And the Deity Bestows You Fortune

"Good morning, Jude!" greeted the young Lord, running happily towards the statue maker. "Welcome back, Lord Riou. "Anything interesting along the way?" to which Riou replied with a grin. He extracted a roll of parchment from his backpack, handing it to Jude. "I found this on the way back."

'Rabbit Plan #4' was written in bold at the top of the page.

"Great, my Lord! We can begin constructing the Guardian Deity!" He shuffled the miscellaneous items across his desk to make room for his Guardian Deity plans collection, examining each carefully. "We've got enough plans."

"Um...,"mumbled Riou, scratching his head lightly."What's this Guardian Deity thing anyway?"

Jude waved his hand enthusiastically, emphasizing his explanations,"It's a statue built with legendary Guardian Deity models. They're said to grant you fortune if you can complete one."

The young leader's interest was piqued. "So how can we make it?"

"You pick the design and I'll do the rest. Here, choose amongst the plans we've collected."

"This," said Riou, marking the parts he chose. Jude studied his leader's choices, and frowned slightly. "Rabbit head, Dragon body, Dragon leg, and Rabbit tail...are you sure, your highness? It's an unique taste indeed..."but he didn't comment further and instead stating that 'we should proceed accordingly' and that Riou could check for the result in three days top.

Three days later...

"So what did Jude build?"Asked Nanami, curious as her brother walked to the main hall, waiting for the secret project to be revealed. "A Guardian statue, or so he said. Legends said that it'd give us fortune." Light lit on her eyes. "Ooh, I wonder what we would get! Hundred thousand potch falling from the sky..." Riou sweatdropped as his sister grinned dreamily.

At the main hall most of the castle's occupants were already present, waiting Jude to remove the canvas cloth covering the mystery statue. Upon Riou's entrance, Jude bowed, signaling him to be the first to see the final product.

"And here it is!" exclaimed Jude, pulling the cover in a quick flourish. The crowd cheered, ignoring the strange design. Riou moved forward to examine the rabbit head, and was showered with light. Jude watched them with highest interest.

When the light dissipated, Riou was holding some sort of urn in his hand. He froze, jawdropped. "What's it, my Lord?" asked Jude. Riou ignored the question, instead turning to his sister, handing her the object. "Isn't this... the pottery you made in Kyaro?" He could recognize the horrid shape from afar, another creation of Nanami's 'creative' hands. He awkwardly strung the words together, eyebrows creased, deliberately refraining from adding 'one of your many failed urns'. Nanami took it and turn it over. "It is! Look! I engraved my name on its base!"

The crowd went silent.

"Didn't I leave it in Kyaro? How did it come here?"

"What did the Deity try to tell me?" thought Riou.

Rumor had it said that he ordered the statue to be disassembled the next day following Nanami's exclaim that she'd continue her 'talents'.

A/N: I can understand money, rune, wine, celadon urn, and other random items, but how on earth personal work was in the list? Well, the Guardian Deity construction yields many weird outcomes. Quick introduction with this project: It'll consist of separate oneshots parodying various aspects of the game. Mostly under 300 words-small scenes that makes you laugh.