Since I REALLY love randomness, I decided to write a random story about warriors! I was inspired by Lilystar of SkyClan and Spottedfire7. By the way, I DO NOT OWN WARRIORS!

Everyone: HE DOESN'T!

Anyway, enjoy!

"RANDOMNESS!" Graystripe started screaming. "Oh, come on!" Jayfeather muttered. "I could swear I restocked on catnip earlier…" "Oh great! Looks like Graystripe got himself into the catnip…" Millie said. "AGAIN!" Sandstorm was exasperated. "Don't forget about me!" Firestar jumped out of his den and started break dancing. "Oh yeah! Go Firestar!" Graystripe cheered. Graystripe had convinced Firestar to eat some catnip so now Firestar was going crazy.

Firestar then convinced the other warriors to get into the catnip and everybody ran out of the camp except for Dovepaw who had brown stuff all over her mouth and was shouting, "CHOCOLATE!" "Give me some!" Ivypool barreled over Dovepaw and took the candy bar out of her hands and started devouring it.

"I hate my life!" Blossomfall was sobbing in the warriors den with Thornclaw. Wait a minute…THORNCLAW? "I KNEW you were mates!" Lionblaze remarked. "I LOVE YOU!" Sorreltail and Brackenfur were making out at the lakeshore. Cherrypaw was hidden in the bushes with a camera taking pictures. "I'm going to put these on facebook!" she said. "I am going to by a pool for the warrior cats!" Brambleclaw announced.

If there is anything you want to happen in future chapters, just review and tell me your ideas and I will use some of them! Thank you for your support! R&R!