A Very Self-Sufficient Castle- The Case of Bottomless Pit

"Yeah! I got another one, Yam Koo!"
"Whoa, My Lord, Master Tir has actually taught you something!"

"Quite a haul today, don't you think? Wait... where are the whitefishes and squids I caught earlier?"

"They're in the kitchen. I bet Hai Yo's cleaning them. Ahh, I can't wait for supper."

"But...None of us moved from this spot since two hours ago..."

"Trade secret, Lord Riou. Trade secret. This is how we keep fishes fresh."

"Good morning, Yuzu!"

"Hello, mister! The cow and chicks are all grown up!"

"Didn't we eat chicken last night? How it can be that they're still around?"

"No, no! You're wrong mister. Just like crops, when you eat one, you'll get another one after some time!"


"How's your crops, Tony?"

"Simply beautiful, Lord Riou. Thank you for giving me the chance to work here. Would you like to help me harvest them?"
"Sure! Where's the basket?"
"Oh, we don't need basket. Once you pick 'em up, they'll instantly go to Hai Yo's storage."

"How on earth-!"

"Trade secret, Lord Riou. One doesn't simply share his secret."

He often wondered what kind of thing would surprise him after living in the castle.

A/N: To everyone still following this story up until now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for sticking in this series to the very end, this poor excuse of my attempt at humor. Next week will be the last chapter.