A/N: sooo i desided to do some short Drabbles of Tuco/Blondie and yes Ana is going to be in here as well. i cant do a story with out her/Me.

Summary: just some Tuco/Blondie Drabbles OOCness and AU (dont like dont read)

warnings: Yaoi (boyxboy)

Disclaimer: i dont own Tuco or Blondie they go to the good the the bad and the ugly which goes to Serigo Leone,But i happily own Ana cause well thats me. I hope you enjoy and im sorry for the OOCness of Tuco and Blondie but its hard to make fluff with them completely in Character.


They where a Family a strange one at that, since they weren't normal. Ana she was mischievous and was good sort of. she could scheme on how to get money, hurt people and other stuff. When it came to her friends and family however she always had there Back's and would go threw thick and thin for them all. She was what you called an Anodite-an extraterrestrial Alien that could easily hurt you but she hardly ever goes into that form. Her brother was Blondie the 'good' even though he was more like an Anti-hero.

Blowing up bridges, faking to be in the war, hurting people and he was always quick on the drawl. Blondie being Ana's brother was more like her dad, there dad wasn't around at all so he helped practically raise her. Even though he knew Ana could take care of herself and didn't need people's help. He was very calm he sometime's barley talked above a whisper and smoked a lot of cigars. He is also an Anodite like his sister but like her he hardly ever uses his powers unless a emergency comes. If people Tried to hurt his sister and Tuco he would usually just shoot them but if they really hurt them bad he would go into his Anodite form. Most of there friends call him the golden haired Angel, he watches over his Tuco. His more than just friend.

Tuco was Blondie's best friend, well more than best friend. The Mexican was the type that wasn't patient, or calm but everyone could agree that opposites attract. They had there differences but they also had things in common. They liked money, Dead-On shot there enemy's that tried to kill them, they where both Anodite's and could scheme away. Tuco loved Ana like in a sister or daughter kind of way. He and Blondie where like her parents in a way. Ana and Blondie's parents where who knows where so they forgot about them and lived on there own since then. Of coarse they had other family members like aunts and Uncles that they saw every once in a while.

Blondie and Tuco where always there for each other and Ana. Anodite's are immortal and so these 3 cant die even if shot. They live together and always will be one strange family.

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Blondie: no one talked at all

Tuco: yeah it was boaring

Me: well this was in narrator's version kinda

Tuco: there wasnt anything

Blondie: yeah

Me: next time there will