Ricky's pov

i just stand there and watch her leave then Ben my roommate came up to me and said "there's this girl that kissed me" then smirked and said "oh really who"

then he says "her name was Amy i seen her sitting by the lake crying so i went to see if she was OK she said her boyfriend broke up with her then she kissed me and then laughed then she left" oh my gosh she kissed Ben she didn't even let me kiss her she left before i even could now I'm mad at Ben "Ben if i was you don't talk to he smile at her or even look at her she is mine i have my eyes on her if i see you talking to her i will beat the fuck out of you OK" i was so mad that he kissed her I looked him straight in the eyes and yelled "OK?" "OK OK man gosh no need to yell" then he walked off now since that's out the way might as well go to sleep i walk back to my cabin when i saw Amy sitting on the porch i hope she didn't hear that so i walk over and sit next to her and smile at her and she looks up and smirks and says "why every time i look up i see you there smiling at me" i looked at her and says "well your too pretty i can't stop smiling when i see you" then she smirks and i lean in to kiss her when she says "I'm sorry but i have new boyfriend" then i stop look at her say "what" she smile and says "yeah his name is Ben wait Isn't he your cabin buddy then say "oh i didn't know i have to go bye" Ben is her boyfriend now I'm gonna have to talk to him i walk over to my cabin and bust through the door Ben is just laying there listening to his ipod "Ben" i yell he didn't hear me so i go up and picks him up pushes him to the wall "are you dating Amy" "NO she only kissed me why?" "because she said she was" "ooh then i guess" "no your not i told she was mine"

"sorry you want me to talk to her"

"then go"

Amy's pov

I'm just sitting here waiting for Ben to come talk to me i know is because i heard Ricky say then go so i know he's about to say something like i didn't know we were going out or something oh here he comes

"hey Ben" then i kissed him

"hi Amy i didn't know we were going out"

"oh were not hey can i tell you a secret" i asked about to tell him my plan

"um sure i guess"

"you can't tell nobody exspecily Ricky"

"i won't tell anybody I'm your friend right i hope we can be friends if that's OK"

"yea we can be best friends OK well i have a plan too see if Ricky likes me you know when i was crying it was fake i thought you were him that's why i was crying so did he say any thing about me when you were in there"

"yeah he said you were his or something like that i know he likes you because he was really mad"

"awe that's so sweet OK tell him to meet me at the lake in 5 minutes OK"

"OK I'll text u if he OK with it bye"

"bye" then i gave him a nice small hug and went in to my cabin to get dressed.

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