properly ride a broom that has gone out of control. You must be really pathetic, I mean, he has been boasting about his flying skills since we arrived at school. I would be ashamed if you were-"

"Harry James!" hissed Lily with so much force that all of the children and even two of the adults in the room flinched. "Mr. Malfoy, I apologize on behalf of my son, but he does have some merit to his words. Madam Hooch has been the flying instructor at this school since before we were here. She would not have allowed anyone to fly higher than their ability would have let them. That means either your son went to high or there was foul play."

"How dare you insinuate that my son did anything wrong! Your son was the one that started the fight in the first place!" Mrs. Malfoy nearly shrieked at Mrs. Potter.

"Your son started this yesterday, when he threatened to use his father's power to get Mr. Weasley fired and called my mother a Mudblood." Harry stared directly into Mrs. Malfoy's eyes. "Very unbecoming behavior for a pureblood."

The room went very quiet for a split second, and then there was a furious explosion of noise and movement. Mrs. Malfoy defended her son with passion that rivaled Mrs. Potter's. Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy were also at words. The professors were trying to get everyone to calm down, but the more they tried the more the situation got out of hand. Harry was death glaring Malfoy.

Neville shuddered. It had been a long time since Harry was this angry at someone. Usually Harry was calm and collected like his father was, but every now and then he would turn into a monster with rage that equaled his mothers. With all of the yelling, Neville noticed that Mrs. Weasley was suspiciously quiet. Neville shot a questioning glance at the Weasley boys, but they were all staring forward trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

"Everyone here is acting like children," Mrs. Weasley finally said, and the Malfoys and Potters stopped what they were doing. "It's true that older brooms are prone to be temperamental with age, but there is a spell that can detect when a broom has gone out of control on its own." Mrs. Weasley looked at the twins. "It's actually an easy bit of magic." Neville noticed that Draco had suddenly became very pale.

"Mrs. Weasley is quite correct," Professor Dumbledore finally spoke up. He too had been strangely quiet during the whole fiasco. "Which is why the broom had been brought before us. Although, what brings all of the parents here today is in fact the incident that had happened yesterday.

"I advise you parents to have a long, long discussion with them about their behavior. Today, we need to discuss what punishment will befall these students."

"Professor Dumbledore, I already told you that I will take full responsibility for today's fight," Harry said to the exasperation of his parents.

"Be that as it may, Harry, but you are not the only one in fault here," Professor Dumbledore smiled proudly at Harry.

"What if all of us took detention for a while," George said from his seat. "And to settle everything between the lot of us, we have Harry and Draco try out for the Slytherin Quidditch team."

"No! We already agreed that Harry wouldn't be able to try out for Quidditch until he had graduated!" Ron bolted up from his chair. Neville was in agreement with Ron on this case.

"I wonder if you'd be saying that if Harry had been sorted into Gryffindor," Fred shook his head, and Ron turned bright red. "I think that everything works itself out if we do it this way."

"How so, my dear boy?" asked Professor Dumbledore, who seemed really confused.

"Well, it's true, that Draco has been going on and on about how great a flyer he is, and that he was upset that he couldn't have his own broom on campus. He says that he could make the team no problem." Fred explained.

"And we may have let it slip that Harry was the best flyer in school," George continued on. "That may have actually been the start of all this fighting don't you thing Gred?"

"Most certainly Feorge." Fred shook his head in agreement. "If we do it this way, everyone gets detention who was involved, and we can settle the first agreement. I highly doubt that a first year can even make the team anyway. They never do."

"Oh, and this keeps any unseemly blemishes of our permanent record, too!" George smiled. Mr. Malfoy's hand twitched at the mention of permanent record, and Draco paled even further. Neville was sure that all of the parents would be glad with this idea. He was surprised when Mr. Potter spoke up.

"That doesn't change the fact that Neville was knocked off of the broom in the first place. He could have gotten severely hurt if Harry or Madam Hooch had not been there. I think his parents should decide the course of action that should be taken, if this truly wasn't an accident." Mr. Potter's voice was full with determination.

"I shouldn't have been as high as I was, and my broom went out of control because I panicked. If I was more confident in the air I would have been fine. Besides, it could have been a lot worse." Neville tried to placate the Potter head.

"I do agree with, Mr. Potter," Dumbledore finally said. "I'll have your mother come straight away to discuss on what she would like to have done with the matter, or if you'd like we could have your grandmother come in her place."

"If Grams comes instead of my mum, Grams will demand that me and Malfoy be hung by our toes for three days…" Neville shuddered. All three of the Malfoys blanched. "We can just wait until Mum comes home. She should be back soon, but Dad won't be around for a while."

Dumbledore nodded solemnly before he spoke. "Well, then, if we are all agreed upon, we shall go ahead to with the twins suggestion. Each family will be spoken to with their child's head of house and myself, and then, of course you parents are free to leave." The tone in which Dumbledore spoke left no room for argument. "Now who would like to go first?"

The Malfoys opted to go first. Everyone else moved to one of the headmaster's side rooms. No matter how hard Neville tried to listen to what was going on in the office he couldn't hear a peep. The twins were having a similar problem.

"Harry," Mrs. Potter started, her tone was crisp, "what on earth possessed you to hit Draco Malfoy."

"He called you a Mudblood and then he tried to knock me off of my broom, but got Neville instead! He's lucky I only hit him!" Harry snapped.

"Harry, that's no excuse to hit someone!" Mrs. Potter raised her voice.

"Would you have rather had me try to curse him? Or knock him off of his broom?!" Harry yelled back.

"Harry," Mr. Potter's voice was like a soothing sheet of ice compared to the heatedly angry tones of his family. "There is no excuse for violent behavior, that being said, I'm proud that you defended what you believed in. However, you are still too young to take things into your own hands. When you are seventeen, you can decide for yourself what the best course of action is.

"You could have just told someone that you were having problems with Draco, and they would have helped you. Lily," Mr. Potter turned to his wife who looked as though she was trying very hard to keep herself calm. "Draco Malfoy deserved to be tied to a tree and fed to hippogriffs-"

"James!" Lily was aghast by the description.

"That being said, since he is only a child, he doesn't quite deserve such harsh treatment. If it was his father that said it, I would have Sirius conger self-tying rope." Mr. Potter said with a straight face. Mrs. Potter sighed she knew that there was no point in arguing with Mr. Potter. Neville admired his ability to diffuse tense situations. Neville sighed. It wasn't even a month into school and he had already gotten into trouble.