A/N1: So now all is revealed. Katherine's a psycho? Who knew? This was actually one of my least favourite chapters to write. It just doesn't sit right with me. Anyways, enjoy…

A/N2: Well, did you see that coming? And do you see what's coming from this point onwards? I certainly don't think so! Unless you're psychic but you could be fraudulent.

"You fucking psycho bitch!" Reid announced in shock, stepping into the room properly ready to pull Tyler away from Katherine. The blonde girl smirked at him and raised the knife in her hand so it brushed Tyler's hair a little as a warning. He stopped in his tracks automatically, biting his lip.

"Hey boys," she greeted carelessly. "Riley."

"What are you doing Katherine?" Caleb asked his hazel eyes wide in a mixture of confusion and hurt at her obvious betrayal. They had trusted her and after what they had just heard it was clear that trust had been misplaced. Riley had been telling the truth all along. Katherine laughed at him coldly and rolled her eyes.

"What does it look like I'm doing golden boy? Baking a cake?" she retorted, scorn in her tone. Caleb swallowed, trying to reel in his anger until they managed to get Tyler to safety. Katherine had her knife dangerously close to his neck. One bad move and she could slit his throat in less than a second. Beside him Pogue and Riley bristled with their rage. Tyler couldn't even use the power to free himself from her hold without possibly getting injured. "Oh don't look at me like that. Riley was trying to tell you all this time. It's not my fault you didn't listen."

"I know it's probably not the best time but…can you see now why I wasn't actually bad mouthing Katherine?" Riley asked awkwardly. "She bad mouths herself." The elder girl giggled a little at that, looking amused.

"I do," she admitted, moving her knife hand again so it was pressing a little against Tyler's neck. A small bead of blood trickled onto it where she was breaking the skin a little. Tyler bit his lip nervously as it did, looking uncomfortable and surprised at his girlfriend's behaviour. "Now here's what we're gonna do. I'm nice so I'll make you a deal. I'll spare Tyler if the rest of you will me your power. Really, I don't want to have to kill my boyfriend."

"Look," Reid said desperately. "We can help you. You just have to let him go."

"I don't need your help," Katherine scoffed, running her a finger of her free hand over the edge of her knife as more blood slid down it. "What I need is your power." A small blob of blood collected on the tip of her finger and she brought it to her mouth, licking it clean. "I mean, Tyler has already told me it's a burden. Surely taking it from you is the kindest thing to do. Don't you see that Reid? Your power is addictive. Dying young and healthy is better than dying shrivelled and helpless from overusing in addiction. Don't you agree?" Reid glared at her in disbelief, opening his mouth to snap back at her but Tyler cut him off quietly.

"She has a point Reid," he told his best friend in a muted voice. "Don't you just want to be normal sometimes? No covenant? No threat of addiction over your head?" Caleb shook his head sadly when Reid stared, speechless, at the younger boy.

"We're not normal Tyler," the brunette replied carefully. "We never can be, but that doesn't mean we should throw our lives away. We were given these powers for a reason. You can't just get rid of them and you know it. You try and you'll die Tyler. Katherine's got a knife against your throat. Do you really think that she cares if you die handing over your power?" Katherine gave him a cold look.

"If I could find a way Tyler I would never kill you. We'd be together forever but your friends won't even let me try. I could help you," she stated sweetly.

"You fucking bitch! Stop lying to him!" Reid shouted, launching himself at the girl without warning. Caleb held him back by his jacket automatically, used to doing so from all the bar fights he had stopped the younger son from getting into.

"What's all the shouting about?" a new, familiar voice asked from behind them. The sons and the two girls both looked to the speaker; the sons uncertain, Riley anxious and Katherine smug. Chase glanced at each of them in turn, taking in the sight of Katherine's knife against Tyler's throat before sighing. "Katherine, you're a fucking idiot. You just couldn't wait could you?"

"I think I waited long enough," the blonde girl replied haughtily as the sons all tensed with the realisation that Riley had been telling the truth about Chase's dominant personality as well. "It's not my fault that the other you got in control and set back our plans. Besides, right now this is about me and Tyler. It has nothing to do with you." Chase smirked at her a little, recognising the ploy for what it was and shutting up quickly.

"I hate to say I told you so…" Riley began in soft murmur but Caleb glared at her pointedly.

"Not right now."

"So, anyway…" Katherine continued. "As I was saying Tyler, if you just will me your power, even if you die. I will do everything I can to bring you back. I wouldn't just ask you to do this if I didn't think there was a way."

"That's it!" Reid growled, jumping towards the blonde girl once more. This time though Caleb didn't hold him back with both him and Pogue going to help instead. Suddenly Katherine sprang into action, removing her knife from by Tyler's neck and pushing the youngest son away from her so she could fight. She jumped to her feet just as Reid got within touching distance brandishing the knife at them threateningly. For a moment Reid looked scornful until Katherine spoke sounding smug.

"I wouldn't chance it if I were you. This knife blocks magic. I stab you will this you won't be able to heal fast enough to survive and, while I'm holding it, your power won't work on me," she told them. The three boys stopped in their tracks, unsure of themselves and she laughed. "Sorry, did that disturb your plans?"

"Not really," Riley said, sliding up to beside her and knocking the knife out of her hand while her sister wasn't prepared for it. The knife flew across the room into the corner and Katherine rounded on the younger girl, slapping her around the face with a loud crack. Riley stumbled back slightly, putting a hand to her reddening cheek in shock. Despite their enemy status Katherine had never actually ever physically hurt her before. Sure she had said things ,threatened her with her powers and cut her off socially but this was new and it hurt so much more than anything else Katherine had done. No one else seemed to notice her astonishment though, more focused on how the knife was no longer in play. The reaction was instant; all three son's eyes bled black with power and Katherine was thrown across the room and into the wall with a crash. She dropped to the floor hard but didn't seem too bothered by the pain, letting out a breathless laugh even as the start of bruises became apparent on her skin.

"Well that wasn't very nice," she said, standing shakily. "Chase? A little help if you please?"

"Of course," the warlock replied with a smirk, his eyes also going ebony. "I'll take Caleb and Pogue. I'm sure you can handle your sister and Blondie. I doubt Tyler is going to fight much right now."

"Uh huh," Katherine agreed as the three sons and Riley all tensed, ready to fight. "Let's get this show on the road. Winner takes all."

"Bring it bitch," Reid replied, stepping towards her. Katherine looked delighted and urged him forwards while Riley bit her lip nervously. She was pretty sure Reid didn't know what he was letting himself in for and her powers were useless right now. There was no source of fire in the room so she would have to stick to physical fighting. Something she would never have dreamed of before but, after her sister hit her, she knew she would have to.

"Show me what you got," Katherine told the blonde boy in a teasing tone. There was silence for a moment as Katherine sized up both Reid and her sister while Chase did the same with Caleb and Pogue. The silence broke quickly when Chase and Reid made the first moves; Chase slamming Pogue and Caleb into opposite walls and Reid throwing a bolt of pure power at Katherine. The two sons fought against their attacker's power immediately and Katherine ducked so the power hit the wall with a thud. He threw more power quickly but with the same result. Katherine moved too fast to be caught by his attacks.

"Pathetic," she commented in a sing song voice at another failed attempt, kicking Riley in the stomach when the other girl tried to corner her, winding the brunette girl. "Now I'll show you what happens when you know how to use power." Reid glared at her, readying another ball of power to throw as she raised her hands, pointing at him. He was about to attack when his head began to spin without warning. The power flicked and faded in his hands as his mouth suddenly seemed to dry up, his legs buckling underneath him.

"W-what?" he asked, confused at this new turn of events. Katherine chuckled, clenching her fists. A bolt of agony ripped through his chest and he groaned, trying to stand up and failing.

"You see you need to know what to do with power when you have it," the blonde girl explained with a smirk. "For example, did you know that the body is 70% water and that every organ in the body requires it? Think of this as dehydration. At an incredibly increased rate."

"Katherine enough games. You're not just fighting Reid," Chase reminded her from across the room. Caleb and Pogue were both groaning heaps on the floor in front of him, beaten down. Tyler was still seemingly frozen on the bed, confused. Spying the knife in the corner and recognising the danger in Chase's words Riley rethought the attack she had been about to make against her sister instead diving for the blade. Katherine rounded on her a second too late and she snatched up the knife quickly. Her sister was just a metre away. The blonde girl took a step back immediately and Riley stood up carefully with the knife pointed towards the other witch. They circled round each other, challenging each other with their eyes before stopping in their original positions, Riley pretty much backed into the corner. Chase gave Caleb another kick before stepping up to just behind Katherine, looking amused.

"Well isn't this interesting," he commented in a patronising tone. His eyes had returned to their original colour now and were sparkling dangerously as he placed a hand on Katherine's shoulder. The blonde girl turned her head slightly to smile at him victoriously before looking back to her sibling. "Are you really going to try and kill your sister Riley?" The brunette girl swallowed the lump starting to form in her throat, realising this was exactly what Chase wanted. He intended to kill Katherine anyway. This way he wouldn't have to betray her outright and Riley would be left with only guilt and pain. Katherine giggled, breaking her from her clarifying thoughts and bringing her back to the situation at hand. Her sister was in danger. Not just from the knife in her hand but from the boy with his hand on her shoulder. She needed to focus.

"You won't do it. Will you Riley?" she taunted nastily. Beside her Chase raised his eyebrows at Riley, moving his hand closer to the blonde girl's neck in clear indication of his intentions. Katherine remained oblivious, too busy gloating, and Riley tensed as her sibling continued her teasing. "Go on. Kill me. I dare you."