"Symmetry is everything! You see!" Death the Kid ranted. "Not that you would understand." Patty thought for a second. "If you don't expect me to understand, why are you telling me?" it took exactly 8.8 seconds for Death the Kid to snap. "THIS PICTURE YOU DREW FOR ME, PATTY! IT'S VERY OFF BALANCE!" "Kid, don't be such a jackass." Liz sighed. "She was just being nice." All of a sudden, Black Star walked in to the room. "Hey, guys! What's up!" Tsubaki was silently following. "You can't just burst in to somebody's roo-" "Whatever!" Black Star cut off. Death the Kid started sweating. He knew the kid didn't come from a very spoiled atmosphere and Black Star was pretty much destined to destroy something. "Hahahaha! Hi, Black Star! Uhhh... How about we hang out elsewhere?!" "Nah, Your room's cool!" He smiled, sitting on the bed. Death the Kid started getting angry. 'Unsymmetrical freak...' He thought. "What's this?" Black Star asked, picking up a carefully placed candle. Death the Kid started sweating again. 'Maybe he'll put it back where he found it...' "It looks like a Buddhist ritual candle! That's cool!" "Uh, yeah!" Death the Kid took the candle out of Black Star's hand and took five careful minutes putting it back.

"Well, the three of us are gonna go take a walk." Tsubaki said, referring to herself, Liz and Patty. "Okay, you go have fun with that." Death the kid shooed them. Black star picked up something else. Kid grabbed the object not taking it out of Black Star's hand, though. "Kid, What are you-" Was all Black Star could get out before he felt two strong lips pressed against his own. "Does this mean..." Black Star whispered after Death the Kid had let him go. "It was only to make you stop." Black Star spaced out for a second. "What?" "I was just thinking...What will Soul Eater think?"