Chapter 17 : On a Snowy Day

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"Hell, I tried my best!"

Sakura didn't even looked surprised by the sudden rise of Eriol's voice. "Really now, Eriol-kun. Do you want Ms.Mizuki to hear our conversation?"

It was the wedding day of Eriol and Kaho. She had dropped by her second cousin's mansion to check on her only to see her crying her heart out.

She nearly strangled Tomoyo upon learning why the latter was crying.

"I love him, Sakura, and I threw away the opportunity to be with him!"

She nearly said 'I told you so!' but she decided to take a different approach instead. She suggested that Tomoyo still have two hours before the ceremony to patch things up.

Her reaction?

She cried harder.

And Tomoyo was suppose to be more mature between the two of them.

And Eriol..

Talking with him reminded her of a thousand scorned women's wrath. His ego must be terribly wounded by Tomoyo's refusal yesterday.

He sipped more wine to calm himself.

"Sakura, don't you see? It's over. O-V-E-R. I really, really tried to convince her, but.." A flicker of emotion crossed his eyes.

" You know what, Eriol-kun? I should not give you an advice after you made fun of my spelling prowress, but because you are my dad in a weird kind of way..then I'll say it anyway. In baseball, you have three strikes before you are 'out'. Same thing here. You were struck only twice. You still have one more chance. Take it. You would rather have tried and lost than having not tried at all and regretting it for the rest of your life, being haunted by what-ifs."

It had been an hour since Sakura left, but Eriol was still stationary.

"Maybe she's right. I won't die if she says least I tried." He picked up the phone and dialed Tomoyo's number.

Kero-chan and Yue went through the Sakura cards again to review Eriol's prediction regarding the flower of destiny.

Yue looked at the cards thoughtfully for a moment then gasped.

"What is it?" asked Kero, alert.

"The flower destiny is true, but there is a problem. According to the predictions of the cards, the young Clow reincarnate shall be united with his flower of destiny after seven years, but with it comes.."



"Hello?" Tomoyo's rough voice answered.

"Tomoyo, it's me."


"Listen, I want to see you one last time. If I am nay importance to you, meet me now at the corner of.."

Tomoyo nodded dumbly as she listened to his instructions.

She too, wanted to see him. Before they finally part ways, she wanted to let him know how really special he was to her.

Sakura gazed at the falling snow outside the window.

"The weather is politically-incorrect for this time of year, isn't it?" Touya's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Yeah," she said softly. "A bit too early."

"I never liked snow," he said in a voice hinting great sadness being supressed. "It was like this when Okaasan passed away."


"I think the rice is cooked," Touya said quietly before walking towards the kitchen.

Nakuru watched her master walk away.

"Where is he going?" asked Kaho, strangely not dressed yet despite her wedding happening in less than an hour.

"To his happiness," replied Spinel.

The woman sighed. "Oh dear."

"He didn't tell you anymore. He didn't want to hurt you," said Nakuru, defending her master.

"He already did by not telling me about his feelings for Tomoyo." She looked out at the snowy street. "I only wanted to protect him."

"Protect?" echoed Eriol's servants.

"He made a mistake in his predictions. He is going to be with the flower of his destiny, Tomoyo, but he would pay for it with his life."


"So I'm going to marry him so that he wouldn't have to die." Kaho sighed. "But now, everything is out of my control."

Tomoyo hugged herself tight and looked at her watch. In 45 minutes, they would separate ways, ironically, through a ceremony that would bind two people in love with each other together.

"Where is he anyway?" she wondered, ignoring the strange snow falling everywhere.


She turned around and saw Eriol standing on the opposite street, smiling at her. She couldn't help but smile bcak.

"Wait for me! I'm coming for you!" he mouthed off to her.

She nodded, suddenly forgetting everything else.

Eriol quickly made his way on the street. "Tomoyo, I love you!!"

"And I love you too, Eriol," she whispered.

He happily scooped her up in his arms and kissed her wordlessly.

They were like this for a moment, not moving, but then Tomoyo pulled away. "Put me down! You're humiliating me!"

"Yes, sweetheart." He did as told then searched his jacket. "Oh no, I dropped it!"

"Dropped what?"

He looked around, then his eyes lit up. "There it is!"

Tomoyo's eyes followed his, and she saw a glittering ring on the road.

He walked back on the street and knelt down to pick it up. "Stupid me, dropping this-"

Suddenly, the thick fog covering the road was penetrated by headlights and a loud vehicular honk.

"Eriol!!" she screamed.

She couldn't remember how exactly did she make it to Eriol's body. All she knew was she was staring at the bloody body before her, vision blurred by tears.

"He's dead." The woman behind her guessed.

"No..he's just sleeping," she whispered insistently. She cradled him in her arms. "Wake up, Eriol-kun. It's almost time for your wedding and you aren't dressed yet. You musn't keep your visitors waiting.." She brought his cold, unmoving hand towards her quivering lips. "See? Even the snow had taken its toll on you. Get up, for pete's sake, Eriol, WAKE UP!" Losing her mock courage, she bent towards his chest and found herself crying harder than she ever had in her entire life.

"He's gone," whispered Yue sadly, head hanging sorrowfully.

"W-Wait.." Kero watched in amazement as the Flower card floated and united with the Hope card.

"You won't leave me, Eriol-kun..not now. I love you," Tomoyo whispered.

His eyes opened slowly. "S-Sounds good."

Her purple eyes widened. "E-Eriol..? Y-You're alive!"

He smiled. "And you have a problem with that?"

Her tears flowed freely - those tears of joy. "N-No, it's just that..well, it's a miracle."

"Hush, I'm not hurt. Don't cry." He got up and embraced her. "I'm safe here with you.."

"Safe," echoed Tomoyo in relief and joy. "Well, in that case.." She shoved him away from her. "You pervert! Get your hands off me!"

He sighed. "I knew it was too good to be true! Oh well," He pulled her suddenly towards him and kissed her again.

Yue smiled, relieved. "His presence is back."

"God thank the mircle of love." Kero looked at the united Hope card and Flower card. "Remind me to give this to Tomoyo and Eriol one of these days."

"You see, even if Fate thinks it knows everything already, Chances will always find a way to work magic and disrupt Fate's natural flow of life, which makes a human's life perfect. Picture perfect," Yue said.

Kero blinked. "Had too much caffeine, Yue? You actually uttered something longer than monosyllables, and about human nature at that."

"Yeah well..another miracle."

+ end +