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Chapter 64 – The Bigger Idiot

He had a vantage point so he could overlook the area. He took down the sniper and used his gun to drive the others out for the soldiers to pluck apart. The wizard kept an eye on Watson as the man treated his first patient, doing the sensible thing and taking the first available cover. The exchange of fire was starting to wind down and Benjamin had so far seen one of the British soldiers duck down and clutch his shoulder while their opponents were slowly but steadily being shot down.

When the sound of firearms stopped, the wizard felt his shoulders relax just a little bit. His finger was still on the trigger as he gave one last look all over the area, just as the last of the enemies (three actually) surrendered. Slowly Sergeant Pryce came down from the building and joined the rest of the team. He watched with one eye as their attackers were secured and neutralized. The rest of his attention was focused on John Watson as the man was hovering over Ken Meyson. The man was bleeding profusely from a wound on his upper right chest and a second bullet wound on his thigh. He was in a much worse condition than 'John-John' or John Miller as the man's real name was.

Watson was hovering over Meyson, trying to stop the bleeding enough so that they could transfer them to Camp Bastion. It only took seconds, even faster than the ambush that sprang up on them. It only took a moment and one of the previously docile captives broke free and reached for a gun. It was eerily similar to that time Mycroft was targeted right out of the offices. The wizard heard the commotion but it was only when the man had a gun. It took second for the others to cause an equal amount of commotion, ready to fight again. Most of the soldiers were armed to the teeth and facing them, ready to shoot.

It was John Watson who was an easy target, John Watson who was so engrossed on the man he was treating that he had no time to duck for cover or react at all. There really only was one solution for this. Benjamin was closer, he was fast enough to reach the doctor and he was used to being a shield. As far as plans went it was not a smart one, or one that guaranteed his safety. He had called John and idiot earlier but now he was going to do what he had earlier ordered the man not to do. He was fast to reach John and when the doctor turned at the sound of a gunshot, he gasped. Two more gunshots and finally three together and there was silence at the sight. Just enough time for the soldiers to see Sergeant Benjamin Pryce collapse against Watson's hold. The good doctor was sprayed with blood as he tried to ease the green eyed man to the ground.

George Jones was the first to run to them, by passing the now dead shooter and running them. She reached them only for her eyes to widen in horror. The three shots the prisoner had managed to fire had all found the Sergeant. Two had pierced through him and from the rapidly growing red stain on Watson's uniform it was obvious that the doctor was also hurt. There was as pray of blood staining the doctor's uniform and even his face as he desperately tried to staunch the blood flow from the green eyed man's most serious wound. During this all, Sergeant Pryce was unconscious and unaware of the panic around him.