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Chapter 62 – The Idiot

As their opponents started firing again he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and tried to get the soldiers to organize in a sort of defence and if possible even launch a counter attack. What he recognized was the look of determination on Doctor Watson's face (the soldier was not in the forefront of the man's mind and that was obvious).

"Oi, doctor," the green eyed wizard called out.

"Two of ours are downed but alive," Watson said, barely heard under the loud gunfire.

Sergeant Pryce's eyes went wide when he realized exactly what the good doctor wanted to do. "Don't be an idiot, doctor!" he called out.

"I can save them Benjamin."

The wizard cursed under his breath. The rest of the group heard the byplay.

"Too dangerous," one of their comrades said. "I can see them down, not even twitching."

That meant that they could be dead or unconscious and the wizard was not as brash as he used to be, he was not willing to risk a doctor on the possibility that those two could be alive. Yet as he took in the rest of the team he realized that these men and women would not be backing down. They were willing to help the Doctor and the wizard knew that a few years ago, before he entered the secret services, before he took a job in killing people (sure most of them were dangerous but a kill was a kill) he would have been like them, a Gryffindor at heart. He sighed, knowing when to press and understanding that this was not the time. No one would be left behind today and if possible, most of them would survive.

"Will you cover for me?" John 'Three Continents' Watson asked him and Benjamin nodded.

"For the record, you are a reckless idiot," the Sergeant said, aware of the irony in his choice of words. He was all the more aware that the good Doctor was his age, maybe a bit younger, and so alike to the 'Boy-Who-Lived' that it was not even funny. Yes, if he survived the desert and this ambush, his report would bring much amusement to Mycroft Holmes.

"Really?" the military doctor smiled. "Others would call me brave."

The wizard scoffed even as he readied his gun. He saw Watson had his medical case ready in one hand and his hand gun, military issue, ready to fire in the other hand.

"We'll settle this debate later," Sergeant Benjamin Pryce told Doctor John Watson.