Santana's Request: Finn's Time

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Set past graduation, Season 3

Summary: Part of the Santana's Request World. Based on what we're told about Finn in the final chapter of Santana's Request.

Pairings: Kurt/Santana!Friendship, Kurt/Sam, Santana/Brittany

Santana's Request: Finn's Time

Kurt swoops down to pick up his crawling two year olds. He laughs as they laugh, both happy to be reunited again. Kurt kicks his bag to the side before using his foot to shut the door behind him. He looks around the near empty apartment, sad that all of their money goes to college.

Kurt sets the giggling twins on the couch before sitting down on the floor, facing the couch. "And how are my babies doing?" Kurt tickles Anita and Adrian again. "Were you good for daddy and mommies?" Kurt leans up and kisses them on their cheeks before looking towards the hallway. "You in Santana?"

Sam appears at the kitchen doorway with a towel tossed over his shoulder. "Nope. Just me." Sam wipes his hands on the towel before taking a few steps towards Kurt. "How was your flight?"

"Good." Kurt nods as he stands up to face his husband.

Sam nods. "Good."

Kurt sighs before crossing the few feet between them and pulling Sam into a hug. Sam doesn't hesitate to hug back.

"I've missed you." Kurt whispers into his husbands shoulder.

Sam chuckles. "Then why'd you go?"

Kurt shrugs in Sam's hold. "There was opportunity."

Sam nods, the stubble on his face rubbing against Kurt's smooth skin. "Anything good?"

"Yeah." Kurt says quietly. "There were a few labels that were interested in my designs. Noah referred me, sent them a few designs. I should know in a week or so if anything's going to happen."

Sam pulls back with a smile. "Kurt . . . Kurt, that's great." Sam pulls Kurt into a soft kiss. "I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks." Kurt gives Sam another soft kiss. "But I'm hoping I get one here in New York. I don't want to have to go to LA every week for it. I'd miss you and the twins."

Sam just smiles. "It'd be good for you either way."

Kurt chuckles. "I'll find somewhere closer to home."

Sam leans down and kisses Kurt softly. "We'll go wherever you go." He whispers.

Kurt breathes in the warm scent of his husband.

"Da!" Adrian's voice yells out.

Kurt chuckles and turns around in Sam's hold. "That's right. Dad's home."

Adrian shuffles until his lower half his hanging off the couch. He drops to his feet and runs to his dad. Kurt breaks out of Sam's hold long enough to scoop his son up. Sam's arms wrap around them both.

"I love you." Sam whispers as he drags Kurt over to the couch.

Kurt smiles back. "I love you too."

Sam sits down with Kurt on his lap. Anita moves across the couch so now Kurt is holding both Anita and Adrian. Sam wraps his arms around the three most precious people in his world.

"Talk to me next time." Sam whispers in Kurt's hair. "I can't bear the thought of not having this anymore."

"I know." Kurt cranes his head slightly to catch Sam's lips before pulling away. "So have the twins eaten yet?"

"Yeah." Sam taps the towel on his shoulder. "I was finishing up dishes when you got back."

"You're such a good father." Kurt whispers as he lets his head fall back onto Sam's chest, watching his twins laugh with each other.

"So are you." Sam whispers before loosening his hand around his family and ruffling Adrian's hair. "Are my little twins ready for a bath?"

"No." Anita pouts.

Sam chuckles into Kurt's ear. "She is going to be so much like you as she gets older."

Kurt chuckles and stands up with the twins in his arms. "Come on you two."

"Na-uh." Sam stands up and pulls the twins from his arms. "You need to relax. I'll do this." Sam offers.


"Go rest Kurt. You get cranky when you don't get your sleep." Sam teases.

Kurt hits him playfully before pulling him in for a soft kiss. "Let me know when your done. I want to read them their story tonight."

Sam nods and gives Kurt a small kiss before rushing the twins off to the bathroom. Kurt stares fondly after them. Kurt sighs before turning around and picking up his bags by the door. He starts towards his bedroom. He stops when the crack of light hits him through the bathroom. Sam is helping the twins create foam beards. Kurt chuckles lightly and makes his way to their room.

He lets his bags fall to the floor by his door. He pops his back before crawling onto his bed and flopping down. He shuts his eyes and breathes in the air.

It's nice to be home.

He opens his eyes and looks over at Sam's side of their bed. On the bedside table is a picture of Sam and Kurt on their wedding day. Both boys in a tux that Kurt had approved of. He focuses on his handsome husband. His bright green eyes share the excitement that his smile does. He's looking at Kurt like he's the best thing in the world.


Kurt cranes his neck slightly and sees Sam standing at their doorway. "Hey." Kurt smiles.

"The twins are ready for you." Sam says with his own smile.

Kurt nods and moves to sit up on the edge of the bed. He holds his arms open for Sam. "Come here."

Sam smiles wider as he approaches Kurt and lowers himself into those familiar arms. Kurt soaks in the warmness of his husband.

"What's all this about?" Sam asks into Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt chuckles before standing up, keeping his arms around Sam. "Just . . . glad to be home." Kurt gives Sam a quick kiss before glancing towards the door.

Sam gets the idea and lets go of Kurt. Kurt links their hands and leads them towards their children.

"Dad!" Those voices make him smile.

A nice, short and sweet ending to this multi-shot. I love writing in this universe. It's so much fun and love writing the characters. So let me know what you think, and what you want to see in the universe. Holidays, special events, birthdays, other points in time that I've mentioned, but not shown in these stories. let me know.