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(Normal POV)

"Urg, what happened to me last night?" Shadow spoke groggily as he woke up around 12 noon the next day. Noting Sonic wasn't in bed he realised that it must be late so he got up walking into the living room seeing the blue hedgehog feeding Dash (their Chao) his dinnertime meal; "Good boy Dash!" Shadow groaned again at the loud sounds of the chao and Sonic, the azure one looked up and grinned "Headache, love?" he nodded and rubbed his temple annoyed with this fact but decided to go and get some medicine for his aching head. Sonic soon finished feeding Dash letting the chao go off and play with his things in his own room (as weird as it sounds for a chao to live this way). Sonic grinned putting his hands in Shadow's chest fluff, "What are you doing?" the azure one grinned at the dark one again and gripped his hand moving it to his round ass, "You really made it red, last night~ Spanking me so hard~" Shadow's normally tanned muzzle turned a deep red colour that rivalled the colour of blood, "I-I what?!" the blue hedgehog smirked knowing Shadow wouldn't remember last night's events, "Oh? You don't remember coming home drunk, spanking me and leading me back to bed to y'know, then falling asleep on me?" Shadow grumbled slightly, "I-It wasn't my fault y'know! I was dared to a challenge with the co-workers and ended up drunk…" Sonic chuckled and kissed his cheek, "I don't mind…as long as we can do that again~ I found a lot of kinky stuff to go with spanking~" he moved off Shadow leaving the poor hedgehog to be flustered and slightly aroused.

(~Place skip~)

The nurses ran around rushing to save the poor man, if the person who did this thought it'd kill him so fast he was severely wrong as the man was on deaths door when a walking patrol officer found him the way he was "Quickly, get him to A&E!" sirens alerted the best doctors to come to the A&E rooms "Move please, this man is dying!" The man groaned closing his eyes to the bright surroundings "Don't worry sir; we shall have you well soon!"

(~With Sonic~)

The azure hedgehog decided to let Shadow have some peace for the pounding headache he had and was walking down the nice long path to Tails' house, "It's been so long since I've seen him…" the thought of seeing his little bro' again was exciting and made the dash to the foxes house opening the door without knocking he called out "Hey Tails! It's Sonic here to visit you~!" the little fox came from the door leading to his workshop and smiled at the azure one "Sonic! It's so good to see you!" they shared a big hug before the small talk went into full on gossip about the couples around the area, "Well you wouldn't believe that Knuckles would give into Rouge right?" Sonic nodded and grinned, waiting for his little buddy to finish, "He only went and asked the bat to marry him and be the future 'Mrs Guardian of the Master Emerald'!" Sonic chuckled and shook his head not believing the knucklehead, "Well I really hope we get invited to this wedding!" Tails nodded and agreed before his tails awkwardly swished, "So what's it like with Shadow?" Sonic smiled, petting his head softly knowing why he was awkward "I won't tell you that stuff, Tails. But everything is perfect for me now…Yeah we've argued a few times but this is a record… He's like I imagined my dream mate to be…Hopefully I can find out more about him…"

(~With Shadow~)

He groaned, watching the news even though it made him angry and annoyed "And a man was found digging up graves, later to be known as Mephiles the Dark who claimed to be looking for his lover. More news coming up later tonight" Shadow was majorly confused on how Mephiles got out of the G.U.N holding facility and sighed. "Guess I'll have to pay that copy a visit" he grabbed an emerald the colour similar to Sonic's beautiful fur and scrawled out a note for when Sonic got back from his errands and Chaos Controlled over to the place where Mephiles should be.

Once he arrived there he noticed that no guards were on duty and the doors seemed to be uneven, this sight made him wary and he quickly ran inside seeing blood smeared all over the walls all writing the same thing in large letters, small letters, unreadable letters. It was like a stalkers obsession as all over the walls was 'SILVER, I LOVE YOU' Shadow walked closer to the opened door at the end of the corridor and he saw Mephiles cradling a dirt covered body whispering words so quiet that he was surprised that he could hear what he was actually saying to the corpse. As he got closer he noticed that the body was Silver's and the poor hedgehog still had the flowers he was buried with. "Silver, you can wake up now…All is okay…I've gotten you the things you need to live…" Shadow stepped closer making Mephiles' ear twitch "Who is there…" his reptile like eyes were red and glowing in the faint light, "Ah…Shadow, you come to visit? Silver's sleeping at the moment…" the dark one shook his head, "Mephiles, what have you done?" a dark laugh came from him as he grinned with a mouth he'd obviously gotten for Silver's sake, "Isn't it obvious?! I've taken their organs everything Silver needs to live…then all I need to do is give him some of my immortality then we can be together forever!" Shadow looked sympathetically at him noticing that Silver didn't have cuts to show any signs of new organs, "How did you put them inside him?" he saw the smile widen on his face, it wasn't a pleasant smile yet he continued to look at the corpse with it, "I fused with him…inserting them inside him then healing…so he's all good! Now…let me bring him back" Shadow knew that it'd work, there wasn't any fact that would stop the whole ordeal from not working. It made sense too, Mephiles being a demon with immortality knew exactly to what extent his own powers had. A bluish aura surrounded Mephiles and Silver as he chanted softly before kissing the albinos sweet lips softly. A bright light shone making Shadow cover his eyes to stop it blinding him yet when it faded he noticed the difference, Silver was alive. Moving, breathing heck even smiling at the demon, his eyes portrayed fatigue "My dearest Silver, you've returned to me…" the smaller hedgehog nodded standing up off the table kissing the shade softly, "Sleep, I shall be here when you wake…" Mephiles was about to protest when Shadow cut him off "Silver's right…go and sleep for your own health" the shade quickly fell asleep not bothering to move from his current spot, the chair. Shadow looked at the albino who stroked the quills of his lover, "Go Shadow, go and leave us for now…I want to be alone with my lover…please do not tell of my revival…until I ask" Shadow nodded towards the hedgehog before walking out dodging the mount of bodies and once exiting the building he felt something going wrong.

(~With Sonic~)

The azure hedgehog got home a few moments after Shadow had left, not being bothered about the hedgehog until four hours passed and he still wasn't back and that hadn't occurred before. He highly doubted that the hedgehog was still with Mephiles figuring stuff out… he had to go and see! It was it only chance at finding his lover, he must take the risk!
He ran off towards the place he'd found Mephiles that first time, but once he got there he was shocked to see Silver, alive and well and Mephiles walking out smiling at each other, "S-Silver?" the albino saw Sonic and smiled at him too, "Hello Sonic…nice to see you again, no?" The azure one was confused yet happy, "It is, yet I was wondering have you seen Shadow?" Just as the question was asked Shadow came through the door holding his stomach in pain, "Y-you…why?" a laugh came from Silver as he looked back at Sonic and Shadow, "I want my Mephiles to survive as much as Sonic wants you too…It's just about how much we notice… Shadow enjoy your last moments with Sonic since I'm going to enjoy my entire life with Mephiles~" the two suddenly disappeared and Shadow fell to his knees "Shadow! Shadow, what's wrong with you?" the dark one looked up at Sonic and smiled sadly, "Everything that was wrong with Mephiles… his illness has been transferred to me…" Sonic shook slightly, refusing to believe what was happening "No…yo-you're not going to die on me Shadow! I-I can't lose you!" the dark one smiled and kissed his lover softly, "Shadow please…tell me what it is…I-I can get Tails or Knuckles to help me!" Shadow's breathing got shallow as he whispered, although Sonic managed to hear what he was saying "My heart…is slowing just like Mephiles' was…yet my health was transferred to Mephiles in order for him to live… with Silver" he coughed making Sonic worry more, "Yet it is too late…I won't be needing you to get Tails or Knuckles…since…" he went quiet as he closed his eyes the shallow breathing became softer until he murmured out to the one he loved;

"I love you, Sonic the Hedgehog…"

Sonic being in a state of shock didn't realise what was implied until Shadow's body hit the floor and remained unmoving, "Sha…dow…Shadow…no…Shadow, Shadow…" the azure one screamed up to the sky "SHADOW! DON'T LEAVE ME! NO!" Sonic stayed with the body of his lover until the ambulance came, some kind person had called when they saw the poor hedgehog crying and screaming for the darker furred one to wake. The ambulance came with the police who thought the situation was a little sketchy considering the dead bodies scattered through the halls, when the emergency doctors got close to Shadow's body, the blue furred hedgehog growled "D-don't touch him! Don't take Shadow away from me!" This time the police interfered and grabbed a hold of Sonic holding him back as they took Shadow into the ambulance "NO! SHADOW! PLEASE! SHADOW, DON'T GO, DON'T LEAVE ME ALL ALONE!" as the vehicle sped off to the hospital the police let Sonic go momentarily before bringing the peach arms behind him back and sternly yet with hints of sympathy told him; "Sonic the Hedgehog, as much as we hate to say this to you, you're under arrest for the suspicion of homicide" Sonic didn't hear much else after the word homicide…he knew that definition 'the killing of one person by another' they suspected that he, the person who Shadow cared for most, had killed Shadow. Then regretted it shouting for him to not go…Sonic's body seemed to become weak as sobs broke out from him. The police had no trouble taking the azure one to the car and taking him away.
The hardest part for them was telling the friends of the blue hedgehog and streaked hedgehog "You're friend, Shadow the Hedgehog, was found dead in the arms of Sonic the Hedgehog this evening and we have high suspicions that Sonic killed him. I'm sorry to let you know this over the phone, but Sonic is in prison for the charge of homicide" All the people who'd known Sonic were confused and amazed that since Sonic was the one who was there the blame was pinned onto him so fast; That wasn't fair! They were lovers for Pete's sake! When they all went to the trial Sonic was a mess, he couldn't even keep his head up as if he was ashamed of himself which only added to the belief that Sonic really had killed Shadow. "What do you judge Sonic the Hedgehog's case as?" The jury exchanged glances as one stood "As much as it confuses us why our beloved hero would do this…we've judged him to be guilty of the charges" Sonic's friends were outraged by what they ruled this as, yet Sonic made no move, no sound not even looking up at anyone. "Sonic the Hedgehog, you served our town well…and usually this would lead to the death row or life imprisonment however…you shall have forty years in prison…in a secluded cell with limited access to facilities. Since you're a special case and I'm worried you'd try to escape at a whim…I'm sending you to Zone prison" As the gravel hit down, Tails cried out to the depressed hero who looked up, his eyes void of any emotion "I'm sorry Mister Prower, would you like to add to the case?" Sonic shook his head before looking down whispering quiet words to the guards, "Ah, judge?" the woman looked down before words were exchanged "Added onto his sentence, he asked instead of being let off he wants no privilege to seeing family or friends and no facility use yet life imprisonment, case closed!" the gravel went down again and Sonic was led out and changed.

It'd only been a few hours since Sonic's sentence went down and Sonic's friends knew he would already be at Zone prison and now the crime level had risen to 50%. "This is the law thinking Sonic would kill his lover…" Tails huffed hugging his tails close to him as Rouge shook her head sadly, patting Tails' back "I know it seems horrible, yet he didn't seem to deny it…nor did he seem to care if her spent all his life locked up not seeing anyone but prison guards…" Cream cried softly into Amy's arms as she shook her head, "I knew I should've let Mark tell me what his bad feeling was… we could've stopped this!" Knuckles shook his head as well, scoffing before leaving the small house of the fox. Life for them wasn't going to be easy now…

(~somewhere else~)

Silver laughed seeing the news and the whole court hearing; "That hedgehog managed to get himself a sentence and a new personality!" Mephiles held the albino one close to him, nipping at his ear softly "Does that matter to us? He's gone and so is Shadow…why does it matter what happens to those low lives now, love?" The other hedgehog hummed leaning into his lover getting used to the pampered feel "I guess it doesn't, yet it's surprising…that in the name of love he gave up what little he had left…" Mephiles shrugged and kissed at the albinos fur and skin before pulling him down for a deeper kiss, "Let us just enjoy each other~"

(~Zone Prison~)

Sonic was stared at by everyone. It was humiliating especially since he knew Scourge the Hedgehog, his anti and rival would be in here… 'Let's hope he doesn't see me…' The poor hedgehog had no such luck, the room that was needed for him involved him sharing with the one person he didn't want to share with, Scourge. "Well, well, well, look who's come into the little nest of bad boys!" the azure one got shoved in and the cuffs were removed as they gave him the clothes and strict orders to which he nodded at; "Yes, that's all prisoner #24601" the door slammed shut and Sonic ignored the others presence and changed his clothes. There was a brief silence and Sonic sat down on his lumpy bed before Scourge spoke up "So, what you in for blue? Too much rift jumping?" The azure one shook his head, and looked up his usual gleaming orbs now a dulled forest green as he spoke "I got put here since I was charged with homicide…of the person that I loved" Scourge looked up at him shocked, but then grinned, "Told ya' it'd only be one bad day and you'd be just like me…" Sonic stared at him, before hiding his face "I didn't… It wasn't me…I just want to be with Shadow…" Scourge lifted an eye ridge, "Shadow? Who's that; you're lover?" Sonic nodded sadly before tears spilled from his eyes and he shook "…And I killed him…I must've off…otherwise Chaos wouldn't punish me" the emerald hedgehog stood up and walked next to him sitting down on the bed, "I don't understand you blue, why didn't you say it wasn't you?" Sonic chuckled dryly looked down at the dirty floor "Would you believe someone who held the dead body of someone and told the authorities; 'Someone switched his heart; he was ill and I couldn't save him'? You and I know both know…that sounds like crap…" Sonic just shook his head before murmuring to him "I just want to die…" Scourge noticed his anti was seriously taking this to heart and it bothered him that the banter wouldn't be witty so he heard the murmur and spoke to him "You want to die? I'll help you yet in return…you give me something…" he sat up interested in what he was offering and curious at the same time "What would you want? I lost everything" Scourge's signature grin appeared as he pushed Sonic down onto the bed spreading his clothed legs, "I think it's pretty obvious…You're laying into boys; so you're not a virgin…Why not have fun before I kill you?"

(~Time Skip~)

Sonic felt dirty with himself, he let Scourge have his way with him and it made him feel like a slut or whore and it make it any better with Scourge grinning at the dirtied hedgehog, "Good fuckin' babe… Now, down to business" The whole ordeal was so quick, how Scourge was equipped and holding Sonic like a real hostage and he knew the grin was huge on his face; "This is the day…When I can brag 'I was the one who killed Sonic the Hedgehog!' Haha! Enjoy where you're going blue boy!" the knife swung pushing straight through his chest making his falter when Scourge let go yet the knife was twisted and he closed his eyes and screamed before his bright emerald eyes opened wide and with another scream he alerted someone close to him.

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