Boredom really does a number on me. So I decided to a poem when I got bored. This was the first; I also have an unfinished poem on The Riddler and Harley Quinn. Those are the hardest for me right now. This has to do with the tapes for Jervis Techt. You might go blind from the horribleness, but at least I wasn't bored in school. I don't own Batman… or Alice in wonderland.


Oh where is Alice

That wasn't malice

I just need to find my Alice

The other girl was pretending to be Alice

She was pretending to my Alice

That was malice

Oh please, just let me find my Alice

Her hair was too yellow

Her eyes too blue

So I killed her with a bellow

What else was I to do?

She must have been sent by the Jabberwocky

Or maybe the Red Queen

She slithered in with a knock

Thinking I wouldn't be as keen

But yet the Jabberwocky came to stop me

He took me away before I could find the real Alice

He wasn't there for tea

He's the one that intended malice

Now I'm here all alone

Without Alice, my hats, or tea

The padded room is very drone

No one in here but me

Doctors can struggle with my inner quarrel

So I hope you understand my dear

If you haven't figured out the moral

We're all mad here…