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"You what?!" Marie pushed him away watching him incredulous.

"I want you to become my wife, Marie." said Raphael with tranquility. That calm he go on a rampage the girl gripped the anger raised the shooting hand and gave him a resounding slap in the face.

"I won't ever do that! I hate you!"Marie shouted as she reaches for the door handle and storms out. Raphael wobbled slightly due to the sound, but he wasn't angry nor puzzled, but rather smiled mischievously.

"I like girls focose ..." settled the hat on his head as if nothing had happened.

"It's show time Marie."

The place where was Marie was a genuine: labrinto, chock full of rooms and corridors, but all without Windows! The girl ran like crazy down a hallway hoping that Phantom R can't reach her. But what kind of mind does he have to say that? She couldn't really understand the arrogant attitude of the thief. She could only hope to make him change his mind about Napoleon. Now the Raphael she knew had disappeared almost completely, leaving the room for a mad arrogant. But she realized that she loves him still, in spite of everything that has happened!

She stopped at the foot of a flight of stairs spiral staircases to catch your breath, looking around to see if there was anyone. Making sure there was nobody around, she looked around her surroundings. As soon as no one was in sight, she sat down on the steps to understand that place was over and how to get out of there. The walls were illuminated by huge stone that torches manner, red and yellow flames, but things that the niches were became curious on the sides of the steps: within one of them there was a suit of armor, the other was empty.

Unable to curb the curiosity, she approached the empty niche to examine it. She noticed that it wasn't really empty; there was something that shimmered between two bricks. Marie easily mined two bricks and inside the hole found a silver spiral bracelet with a snake head Golden on top and the eyes were set in glittering rubies, two Globes style was very similar to the cuff of Tiamat. Rigirandoselo in her hands, she noted that it was also engraved the famous symbol.

"Wow, I wonder if it has some connection with the Raphael bracelet ... but what ...?!" the symbol began to shine a blinding light, and suddenly Marie had a horrible vision: a man he stabbed another man on an altar ... the place was really run down, full of skeletons and illuminated only by a torch, and then suddenly ... the dead man was transformed into a huge wolf, the vision was so horrible to the point that Marie closing shutter eyes staggered backwards certain to fall.

Instead, she felt two strong arms hold it as if he were showing a romantic casquet. When opened her eyes she saw the object of his dreams: Raphael. He looked intently into my eyes and whispered softly,

"Show's over…"

Forgetting everything that had happened, only happy to have it in front of him, Marie girded her arms around his neck and kissed him.