Hello all!

It's been exactly a month since Fate Has Its Ways ended, and I would like to thank all of you for all the support you guys gave. I read all the reviews and cried a lot.

Anyway, today is also the first year anniversary of Fates.

Such a day warrants a celebration.

Today I'm posting the first chapter of the side-quel to Fates, Love Has Its Ways.

In case you didn't read the author's note in one of the previous chapters, a side-quel is a sort of sequel. It's a story consisting of many little scenes. In Fates, there are a lot of scenes that are discussed, but aren't actually in the story, like the fight at Grimmauld place the day Hermione disappeared, Hermione talking to Ron and Harry after getting her memory back, Narcissa and Lucius's backstory, among others.

There are also a lot of scenes that I want to explore using a different perspective, such as the funeral from Harry's point of view.

So yeah. That's going up today.

Also, check out my new Dramione, Seven Minutes. It's a tragedy/romance that I'm really excited about. I think it's going to be good.

I also have another new Dramione in the works, which I will put up in due course. This one will be more light-hearted, just a fun story.

Thank you all for your continuous support. You guys are the best readers anyone could ever ask for.

Stay excellent


P.S. I forgot to mention something in Fates. I have no idea what Malfoy Industries does. It's just a generalized company, not specific. It was a metaphor for Draco's life, how without Hermione in it, it became dull, monotone, vague. There was nothing exciting about it, no point in explaining it further.

Also, I was too lazy to make up a business plan.