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In The Heat Of The Moment


The interview had been going on for well over an hour. DC Kevin Lumb and DCI Gill Murray were watching intently in the observation room as DC Ian Mitchell conducted his interview with Liam Welsh over his involvment in the deaths of Darren Rigby and Keith Fleming. As the pair watched the tv screen Gill realised that she should allow Mitch to conduct interviews more often. He was proving to be rather good at them and should be given the oppertunity to show off his talents. She was too busy watching Mitch that she failed to see Kevin's hand waving around infront of her trying to get her attention.


"What is it Kevin".

"How come you never let me lead an interview but you let him". He said. Pointing to Mitch.

"Kevin. You have enough trouble completing you knee high stack of paperwork. Do you really think I'm gonna let you loose in an interview".

"That's not fair Boss. You've never been that keen on me have you. I blame DSI Dodson for that one". He grunted.

"You can't blame Julie Dodson for you're laziness. Show me that you're dedicated and take pride in the job at hand instead of just wanting to be some chick magnet as I recall you deamed fit to call it and maybe, just maybe. I may reconsider. Until then. No way".

Gill was trying very hard to ignore Kevin's childish attitude and concentrate on Mitch's interview. She leaned in closer to Kevin to get better access to the tv screen and brushed alongside Kevin's arm ever so slightly. In doing that simple motion Kevin got the strongest scent of her perfume. In mere moments it seemed to overpower him. His breathing shallowing as he got a little closer to her. Gill looked down at him as she began to feel his eyes on her. The puppy dog eyes with a hint of mischief in them. She thought to herself for a brief moment he looked a little odd.

"Kevin. Are you alright".

A reply never came from him. At least not in the way she had been expecting. Before she had any time to react his lips were on hers. Nearly knocking her over as he did so. All that was running through her mind was what in the hell was happening. Has she initiated it. She was more than sure she hadn't. Almost certain she hadn't said anything to provoke this sudden pounce upon her lips. Whatever the reason behind it. She found herself responding to his kiss. Giving as good as he gave. He pushed her hard up against the door. The doorknob catching the side of her hip. She found herself searching for the key and locking the door for privacy. Everything that seemed to follow flew by in a daze for her. One minute she was unbuttoning his trousers and then her top was being discarded on the floor. Her mind was going crazy as he lifted her up and her legs were suddenly around his waist for support. As they tried ever so hard not to make too much noise. The end was becoming almost impossible as all she wanted to do was scream out his name. She had a giggle to herself as she began to think that this maybe the best sex she had ever had.

Suddenly out of nowhere. Disturbing the moment. A loud knocking on the door had them frozen on the spot.

"Boss...Gill. Are you in there". DS Roper bellowed. From the other side.

"Give me a minute Andy. Yeah. We're just filing the interview tapes". Gill replied. Sounding a little to anxious and breathless than she'd intended.

Andy stood on the other side of the door wondering what the hell was going on and if he really wanted to know.

"Listen Boss. Janet hasn't been able to start the interview with Nadia because the solicitor hasn't turned up".

"Get him on the phone Andy. I'll be down in a minute okay". She replied. Putting her top back on.

Gill patted herself down so that she looked presentable again and made sure Kevin had done the same before moving to unlock the door. They both looked at one another for a few moments. Kevin giving her a small smile along with a satisfied expression on his face. She was just about to walk out when she quickly turned back to him.

"If...you ever, ever tell anyone about what happened here today between us. I will kill you and I will get away with it because I know how. Are we clear". She said. In a low voice.

"Crystal clear Boss. Can I just say one thing though".

"What is it".

"You were bloody amazing".

"Get back to work".

She walked out trying to look as professional as she could but as she walked away she couldn't help the silly grin that kept appearing on her face. Of all the men in the world that had to make her feel this good. It had to be Kevin Lumb.


I really hope that was okay for you all. I can say I tried my best xx