Chapter 1- Dark beginnings.

Death Egg, 23:05

Dr Robotnik stood in his lab, Lien-Da next to him, with Mecha Sally standing and facing him on some kind of circular footplate. He chestplate was open, showing off the machinery inside, and her optics currently off.

"So, maybe the using the Power Ring Matrix to fuel her was a bad idea." The mad doctor stated. "The Rings wear out too quickly, and since Naugus has apparently gotten rid of Nicole, New Mobotropolis only gets a Ring every 12 hours."
"That was your plan to get more Rings? Waltz into the city an ask for one? I know the Council of Acorn have the collective brainpower of a table, but they aren't that stupid." Lien-Da groaned, slapping her forehead.
"Silence you. I need a new power source. Something that won't run out and need replacing." Robotnik continued, as he walked over to Mecha Sally and pulled the Power Ring Matrix out, leaving it on a desk. The Ring inside was already mostly depleted, it's golden luster gone, and its shape beginning to buckle.

"Why not just use her original Spark? Sure, she might be able to free herself, but she won't drop dead in the middle of a battle, sending Sonic over the edge and causing him to kill you." Lien-Da asked.

"Good idea. I knew I would come up with something!" Robotnik boasted, before he went and fetched the Robian squirrel's Spark. He placed it inside the Spark Chamber, which had previously housed the Power Ring Matrix, and instantly, Mecha Sally jolted. Her optics lit up, sapphire light glowing from them, and she flexed the fingers of both of her hands. Her chestplate slammed closed, almost chopping Robotnik's hands off, and she began to separate from her mountings and walk towards Robotnik, who started to back away.

"Ooh, that's not good." Lien-Da realised, and she promptly left the room. "Best to get out of there before it gets really messy."

"Mecha Sally!" Robotnik yelled. " I did not order you to return to online mode! Go back to the plate and resume your sleep! That's an order!"

Mecha Sally did not go back to the plate. Her optics filled with hatred, she shot out her left hand, and clamped it around Robotnik's throat, lifting him off the ground as her engines burst into life. Her right forearm opened up, and a glowing blue energy blade extended from it, shimmering in the darkened laboratory.

"Removing the Power Ring Matrix was a very bad idea, Doctor." She hissed.

Castle Prower, Northammer, Moebius, 23:20

Miles Prower, current ruler of the twisted planet known as Moebius, sat on his throne, his wife Alicia snuggled about next to him. The two of them were a loving couple, but also had a very open marriage, both of them enjoying time with Miles' sizeable harem of Moebian girls, pertaining to both Moebians' tastes. The two were currently sitting and talking, when a lynx-girl, clad in a purple version of the uniform Alicia, and indeed almost every member of Miles' band of Moebians wore, walked into the room.

"Ah, Violet. What is it that you need?" Miles asked. Violet was a counterpart to Nicole, a computer virus inhabiting the body of a cyborg lynx, against the will of the lynx herself, and a member of Miles' harem, not to mention a particular favourite of the couple when it came to more sexual activities.

"Master, Mistress. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that Fiona Fox has been sighted nearby. Mistress has expressed certain… desires… about her, and I thought you might like to know." Violet began.

"Oh, excellent." Alicia said. The squirrel had a soft spot for Fiona, since she had been through the same abuse that the vixen had suffered under Scourge, and was quite happy to take her affection a trite further, though Fiona was not sure how she felt about the attention. Sometimes she reciprocated, happy to have a pair of arms to snuggle into and a shoulder to cry on, something that her 'boyfriend', Scourge, was very bad at providing. Other times, she wasn't interested, and tried to avoid Alicia. The squirrel had quickly worked out that Fiona would always reciprocate if she had heard Scourge shouting, normally because it would signal that Scourge had been abusing her, and she would be wanting the squirrel's sympathy and consoling. To her surprise, Fiona had, during the steamiest of their encounters, told Alicia that she was the only reason she was still sane.

"The bad news is that Scourge is with her, as are the counterparts to the Protectix." Violet finished.

"Which members?" Miles asked.

"Lynx, Frog, Hawk, and Simian." Violet replied.

"Not a problem, then." Miles said smugly. "Relay this order to the Squad. I want Patch to take the lynx, Buns to take the ape, you to take the bird, Boomer to take the frog, while Ally will capture Fiona. Scourge is all mine."

"Yes Master." Violet nodded, before she teleported out. Miles and Alicia grinned at each other, and Miles warped the two of them to the outside with his powers, where the rest of the Squad were quickly assembling. Patch was a coyote of Mercian descent, with brown fur and blonde hair, clad in a green uniform and an eyepatch that gave him his nickname. It had previously been just for show, to make him look rugged, but then Scourge had carved his eye out with a spoon. Buns was an auburn-furred rabbit, seated in a large blue robot with a golden head. The robot actually acted as a counter for Buns' NIDS, but Miles had weaponized it for her. Boomer was a bulky purple walrus with golden metal grafted to the backs of his hands, and half of his face. They contained sonar cannons, which emitted powerful rays of sound.

Soon enough, Scourge, Fiona, and the rest of the Destructix walked into the courtyard. Scourge was a green-furred, blue eyed hedgehog, clad in a jacket made from fake leather, white fingerless gloves, and green and black boots, topped off with dorky red sunglasses. Fiona was a crimson vixen, with soft brown hair and icy blue eyes, and cream areas accenting her red fur. She was clad in a black leather halter-top, leggings, and knee-high, steel-toed boots, with a yellow bow in her hair. The rest of the crew were fairly average- a blue-feathered hawk being the most exotic thing among them.

"Thanks for keepin' my chair warm, Miles. You can hand everything over to me again now." Scourge shouted.

"And lose everything that I have fought for? Everything I have created? I think not." Miles replied, Anarchy Energy flaring up around his hands.

"Looks like I have to do this by force, the hard way!" Scourge growled.

"There's an easy way?" Fiona asked, her eyebrow raised. Instantly, Scourge whirled around to face her, his eyes burning with anger.

"Shut up!" Scourge yelled. "I didn't ask you to critique my speech!" Fiona recoiled, and it made Alicia grimace due to the familiarity. Miles simply shrugged at his adversary's lack of any sense of humour or respect, and made a quick gesture with his hand, prompting the Suppression Squad to instantly go on the attack.

Boomer fired his sonar cannons at Flying Frog, hurling him backwards, the amphibian giggling like a 10 year old as he did so. Boomer then charged forward, and Sergeant Simian tried to block him, only for Buns to shoulder-barge the huge ape out of the way. The two titans began to grapple, but Buns began to smirk behind the helm of her Omega unit.

"So, Ah've got you stuck, but you ain't got me." She taunted, as a shock probe unfolded from the mech's armour, and jabbed into Simian's side, electrocuting him. She drew her fist back, and punched the ape in the gut, knocking him down. Buns felt someone start slamming multiple attacks into her armour, and looked around to see Lighting Lynx bouncing off of her armour, until the slash of the kunai in his right hand was blocked by Patch's sword. Lightning drew another kunai, trying to outdo Patch, but the coyote was easily able to counter both knives with only his sword.

"You may be a ninja, mon ami, but you lack capability in a straight, honourable fight." He taunted, as he countered another blow. He then felt, a steel-toed boot slam into the back of his head. Patch stumbled, and looked around to see Fiona regaining her footing and glaring at him, until she was tackled and knocked away by Alicia. Predator Hawk swooped down to try and attack Alicia, but was caught in a huge claw of nanites, and slammed into the ground twice. The claw opened, and allowed the unconscious bird to hit the ground.

Patch stood up, and slashed at Lightning, who jumped back, avoiding the brunt of the swipe, but receiving a deep slash across his gut instead, knocking him down and making him pass out. Buns jumped up, and dropped her elbow into Simian's gut, the piledriver winding him long enough for her to kick him in the teeth and knock him out. Boomer caught up to Frog, who was struggling to his feet. The walrus kicked him back down, and stomped on his chest, before delivering another sonar blast point-blank to the face, defeating him as well.

"Get off me!" Fiona yelled, as Alicia pinned her down.

"Sorry Fi, but Miles wants me to capture you, so I will." Alicia said, her voice carrying a seductive tone that Fiona did not like. Fiona also didn't like the way Alicia was sitting on her. It was like the squirrel was trying to be flirtatious.

"Can you stop that? I'm really not interested!" Fiona demanded.

"That's not the implication I got from those little meetings we had before you left last time." Alicia taunted, the tone not leaving her voice. Fiona blushed heavily, and gasped as five half-rings of nanites curled around her ankles, wrists, and tail, and Violet appeared next to Alicia. The squirrel gently stroked Fiona's muzzle, turning the poor girl redder than ever, and began to speak playfully.

"Violet here is going to be taking care of you for the next few days. She's going to make sure you're up to your new Master and Mistress' standards. I wouldn't resist if I were you, relaxing and allowing Violet to make her checks will be much more enjoyable." Alicia taunted. Fiona whimpered, and closed her eyes, beginning to cry softly.

Thought I'd post my little explanation blurb on the first chapter this time, since it makes more sense for it to go here.

Time frame for this fic is pretty much anywhere after issue 235. It's effectively a fix fic, since I really don't like the direction Ian Flynn is taking the comic. Now is not the place for that, though.

Well, this is my first solo story on this site. As before, it's reposted from my DA account. It's the the oldest piece you're likely to get out of me for a while, unless I post a "Look how shit I used to be" montage at some point. This is actually pre-Splintered Shadows, so my writing is less than stellar. Still, I hope you can find some enjoyment from this.