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Chapter 110 - Scandal in Belgravia, part 1

Mycroft rubbed his temples when he saw in front of him the latest update of the Adler case. The dominatrix it seemed had found his brother irresistible, only in terms of playing mental games with him. Their files on her had revealed she much preferred her own gender but she found it fun dominating men. It was not about the gender but the act, for her. And she enjoyed mental games best. At least Sherlock had discovered that the pictures Irene Adler had in her possession were not to be used for blackmail, not blatantly at least. Adler led a dangerous life and apparently wanted a little bit of insurance. Mycroft was really not one to begrudge people their safety net, but in this case she had stepped on Royal toes.

He had briefly toyed with the idea of employing her services (and she would be needed), but she was too much of a wild card to do that. Her alliance was only to herself and she was rather fickle with her attentions. She had left a trail behind her, people who fell for her charms, or her skills. She was a thrill seeker, much like his brother. And she had also caught Moriarty's attention. His green eyed assistant had confirmed their involvement in one of Moriarty's plans.

An added headache for Mycroft was that Adler had CIA after her as well, and they were quite insistent to retrieve her 'little black book' without the assistance of the British Government. Last he heard apparently his brother, the good doctor and Adler had managed to foil that plan.

"Headache," the wizard asked him.

"I hate dealing with Adler."

"Well, she was much more fun to deal with that time at Cannes."

Mycroft shot him a glare. "Cannes was amusing to you? It was a disaster."

"Moscow was a disaster. And Lyon."

Now Holmes man winced. "I'll give you Lyon."

"Want me to intervene?"

"Not as long as the situation is salvageable," Mycroft replied. "And as long as she's not a danger to Sherlock. You best deal with the CIA."

"They are rather cocky," the wizard agreed.

"Keep me updated. And take Anthea with you. She needs to see how you handle them. And please do not cause an incident."

"What happened in Prague was in no way my fault," the green eyed man stated.

Mycroft snorted, but only after he was alone in the office.