Hey! XamutoforeverX here and today i bring you a sonic story! I probably will be concerned about finishing my other stories like . : Love Neko : . + After Life but i can't think properly with all the Sonadow in my head D: For those who don't know what Sonadow is it's Sonic x Shadow. Sonic is usually the Seme when people say Sonadow and Shadow is the Uke. I don't really have a preference to who is the Uke or Seme i just like Sonic x Shadow... Let's start the story anyway! This story Sonic is the Uke!


Sonic's POV

"Damn you Faker!" I shouted at the black and red striped hedgehog before me and charge at him but as soon as i reach my destination he's gone! Where could have he got too? "Faker? I'm not the fake one here...No...Your not even good enough to be my fake!" I grit my teeth in annoyance...just who is he? "I'll make you regret those words!" I shout at him again then charging then he dissapears..again! "Hmph! Cool moves! But let's take it to the streets, think you can keep up with me?" i shout over to him and start running down the building and to the street below only to be closely followed by that damned faker! "Ready to lose?" "What~" i say running faster than before only for him to catch up...too quick for my likings..."resistance is futile" he spoke into my ear before disappearing once more. How is he doing that?! As I'm looking around for the guy i didn't realise he was behind me before he kicked me to the ground making me groan "ouch" I look at the faker only to realise he wasn't behind me anymore "This way Sonic the hedgehog" a voice whispered into my ear making me rise to me knees and turn only to then regret it completely "What nice eyes you have there Sonic" that guy! i was startled and moved to quick making me fall a little on my knees and land near his...crotch...how nice "didn't know you liked me like this Sonic" that guy is very annoying! "I-i didn't mean too!" i spoke moving my head back up to face him "how did you know my name anyway?" i'm getting bad vibes from this guy " Doctor Eggman told me" Figured that egg-head had something to do with all this! Damn him to hell! "Do you want to know mine?" I look at the guy before me with a confused glance "know your what...?" he sighed and rolled his eyes making me turn away from him stupid fake hedgehog! "my name idiot" i spin around only to have my face next to his my eyes widened as i moved away from him "I'm not the i-idiot a-around here f-faker!" damn stuttering! it's all that hedgehogs fault! But why does it affect me so much? Amy's face had been that close to mine before and i didn't think anything of it yet this guy is making me stutter with ease...Just what is my mind thinking? His eyes are a strange crimson colour which makes them look very se-WHAT AM I THINKING?! "my name's Shadow. Shadow The hedgehog" my mind focuses on what the faker just said..his name is Shadow huh? Suits him since he does have shadow coloured fur and his body is so lean and se-ARGH! "Your blushing a lot there Sonic The Hedgehog what are you thinking of?" Shadow spoke into my ear making me shiver a little and making my ears droop "N-nothing! It doesn't matter!" How embarrassing for my enemy to see me blush! I don't blush usually...but this guy he's making me blush over nothing...i can't have feelings for him could i? But i only really met him today but he's so...different then everyone else i know...maybe just maybe...i do have feelings for this faker,Shadow The Hedgehog...?

Shadow's POV

This Sonic guy doesn't seem that bad. From what the Doctor told me about him he made him seem a little evil and mysterious and a genius, but meeting him up close has taken a reality check. What is he even thinking about in that mind of his...? I'm literally stood here not knowing what to do with myself while Sonic,from the looks of it, is having a battle of thoughts "...Sonic?" i say gently at first since he might just be shy to talk now "Sonic?Hello?" getting a little louder for him to possibly hear me...or not. Let's try this another way liking whispering into his ear? No I've done that once.. Shouting? No that'll scare him too much... Then what could i do to make him pay attention? Smirking to myself as I got an idea that was sure enough going to make him listen to me...perfect

Sonic's POV...(again)

No,No,No! I can't have feelings for him! He's working for Eggman! But he's so sexy and his fur looks so soft and he's just so touchable! ARGH! All of a sudden i felt something touch my lips and i opened my eyes since i closed them to concentrate to find Shadow right in front of me...wait a secon- He's kissing me?! A fire-truck-red blush appears on my muzzle as Shadow keeps kissing me leaving some of his eyes open to look at mine well what i also didn't realise until i felt it was that his hands were holding onto my butt making me push into Shadow more...i bet he's liking this...damn faker! But Shadow...why is he actually kissing me i haven't done anything that he would want to kiss me for. I felt the kiss get lighter until it ended "S-Shadow why did yo-" before i could finish my sentence Shadow kissed me again but this time shoved his tongue into my mouth making my eyes widen then shut in pleasure. I-I can't believe how he's kissing me! I-It feels so good though. Soon enough i found myself with my arms wrapped around Shadow's neck and kissing him back i could tell he liked this movement because his grip on my butt tightened making me shut my eyes tighter and moaning a little. Once we broke of for air Shadow immediately smirked at me before saying anything "So you do like me like that huh?" I pout at him and he just chuckles at me "hey,why did you kiss me anyway?" Shadow just smiled at me and let go of me "Shadow,don't avoi-"
"I love you Sonic the Hedgehog" was all Shadow said before disappearing again but this time i knew he'd gone for good "I also love you Shadow the Hedgehog" i spoke in whispers in case anyone else was around, luckily there wasn't many people around so no-one ever knew what i actually said

2 Days Later

Shadow's POV

"This plan will be perfect Shadow! We'll have that damned hedgehog begging for mercy!" Eggman was at it again but when he said 'begging for mercy' i couldn't help but think 'i can make him beg for more nevermind mercy' ever since that night I've always visited him late at night,some may say 2 days isn't a long time for a relationship to blossom but for Sonic and myself it was all we needed "Doctor, can i ask you something?" Eggman looked at me with curious eyes before speaking slowly "About the plan or something else?" I could feel my face warm up a little when i thought about how i was going to say this "Could i possibly do something to Sonic? Then make him surrender to me?" Eggman's eyes went from a curious glare to a devious glint "Perfect idea Shadow! But what will you do to that pesky hedgehog?" I smirked at Eggman before walking to the door and muttering loud enough "That's a secret,Doctor"

11:00pm At Sonic's House

Shadow's POV (still)

"S-Shadow?" Sonic stuttered underneath me as i had just pinned the blue hedgehog down. Damn he looked so sexy with that blush of his "Don't worry Sonic~I'll make it feel good for you~" I whispered into his ear before they drooped showing me his more submissive side "A-are you going to..?" I could tell he was nervous... I'm pretty sure it was his first time being in this sort of situation "Don't panic Sonic~I'll make you feel fantastic~" I whispered against his lips before kissing him passionately and licking his bottom lip asking silently for access to his wet cavern "mmh~" i heard Sonic moan into the kiss once i'd gotten the permission to the inside of his mouth and started having a tongue war with him. I moved my hand down slowly across his chest making him stiffen a little but relax when i kept my hand still. The kiss was getting hotter with every touch of our tongues,the passion betrayed in the kiss was mind-blowing.. well in my opinion anyway. Before the kiss could end i moved my hand,that was on his chest, further down towards his crotch and stroking it making Sonic's member come out of its sheath. I gently moved my hand in an upwards direction which made Sonic escape our heated kiss and moan rather loud "S-Shadow!" I looked at his lust-filled emerald orbs and smirked at him before moving my muzzle near his smooth neck "Did that feel good Sonic~?"
Sonic just nodded,he was lost in the pleasure of it all,my smirk widened as i continued my administrations from before "A-ah! S-Shadow~" Sonic's moans were like a sweet melody in my ears making me close my eyes and breathe him in. After making Sonic's member hard and ready to burst i noticed that my member had come out of its sheath showing itself in the fun "That looks painful Shadow~Let me help you" Sonic spoke in a very seductive way becoming more dominant in that sheer moment "Well if you insist Sonic" Sonic moved his blue head towards my crotch and gently licked my member around the tip...Was he...teasing me? I don't think so! My mind was clocking on faster as Sonic moved his peach hand towards my crotch and used his hand to add more teasing pleasure "Tsk!" Sonic looked at me with half-lidded emerald orbs as if too say 'Take it' Sonic's tongue was still only touching around the tip which was making me irritated "Damnit Sonic! Suck my cock already!" needing no more confirmation Sonic put all of my member into his mouth "AH! That's a good hedgehog" I whispered petting his quills carefully as if they would impale me. I could hear Sonic's faint moans vibrating across my member "Enjoying this Sonic~" I speak with a seductive tone as to make him think 'Enough of this fore-play!' that's exactly how i was feeling. Sonic released my member from his mouth and looked at me with pleading eyes "Please Shadow..." I smirk at the hedgehog before me "Please what?" Sonic blushed as red as a fire-truck and gently whispered "Take me"

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