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Chapter 19: Forward Motion Part I

George sat alone in the Slytherin common room, listening to the gentle swoosh of the lake against the stone walls and more importantly, he was observing the comings and goings of the peculiar comings and goings of the Hogwarts staff.

Ever since the first day of school, ever since Dumbledore forbade all of the student body from entering the third floor corridor, George had been keeping an eye on the third floor with a very convenient map.

Right now, Professor Sprout and Hagrid were in the third corridor. They had been there for some time. George was starting to see a pattern. There were a few that were in the corridor more often than others. Hagrid, Quirrell and Sprout went to the third floor very often. So often that George was sure that they were taking care of something. He wasn't sure what it was, but there was something living in the third corridor for sure.

Flitwick, McGonagall and Snape had also been to the third floor, but each of them had only gone once, based on George's research. It would appear that spells were being tended to. It had taken a while to figure out why Snape would be going there. Obviously there was something being hidden somewhere around the third floor, and that thing was being sought after by someone.

Who ever it was had to be pretty dangerous, considering the school's most talented duelers were involved with this. It was pretty stupid of Dumbledore to hide something, that was probably as dangerous as the people looking for it, in a school filled with untrained witches and wizards.

However, George wasn't just spying on the third floor. Blue eyes watched the name that had been following around Quirrell the entire year: Tom Riddle. Who ever this Tom was, he followed the sputtering professor everywhere. When he slept, when he ate, even when he was using the loo. George didn't know how Quirrell managed to not notice someone following him around.

The red head thought about how he could never manage to see Tom while in class. Maybe he was really good at the Notice Me Not Charm. One thing was for certain, there was someone called Tom Riddle within the school and no one but him knew he was here. Before George could contemplate this further, he heard a giggling girl come down from the dormitories.

Slytherin's resident slut came stumbling down the stairs. She was practically naked. George shook his head. Flint came down the stairs shirtless and pretty obviously aroused. The red head was mildly entertained by the scene unfolding before him. The two would be lovers hadn't even noticed him. George didn't reveal himself until Liz was on her knees, unzipping Flint's pants.

"The next time you decide to play brothel in the common room, make sure that it's empty. Otherwise, the whole house will know about your little obsession, Lizzy." the blonde ignored George and kept doing what she did best.

"Fuck, Weasley! Get the fuck out of here!" Flint groaned. The girl made a slurping sound and then gagged.

"I'm going, I'm going. Just don't forget that we have a game this weekend, and that it was your bright idea to have practice tomorrow. Mischief managed." George said as he packed up his things. He heard Flint groan as he walked up the stairs.

George laughed to himself at how well that potion had worked. It was a little too potent, but he and Fred had time to fix that. Right now, George needed to get some sleep. He had double potions in the morning.

George took notes lazily in Potions the next morning, which was quite the effort considering his brother was blatantly sleeping next to him. Snape was droning on like he like to do in the mornings. Anyone unfortunate enough to fall asleep was promptly given detention. Not that he or Fred cared at this point, and it wasn't like Snape was going to keep two of the best Quidditch players in the school from playing on Saturday.

George kicked Fred's stool when it was time for some practical skill. Fred rubbed his face and looked at the board. "I'll go get the ingredients." They were making a Confusion Concoction today. The twins had already made a this potion several times. They were more interested in making new potions than making existing potions.

The two were done before many of their classmates, and the twins amused themselves by making a another potion and changing some of the ingredients to make the potions more potent. Snape observed them a few times as well.

Now there was a man that George couldn't understand no matter how hard he tried. Outside of class, Snape was quick to punish the twins, but at the same time he favored them because they were Slytherins. It was like he couldn't make up his mind about the two. In class, Snape seemed impressed by what the two could do with a few ingredients and a cauldron.

His behavior towards Harry was even more strange. It was obvious to them that Snape wanted to rip into Harry for even the slightest things, but he never did. George thought on all of the mysterious people and behaviors happening all over the school. He got the distinct impression that something important was going on, and that something huge was going to happen soon. He could only wait to see what it was.

When Snape inspected everyone's potions he sneered at the ones Fred and George had made. Both of the twins sneered right back at him. When the class was dismissed, Snape asked that the two of them stay behind.

"As much as it pains me to say, your adjusted potion was a freak accident of competence." Snape said, much to the confusion of the twins, but that didn't stop them from grinning like madmen at the professor. "As such, I would like to test the potion, and, if it is satisfactory, I would like to publish the potion in a paper I have been working on."

Snape looked almost sick at requesting, at least that was what George thought Snape was doing, to use something his students had come up with. George knew that his brother was going to milk this for what it was worth, but before either of them could say something Snape spoke again.

"Let me just say this. If the two of you make this more painful than it has to be, I will put you in an indefinite state of detention. Is that clear." Snape's tone was cold and the twins knew better than to do anything that hindered his work. So the two simply nodded their heads and requested that they get the rights to their potion. Snape couldn't argue with that.

George had given Snape a copy of his notes on the potion that they had created and the two left. They looked at each other and laughed. Snape was so hard to follow, a true mystery if anyone asked them. It probably killed him to ask for permission to use someone else's potion.

"Gred, did you notice that our dear Professor Snape has been walking around with a limp since Halloween?" George asked his brother.

"What do you think is on the third floor anyway?" Fred asked his brother, knowing where George was going with this. Ron and one of the Holiday twins had bumped into them on Halloween when they went to go be heroes. At first they weren't going to follow them, but George had seen Quirrell sneak out of the Great Hall. The twins were going to follow him, but the other Holiday twin went bolting after his brother.

That was when they had seen Snape following the Gryffindors. The twins were then obligated to follow Snape, because he was supposed to be with the other professors. By the time they had caught up with Ron, Snape had left for the third floor, and their stupid little brother was fighting a bloody troll.

Professor McGonagall almost caught them in the hallway. Had that happened Fred and George would have really been in trouble. They had to literally restrain the Holiday twin that was with them. Fred hadn't been happy about that, because the two of them had to carry the poor kid all the way to Gryffindor Tower. They had just barely managed to get to the classroom the Slytherins had been lead to for safety.

"I'm not sure, but we should tell Harry soon. Something important is going on, and I'm sure he'd want to know." George said. "Do we tell him before or after the Quidditch match this weekend?"

"We should concentrate on getting more information. Not only that, I don't think Harry will want to figure out what's going on, and will completely ignore the game." Fred said.

"Then his image within Slytherin house will be ruined." George finished. The plan was to slowly win over and convert the Slytherins and several of the members of the other houses to the Dark Lord's way of thinking, so by the time the Dark Lord did come back into power there would be several young witches and wizards ready and willing to take the Mark.

"Let's just finish the week and tell him. We still have the whole year to figure this out." Fred said and the two went to their next class.

Saturday morning arrived faster than George thought it would. At least that was what he thought when he had to wake up at six on a Saturday morning. The younger Weasley twin yawned and kicked off his blankets. His brother was still snoring in his bed. With a grumble George pulled Fred's blankets off of his bed.

"-he fuck… Forge… Go back to bed…" Fred mumbled into his pillow.

"Gred, we have a Quidditch game today, and all the players have to participate in the school festivities. Ya know, because it's the first game of the year and all. So get up!" George said not caring if he woke all of the third year boys up.

"Alright, alright…" Fred sat up. "Who's making the banners this year with us?"

"Does it matter? It's probably a bunch of prissy girls again. Just hurry up and get ready." George started to walk away, and then said: "And don't masturbate in the showers again. I don't want to have to listen to that this early in the morning."

"Don't worry… I don't even have morning wood. It's too early to have that much fun…" George laughed at his twin.

When the twins made it downstairs there were several Slytherin girls waiting for the team starters. They were all huddling around Harry, who was entertaining them with stories of his god-father. Since he was the last Black, with a formidable fortune, several of the girls throughout the entire school were pining over the man. It didn't help that Sirius was also very handsome. Even the Weasley matriarch was smitten with the man when he wasn't being an advocator for misbehaving.

"So, Harry," Lizzy, the girl that Fred had slipped a particularly powerful libido potion, pressed, "Does your god-father like blondes?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure," Harry said with mild interest. "I know that he likes his lovers to have light colored hair, but I don't know how he feels about blondes in particular."

"Sirius told me that he doesn't like his lovers to have black hair. He says it reminds him of his family members." Fred said from the stairs. "But I know for sure that he doesn't like his women blonde. He has a cousin that is blonde." Lizzy pouted.

"Where's Flint?" George asked. He imagined that he had been with Lizzy last night. They had been together for the past week.

"Up here," Flint said from the top of the stair case. "Were are Crick and Adrian?"

"They went to get supplies with Lori and Nel. They said they would meet us in the Great Hall when everyone was in the common room." Cassandra said. "Now that all of us are here, we should go meet them. The Gryffindors will be working in the entrance hall if we get there before them."

"Let's get a move on then," Flint said. The large group of ten left the dungeons to go to the Great Hall. There was nothing like being a Slytherin on the opening day of Quidditch, George thought. There was a heady feeling to being apart of something big. George could hardly wait until he was apart of something even more grand than a silly Quidditch team. Only four more years, George thought.

Nel was sitting on Adrian's lap when the rest of the team and team's advocates walked in. Crick and Lori were setting out supplies. The rest of the girls set to working on posters, and the actual players went about reviewing on their strategy. Not that they had to worry about it. Gryffindor didn't have good Beaters or a good Seeker. Sure their Chasers and Keeper were some of the best in the school, but that didn't make a team.

After a couple of hours the other houses started to drift into the Great Hall. The girls practically cursed them for interrupting the decorations that they were making. George was amused by their ferocity. They weren't even going to be playing. George watched Delaine bend over the banner she was working on. Her ass certainly looked great in the tight pants she was wearing. Fred nudged George with his shoulder and the two watched the girl work. She obviously knew they were watching based on the way she arched her back.

The Slytherin troupe all looked up when Professor Snape walked in. His robes billowed behind him like they always did. He scrutinized all of the work they had done. No one could say what he thought about their hard work, but he seemed to have nodded in satisfaction. He then turned to address the team.

"Win," Snape said. Sweet and simple like always, George wanted to laugh. The Potions Master then swiftly left the Great Hall. The team then huddled together. The girls huddled around them.

"Show no mercy today boys," Flint said and the Slytherins jeered. The other students filled the Hall after that. The Gryffindors were boisterously loud. It didn't help that the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were cheering for them as well. The other houses hated it when Slytherin won. To bad for everyone else that they were going to win, George laughed at the thought.

The rest of the Slytherin house burst into the doors several of the upper years lifted part of the team. George and Harry were in the air, and Fred stood on one of the tables along with Delaine and Lori. The noise within the Great Hall was reaching deafening heights.

The noise didn't stop. Even when it hit one o'clock when students and guest were asked for their attention. Even when Dumbledore tried to give his speech about the school's Quidditch history. Even as each of the Houses were given honor the stands cheered for the match to start. The crowd was reaching a fevered frenzy.

The Gryffindors were introduced first. Louder still did the crowd get. Then, each of the Slytherin players were introduced. George thought there was going to be a riot if the match didn't start soon. Into the air George went, enjoying the rush of the air, listening to the sound of the crowd. This was going to be a fun game he thought.

"Now, I want a nice fair game, all of you," Madame Hooch said. George smiled innocently when Madame Hooch looked from Flint to Fred and then to him. They had gotten themselves into a fair amount of trouble last year because of unsportsmanlike conduct as Charlie had put it. Madam Hooch blew her whistle and the game started.

George knew what he had to do. He was tasked with taking out Oliver Wood. The Gryffindors weren't very deep when it came to key players like Wood. They seemed to think that they could go the entire game without switching up players. George barreled down the pitch trying to get himself between a Bludger and the Gryffindor posts.

"-Angelia Johnson gets the Quaffle and-a well aimed Bludger from one of the Weasleys knocks her out of the air-" George heard Lee Jordan say. "-at least they're playing fair so far-"

"-Lee!" McGonagall yelled, her voice carried through the intercom. George laughed.

"Ten points to Gryffindor!" George cursed. The Gryffindor Chasers were the best after all. "-Another Bludger hit by one of the Weasley twins nearly misses Katie Bell-"

George watched a Bludger come straight for him. One of the Gryffindor Beaters had sent it his way. George got the opening he needed. The human Bludger ducked down and swung at the Bludger when it was within his range. The force of it shook his arm. It sped toward Wood, and connection.

"-Oliver Wood is taken out by the other Weasley twin. It doesn't look good for Gryffindor. Again, I'm surprised there hasn't been any cheating-"

"-Lee I'm warning you-"

"-Harry Potter flies off! Followed closely by Gryffindor Seeker Amy Cooper! Looks like Harry's reaching out for the Snitch! They're in an free for all dive and! Potter performs a brutal Wronski Feint. Amy doesn't look like she's going to get up from that one-"

George kept watch for a substitute Keeper as he hit a Bludger in the direction of the Slytherin hoops. Fred was there to hit the Bludger towards Alicia Spinnet. The last two truly threatening players on Gryffindor team were Bell and Spinnet who were masterfully avoiding the Bludgers.

George flew towards Fred. His brother nodded at him. One of the Gryffindor Beaters was cutely aiming a Bludger at the twins. Spinnet was holding the Quaffle and was getting dangerously close to the Slytherin hoops. The Bludger's violent path was stopped when both twins hit the Bludger with full force at the same time.

"-Alicia is taken out by a creepily perfect Dopplebeater Defense. It unfortunately looks like Slytherin will win first game this year-"

"-Lee!" despite McGonagall's sternness, there was a sense of worry in her voice.

"-Curtis Culp and Tom Borland are hot on Potter's tail! The Weasley twins are hot in pursuit!

George watched as Harry reached his arm out. The younger twin could barely see the tell tale flickers of gold from the Snitch. Fred barreled towards Culp who was in the process of swinging at a Bludger. Culp flinched when he saw Fred in his peripheral vision, and Fred was able to get to the Bludger first, sending it into Borland.

Borland was saved by his reflexes. Harry suddenly dove to the ground, both Gryffindor Beaters followed. Borland sent him a Bludger, and George easily hit it at one of the Gryffindor substitute Chasers. Occasionally, George could hear that Slytherin scored, but he didn't pay any attention.

Culp backhanded a Bludger toward George and the twin had to Sloth Grip Roll to avoid it due to the close proximity.

"-A near miss on a Weasley, but the Bludger hits its mark. Slytherin captain Flint was nearly taken out! Great job Curtis!" There was the sound of a slight struggle. McGonagall must have taken away the intercom from Lee.

George nodded at Fred, and his older brother left to deal with Flint who started to undoubtedly cheat. He tended to get that way when mishaps like that happened. Harry was nearly to the ground, and George was a little worried that he wouldn't be able to stop like Harry could.

Harry suddenly pulled up, and George had to scramble to do the same. The bristle end of his broom had hit the ground, which was better than Culp and Borland. Borland was able actually pull up, but he lost control of his broom and was now sprawled out on the ground. Culp hit the ground hard, but he had flailed before he hit.

In his flailing, Culp managed to snag the back of Harry's broom. Harry lurched forward and tumbled to the ground. George had to do a spinning swerve to hit the Bludger that was speeding towards Harry's head. George fell to the ground as well.

The red head watched as Harry heaved. George's jaw dropped in disbelief. Harry never, never got sick while flying, and the kid certainly wasn't afraid to be in front of people. George struggled to his feet and jogged towards Harry. The first year heaved again. Harry's lips were blue.

"Oh shit!" George cursed and he started slapping Harry's back. He heaved again and something popped out of his freaking mouth! A gold little ball landed into Harry's hands. George couldn't help but laugh.

Harry lifted the snitch while coughing. His natural color was returning to his face. There was obvious confusion in the stands, and it wasn't until Madam Hooch blew the whistle that everyone understood that Slytherin won the first game of the season.

"-Slytherin wins! Two hundred and thirty to fifty!" Lee sounded dejected.

"Remind me to never do that again…" Harry's voice was hoarse.

"To what? Not swallow a freaking snitch." George laughed. Harry was swept off of his feet by the rest of the team and several House members who had made it onto the field. George's grin slowly turned into a thoughtful glower as Harry was carried away by the ecstatic crowd.

He was going to be working very hard very soon.