Santana's Request: Finn's Time

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Set past graduation, Season 3

Summary: Part of the Santana's Request World. Based on what we're told about Finn in the final chapter of Santana's Request.

Pairings: Kurt/Santana!Friendship, Kurt/Sam, Santana/Brittany

Santana's Request: Finn's Time

Two Years After Graduation

Kurt wakes up to the feeling of soft kisses being pressed to his back.

"Sam." Kurt mutters. "Give it a rest. I got class in a few hours."

"Your phone's ringing." Sam mumbles into his back.

Kurt takes a deep breath and finally hears it. His phone is ringing from the bedside table. He groans and moves out of Sam's arms. His husband relents and Kurt is able to reach his phone. He doesn't check who it is before clicking the answer button and putting the phone to his ear.

"I hope you know that it's five-" He looks at his bedside alarm clock. "forty-two in the morning and that I am not very fond of you at the moment. What do you want?"

"Kurt." He barely hears the small voice through the phone.

He sits up and holds the phone closer. "Mom? Mom what's wrong?"

"Kurt." Her only answer is just quiet.

"Mom? You're scaring me." Kurt says slowly as he sits up.

He feels Sam sit up beside him. "What's wrong?"

Kurt shakes his head and focuses on his mother. "Mom. I need you to tell me what's wrong."

"It's . . . it's Finn." She says slowly, her voice absent of emotion.

"What's wrong with Finn?" Kurt asks slowly.

Sam starts rubbing his back.

"It's Finn." She says again. "It's Finn."

Kurt takes a deep breath. "Mom . . . can I talk to dad?"

"It's Finn." He hears before the sound of the phone moving.

He hears his dad clear his throat before he speaks. "Kurt."

"What's wrong dad? Mom sounds confused." Kurt explains.

His dads breath hitches. "It's Finn."

"That's what mom said. What about Finn?" Kurt asks.

"He's . . . Finn's dead Kurt." Kurt's heart stops.

No. No.

"How?" Kurt asks quietly, his husbands hand on his back doing nothing to comfort him.

Burt sighs into the phone. "I was told that he had a bit to much to drink when he was out with his friends. I guess he got a bit to drunk and starting rambling things. About how . . . about how he hurt Santana and that he's so sorry."

Kurt closes his eyes and the first tear escapes.

His dad continues on. "They were by their base so they walked Finn back. He . . . Finn . . . he took one of the guns and said everyone was better off without him. He shot himself." His voice goes quiet by the end.

Kurt lets out a sob and drops the phone. He falls into Sam's warm arms, sobbing. He barely notices Sam pick up the phone and talk to his dad. He didn't notice Sam hang up and hold him close as he let a few of his own tears drop. He didn't notice how panicked Sam looked when Kurt wouldn't respond.

"It's okay baby. Just calm down." Sam whispers into his ear before kissing him on the temple.

Kurt shakes his head 'no'. "Santana." Surprisingly, his voice doesn't shake. "Get . . . need . . . Santana."

Sam nods and kisses Kurt softly on the lips before sliding out of the bed. He slips on a pair of boxers before crossing to their door and stepping out. Kurt wraps his arms around himself.

Why would he kill himself? Santana forgave him. I forgave him. He was going to the army to do something good. I thought he was changing.

"Kurt." Santana moves to sits beside him. "Are you okay?" She places her hand over his sweaty forehead. "Sam wouldn't tell me what's wrong. He said to ask you."

Kurt looks up at her with teary eyes. She pulls him straight into her arms.

"Shh. It's okay. It's just you and me. No one else." Santana holds him tight.

Kurt cradles himself into her chest.

"Tell me what's wrong?" Santana asks softly as she rubs her hand up and down his spine.

Kurt shivers before taking a deep breath. "Fi-" His brothers name gets stuck in his throat. He takes a deep breath and stares into Santana's neck. "Finn's dead.

Santana slowly takes his head and moves him so they're looking each other into the eyes. "What?"

"He committed suicide." Kurt whispers. "The guilt of what he did to you drove him to do it."

Santana lets her mouth hang open.

"He shot himself." Kurt chuckles dryly. "After everything . . . he went and shot himself. You forgave him and he shot himself." Kurt pulls out of Santana's hold and moves to start pacing on the floor. "That coward." Kurt snaps as he stops and looks at Santana. " He has the nerve to drag himself out of this world and away from the problems that he caused."

Santana stares at him from the bed. "Calm down Kurt."

"I can't." Kurt growls. "I can't forgive him for . . . for that."

Santana dries her tears with the back of her hand before standing up and moving to hug Kurt. "We forgave him long ago. You have no reason to feel bad. He was your brother." Santana whispers. "Please Kurt."

Kurt slowly starts shaking his head before the tears start falling again. "Why?" Kurt cries. "Why can't everything just be fine. Why'd he have to go and ruin our family?"

"He hasn't ruined our family. We have each other, and Brit and Sam. We also have the twins. And our friends. Our family just had a death. It's part of life." Santana leans down and kisses Kurt softly on the temple.

Kurt shivers. "I'm sorry. I just . . . I wish he wasn't gone. It's going to be so hard for mom and dad."

"I know." Santana pulls him over to the bed. "Come sleep. I'll call them tomorrow and figure out what we're going to do."

"You're going to the funeral?" Kurt asks as he slips under the blankets.

"Yes. We're all going. To say our final goodbyes. You're parents will need you there as well." Santana climbs in behind him.

"Our parents." Kurt corrects her as he lets her wrap her arms around him.

"Yes. Our parents. Now get some sleep. I'll take care of everything tomorrow." Santana says softly.

"Okay." Kurt closes his eyes. "I love you Santana."

"I love you too."

So let me know what you think of my first multi-shot as part of the Santana's Request Universe. This will not be the earliest, I just figured I'd explain why Finn's dead as I mentioned in the last chapter of Santana's Request.