Deal of a Lifetime

"You met a swordsman at Drakemouth Pass?" She raised her eyebrows, intrigued. Riou nodded, recounting his brief encounter and the lasting impression it gave. "I'm sure he'd be a nice addition to this army,"he concluded.

"Have you tried asking him?" asked Lorelai, shifting a bit so Jeane's customer could pass before leaning her body to the counter again. "Yes," Riou hesitated, remembering the rejection,"But he said no. Something about not going to be involved in conflict or whatnot. He was munching so it didn't come very clear. This might be purely hypothetical, but I think he's actually interested, even only vaguely."

Something in that story definitely caught Lorelai's interest. The usually cynical woman was curious enough to talk normally, without hint of sarcasm for once. "You said he was able to save you in one strike?"


"Brown cape and black hair?"


"Then I might help you. If I'm right, he won't say no to this,"she smirked. "Of course, we'll need some help from Hai Yo and Barbara."

Two days later Riou cheerfully reported back to Lorelai, bringing the new recruit along. The swordsman was taken aback by Lorelai's presence, while the woman was holding a grin, as if they knew each other before. Seconds passed before the swordsman spoke up.


"Long time no see. Fancy meeting you here, Georg."

"So it was you."

"It was an irresistible proposal, wasn't it?" she said nonchalantly.

Feeling that their presences weren't required anymore, Riou and Nanami went outside. Just as they passed Gordon's trading shop, Nanami dragged him to the alleyway and whispered,"What did Lorelai advise to you?"

Her younger brother scratched his hair. "Offering an endless supply of cheesecake while he's in our army. That and daily allowance of cheesecake. He...agreed right away."

A/N: Idea by Fortune Hunter, thanks!